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Free App Of The Moment: SigFig Wealth Management



SigFig Wealth Management (free) - When you have the money rolling in you are going to need an app to manage your finances. This is the app to manage your finances the right way. With SigFig Wealth you'll be able to research simple ways to improve your portfolio with a free analysis, or get a low-cost, automated portfolio that’s tailored to your goals. See why 800,000 Americans (800,001 I just installed it) trust SigFig’s advice to track and manage $400 billion dollars in investments! Look at some of the rave reviews:

“The data-driven financial planner of your dreams.” - TechCrunch
“The most advanced portfolio manager online.” - BARRON's
“A new threat to the financial industry’s status quo.” - The Street


• Optimize your returns
• Get a free portfolio analysis & investment tracking
• Keep more of your or my money (key words "my money") and more!


Download SigFig Wealth Management for Android

Download SigFig Wealth Management for IOS

SigFig Wealth Management Homepage


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