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How To Setup NordVPN For Secure uTorrent P2P

If you are not familiar with P2P let me explain. P2P stands for Peer-to-Peer network which is one of the best ways for quickly sharing files across a network to large groups of people. Instead of downloading a file from one server or a network of servers, this method allows for each downloader to act like an uploader, making the process of file sharing much more efficient.

P2P services are ideal for:

  • For public distribution of free-access data such as open-source software, public domain videos, scientific documents etc.
  • For sharing substantial amounts of corporate data internally or syncing files among multiple devices.

But while you P2P, you may not be aware that people who are downloading the content from you, can see your IP address. Therefore, anyone having access to your IP address could potentially impose a security threat, opening the door to hacking and other attacks.

This is where NordVPN comes in.

NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN service owned and operated by Tefincom S.A. According to NordVPN’s official website, the service is over ten years old, and offers “military-grade protection online.”  NordVPN has its servers located in 59 countries around the world. If you like to torrent than you can choose from hundreds of servers optimized for P2P sharing.  NordVPN has no bandwidth limits and doesn’t log any of your activity. And it has won Techlick's Golden Award of Excellence for one of the best VPN service's to protect your privacy on the internet.

The total count of servers stands at over 3300+. “We cover every continent except Antarctica,” an official spokesman from NordVPN stated. Also if you need a VPN for torrenting than NordVPN is the one for you. Plus it is an unthrottled file-sharing bandwidth with simultaneous connections of up to 6 devices and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied! But believe me you will be satisfied.


Follow this easy tutorial on how to setup NordVPN with uTorrent so you can easily download your torrents thus ensuring your downloads to be hidden, secured, and private.


Let's get started with this fast and easy tutorial!


1. Open your uTorrent application and click on Options and then click on Preferences.



2. This will open a new window that is the Preferences area for uTorrent. Just click on Connection entry.



3. On the Proxy Server section choose the Type as Socks5 from the drop down list.



4. For the rest of the Proxy Server settings, just follow the below instructions and see the screenshot to make sure that your settings are setup the same way.

  • For Proxy enter one of NordVPN’s servers addresses, that allows torrent traffic. If you need additional information you can go to their support page for P2P and Peer to Peer Traffic information by clicking here.
  • The full server list with all server addresses can be found by clicking here NordVPN Server List and you should pick the server that is suggested for the Proxy field.
  • For Port type 1080 and make sure you check the following boxes:
  • Authentication, Use proxy for hostname lookups
  • Use proxy for peer-to-peer connections
  • Disable all local DNS lookups
  • Disable features that leak identifying information
  • Disable connections unsupported by the proxy
  • Type in your NordVPN Username and Password in the authentication fields that you used when you signed up for your NordVPN account. Than click the Apply and then the OK button




You have just set up a secure Socks5 connection for uTorrent.

If you want to check whether it really works, here is what you have to do:


1. Click here to go to this website. May take sometime to load this website.

Then click on the Magnet link in the sentence that says, Add this Magnet link to your downloads and watch this page. (see screenshot) NOTE: Important: do not close the ipMagnet website.



2. A new window pops up. Choose the uTorrent program and press OK.

NOTE: Important: do not close the ipMagnet website



3. uTorrent will open automatically. Save the torrent file to your computer somewhere and click on OK.



4. The file ipMagnet Tracking Link starts synchronizing.


While the file is connecting to a peer return to the ipMagnet website (you did leave the website open right).

A new IP address will show up which is the IP address of the server that you choose. As you can see, it is the IP address of Proxy NordVPN server which indicates uTorrent is downloading files through NordVPN proxy thus ensuring your downloads to be hidden and secured.



And remember you can get NordVPN right now for only $2.75 a month - billable every 3 years at $99.00 - this is the best deal with Techlick's Award winning VPN service. Buy this guaranteed VPN service today!


I hope this helps someone out in virtual land. Leave a comment if this helped or if you ran into any issues.

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