'Half-Life 2' mod puts the sequel inside of the original

As you might imagine, the game isn't pretty. But, the end result might make you nostalgic for that resonance cascade we witnessed at Black Mesa in 1998. As Kotaku notes , that original toolset was a mod itself, expanding on the Quake engine's framework. When Half-Life 2 was first released in 2004 on its newly developed Source engine, it was a benchmark for what games were capable of in terms of physics, facial animation and overall graphics...
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Facebook hands Russia-backed ads to election investigators

The insiders claim that Facebook rejected House and Senate Intelligence Committee attempts to get the ads. The site's policy, in line with the Stored Communications Act, requires a warrant before it can hand over search data. Mueller's spokesperson declined to comment, and Facebook would only say that it continues to "work with the appropriate investigative authorities." Don't expect to learn many specifics, then. All the same, this both hi...
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Apple bans misleading apps on iOS

As soon as you get your shiny new iPhone 8, you'll probably want to download some apps. So Apple took the opportunity to update its developer app review guidelines to make sure the App Store is in tip top shape. According to 9to5 Mac , it's now officially cracking down on misleading apps. The App Store has already had policies against such apps already, but the recent update makes it more explicit. The ban is against apps "including content...
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Fox's takeover of Sky referred to the UK's competition regulator

In a statement, the Culture Secretary said that the CMA will focus on "the genuine commitment to broadcasting standards as well as media plurality grounds." Fox already owns 39% of Sky but announced in December last year that it launching a fresh bid to acquire the rest of the company. Less than 48 hours earlier, Bradley had updated MPs on her findings -- including 30,000 "representations" that produced evidence against a Fox-Sky merger -- ...
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'Destiny 2' studio will remove armor that looks like a 'hate symbol'

1/2 It's come to our attention that a gauntlet in Destiny 2 shares elements with a hate symbol. It is not intentional. We are removing it. — Bungie (@Bungie) September 12, 2017 A second tweet offered the company's deepest apologies, saying that such hate symbols do not represent its values. The team is "working quickly to correct this. We renounce hate in all forms." While Bungie gave no specifics as to which armored gauntlet it was referri...
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Tesla plans to add more Superchargers in big cities

The bottom line is that for Teslas to fully take off, charging them has to be as convenient as pulling into a gas station to refuel. Right now, that's just not the case, and the company is well aware of it. The bulk of Superchargers are currently along major highways at hotels and restaurants. Tesla plans on expanding into urban grocery store parking lots, shopping centers, and downtown districts. They've redesigned the Supercharger to give...
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MIT is crowdsourcing hurricane flood maps in Florida

Tomas Holderness, the MIT research scientist who led the project, says RiskMap "shows the importance that citizen data has to play in emergencies." He added that "[b]y connecting residents and emergency managers via social messaging, [their] map helps keep people informed and improve response times." While it's unfortunate that the tool is only useful to residents of one county for now, the team aims to make it available to other locations ...
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What to expect from Apple's iPhone event on September 12th

iPhone 10th anniversary edition For years, Apple was on a "tick-tock" iPhone upgrade cycle. One year would bring a new design, while the following year would introduce under-the-hood upgrades to otherwise identical hardware. That changed last year, as the iPhone 7 was physically very similar to the 6 and 6S. That, along with the iPhone's 10th anniversary, has set the stage for the line's most radical redesign yet. As reported by both Bloomb...
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IBM is installing a Watson AI lab at MIT

Those focal areas include deep-learning algorithms that can help neural networks move from single-use applications to more generalized performance. Not only will this make AI systems more versatile, it will improve their transparency as well, enabling them to explain how they reached the answer they did. The IBM-MIT partnership will also study the intersection between machine learning and quantum computing . Interestingly, this focal area w...
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GameChanger brings virtual worlds to the kids who need it most

GameChanger came out of that idea, and it really started to ramp up after Taylor left for college in 2013. (He just graduated from Harvard this spring.) At first, the charity was giving around 500 gaming consoles per year to hospitals around the country, but that quickly started to grow once gaming and tech corporations started to get involved. Some of the charity's partners now include giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Sony, as well as com...
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