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Samsung officially unleashes 1g 512GB flash drive for OEMS

SAMSUNG HAS announced what we all knew was going to be possible at some point: a 512GB SSD weighing 1g. The PM971-NVMe series, which we first trailed when it appeared at the Samsung SSD Forum in Japan in March, is the first non-volatile memory express (NVMe) to use a single ball grid array (BGA) arrangement....
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North Korea fingered in Swift payments systems cyber heists

This chap is accused of a string of cyber bank jobs CYBER ATTACKS on the Swift payment system have been linked to North Korea by security researchers following an analysis of the malware code that showed similarities with malware used in attacks since 2009. This would not be th...
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Intel says its next generation of PC chips will arrive this year

Intel has confirmed that its seventh generation of Core processors are still on track to arrive in the second half of 2016.. Speaking at Computex in Taipei, Intel said the chips — code-named Kaby Lake when they were first announced last July — are expected to launch in products by the end of the year, with p...
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Russian Online Trolls Resist The Light

Russian Online Trolls Resist The Light - Slashdot binspamdupenotthebestofftopicslownewsdaystalestupid 83783735 story ...
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Intel goes "extreme" with first 10-Core processor, puts Tick-Tock tactics on hold - CNET

The next generation Broadwell-E chip is getting a makeover. Intel Dual-core, quad-core, octa-core -- chipset manufacturers have been boosting your processing power in leaps and bounds in recent years. But now, Intel is going ...
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Plextor’s newest solid state drive puts gamers in its crosshairs

From here you can either check out the front page, or try searching for what you were trying to find.
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Qualcomm aims for more efficient wearables with latest chip

Qualcomm says it's meant for "targeted purpose" wearables -- things like smartwatches for kids and the elderly, or fitness trackers, all of which won't need the horsepower that a more powerful smartwatch requires. Among the Snapdragon 1100's features is a Power Save Mode (pretty obvious why that's useful), ...
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Make a Better Mint Julep by Rubbing the Glass With Mint Leaves First

Today is Memorial Day, but it’s also Mint Julep Day. In honor of the refreshing summertime cocktail comprised of bourbon and mint, here’s an easy tip for making them even better. All you need to do is give your glass a minty rubdown. When you go to take a sip of a cocktail, your sense of sme...
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Liquidation and Store Closing Sales Don't Automatically Mean Lower Prices

When a store goes out of business (like Sports Authority’s recent closing), they generally have some decent sales to get rid of all their merchandise. However, these “liquidation sales” can be misleading as Consumerist points out. Contrary to popular belief, a liquidation sale doesn’t necess...
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Weird Object Falls Out of Woman's Chimney, Internet Tries to Help [Update: Mystery Solved]

Image: Melissa Harrison Our homes are our safe places. We don’t really expect to find mysterious objects in our homes, but one London woman took to Twitter to figure out what the hell just fell out of her chimney. This story was originally published on May 29 at 12 pm. See update at the end ...
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Watch the Space Station's first inflatable habitat grow in new NASA time-lapse

Over the weekend, we told you about NASA's new expandable International Space Station habitat, the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), a 13-foot-long by 10.5-foot-wide room now attached to the outside of the Space Station.  On Sunday, NASA shared the above time-lapse video, which shows the full expans...
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International startups: Sign up for a country pavilion at Disrupt SF

We’re just a few short months away from Disrupt SF 2016. Soon thousands of entrepreneurs, innovators and investors will flock to the beautiful Pier 48 for the best startup show in the Bay Area. Will you and your budding international startup be joining them? One of our favorite Startup Alley staples in recen...
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Asus wants to idiot-proof DIY PC building with the ROG Avalon

DIY PCs really haven’t changed much since the good ol’ days of scouring Computer Shopper ads for deals parts. Asus thinks they’ve got a better way to build a PC, though. The ROG Avalon is being called a modular PC, but that description is a bit misleading. It’s actually far less modular than building your ow...
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Tzumi Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Portrait Stick

$8.99   $24.99   (19959 Available)End Date: Jun 01,2016 07:59 AM GMT-07:00
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Cellphone-Cancer Link Revealed In Government Study

Research overseen by the National Toxicology Program found a slightly elevated risk of cancer in male rats exposed to CDMA and GSM signals from cellphones.Google Apps Vs. Office 365: Which Suite Reigns Supreme? (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) Male rats exposed to radio-frequency radiation (RFR) ...
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A Lot of Weird Stuff Has Been Happening in the Oceans

Music 05.26.16
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The White House Is Finally Prepping for an AI-Powered Future

Researchers disagree on when artificial intelligence that displays something like human understanding might arrive. But the Obama administration isn’t waiting to find out. The White House says the government needs to start thinking about how to regulate and use the powerful technology while it is still depen...
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Review: Yuneec Typhoon H

At the top of the bustling consumer drone marketplace, two big names have been battling (sometimes litigiously) for dominance. DJI popularized drone flying as a hobby with its Phantom line, but lately, Yuneec has been whittling into DJI’s marketshare with its competing Typhoon line. Both company’s flagship q...
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Game of Thrones Recap: The Power of Swords—and Sanctimony

The final confrontation of Game of Thrones—the great, foreshadowed battle of fire and ice—might still be on the other side of the black salt sea, but the major players are finally starting to arm themselves for battle. Over and over in this episode, we saw characters who had lingered in narrative purgatories...
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Converting a TowerPro MG995 Servo to a Linear Actuator

This instructable teaches how to convert a digital servo, specifically the TowerPro MG995 (however it should work to some degree with other servos), into a fully controllable linear actuator, converting its angular motion into linear motion. The length of the arm's extension is virtually unrestricte...By: da...
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The Best Memorial Day Deals: Laser Printers, Cheap ThinkPad, Golfing Gear, and More

Printers you won’t hate, a workhorse laptop, and Callaway golfing gear lead off Memorial Day’s best deals. Bookmark Kinja Deals and follow us on Twitter to never miss a deal. Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and if you buy something through our posts, we may get ...
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Iran orders messaging apps to store data of local users in the country

Iran has ordered foreign messaging apps to transfer data and activity records of Iranian users to local servers within a year, a move that will give the country a greater ability to monitor and censor the online activity of its people. The country’s Supreme Council of Cyberspace has issued instructions to fo...
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ARM’s newest CPU design wants to make throttling a thing of the past

Many companies, Apple, Samsung, and Qualcomm included, like to rely on their own custom ARM CPU architectures for their chips, but the CPUs and GPUs that ARM itself designs for other companies to use are still important. They let commodity chipmakers like MediaTek and Rockchip offer chips with good performan...
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ARM’s new CPU and GPU will power mobile VR in 2017

ARM, the company that designs the processor architectures used in virtually all mobile devices on the market, has used Computex Taipei 2016 to announce new products that it expects to see deployed in high-end phones next year. The Cortex-A73 CPU and Mali-G71 GPU are designed to increase performance and power...
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Researchers Criticize New DAO Ethereum VC Fund

Three cryptocurrency experts published a scientific paper Friday detailing seven attacks that could influence how the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) allocates its Ether funds. An anonymous Slashdot reader writes, "Coincidentally or not, they released their work with one day before funding for t...
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