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Pocky Is Releasing a Special Flavor That You Can Munch on With Wine


via entabe.jp

Are you a big Pocky fan? Who isn’t? There are so many different flavors to please any palate, and if you’re looking for sweet or savory there’s plenty to find within the wide world of Pocky. But have you ever thought about eating Pocky with a side of red wine? Pocky’s about to have that covered for you.

Manufacturer Glico, fresh from making last year’s Adult Amber Pocky that was meant to be enjoyed with a glass of whiskey, is introducing a new flavor. Pocky Goddess Ruby is a brand new selection from the company that’s meant to complement a delicious glass of red wine. The Adult Amber Pocky may have contained malt extract to give it more of a whiskey flavor, but Goddess Ruby has no wine-related ingredients. It’s just meant to be paired with the drink, so it doesn’t need the drink flavoring, too.

via entabe.jp

The pretzel stick features cheddar cheese, cloves, and black pepper and is coated with bitter chocolate as well as triple berry flavor, which allows for an interesting flavor profile. It sounds pretty complex, especially considering the cheese and cloves. This is meant to match the full-bodied flavor of red wine, and sets apart the flavor from the regular Pocky flavors out there. I can guarantee there’s no flavor combination from Pocky available currently with anything even remotely close to these.

You’ll be able to pick up the Goddess Ruby Pocky when it’s available beginning on October 24. According to Glico, the best place to get Goddess Ruby will be online via Amazon Japan, where you get six pouches for about $9.10. If you’re picking up wine on the regular anyway, you should definitely spring to give these a try, especially if you often find yourself wondering what the best snack with wine is, and don’t want to keep eating cheese.

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