Hello and thank you for stopping by Techlick's donation page. Techlick is becoming enormous with archiving technical data as well as writing technical stories so you could learn some tech and the time it takes to run this amazing website and the sacrifices required to do so are where the real costs are. Roughly 18 hour days to keep the servers running and the lights on so you can learn some cool tech while you are here.

If you could kick in to help me cover some of these costs, that would be awesome! Techlick likes to think BIG and I have BIG things planned for the future. So if you are feeling generous you could select multiple check boxes since donations are tax deductible.

Every donation becomes vested into Techlick's growth and I won't forget you. Most donations are for food or a relaxation moment which I haven't had in 4 years of developing Techlick but I thank you and I am grateful for your visit and donation.
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