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Xbox One X Now Available For Pre-Order, Scoop Up That Scorpio!


We saw it teased as Project Scorpio last year, we got to play it for ourselves at E3 this year, and finally this fall we’ll get to own the most powerful video game console yet when the Xbox One X launches November 7. After Microsoft’s Gamescom presentation in Europe pre-orders are now live for the (sort of) next generation Xbox.

Can’t decide where to drop your $500 for the special, day one “Project Scorpio” edition of the Xbox One X? Here are all your options right now listed below:

Microsoft Store

With all the new and upgraded hardware we’ve seen from Nintendo and Sony over the past few months, it’s almost like we’ve just experienced a soft reboot of this console generation. While every Xbox One X game should theoretically also run on the weaker Xbox One S 2TB Console - Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Bundle, the X does offer exclusive improvements, mostly focused on 4K resolution. So your existing Xbox library should look better, especially if you have a 4K TV. Expect even more improved visuals as future games like Assassin’s Creed Origins take further advantage of these killer specs.

However, even with all that power, the Xbox One X still must prepare for a struggle against the more popular PlayStation 4, more powerful PC, and more off the beaten path Nintendo Switch. We recently learned that Crackdown 3, an Xbox One exclusive previously scheduled to launch the same day as the X, has now been delayed to next year. Forza 7 is a great, beautiful game, but can it shoulder an entire system launch? Can ReCore: Definitive Edition?

We’ll find out this fall, but if you’re already convinced you need an Xbox One X, jump on those pre-order links now! Look yourself in the mirror, do your best DMX impression, and say, “X, gonna give it you ya!” Hopefully it’ll be easier to nab than the SNES Classic Edition.

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