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Microsoft Resumes Meltdown and Spectre Updates for AMD Devices

96724217 story Posted by msmash from the second-time's-the-charm dept. Microsoft has resumed the rollout of security updates for AMD devices . The updates patch the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. From a report: Microsoft released these patches on January 3, but the company stopped the rollout for AMD-based computers on January 9 after users reported crashes that plunged PCs into unbootable states. After working on smoothing out the p...
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Lawsuit Filed By 22 State Attorneys General Seeks To Block Net Neutrality Repeal

Lawsuit Filed By 22 State Attorneys General Seeks To Block Net Neutrality Repeal - Slashdot Sign up for the Slashdot Daily Newsletter! DEAL: For $25 - Add A Second Phone Number To Your Smartphone for life! Use promo code SLASHDOT25. × 96677743 story Posted by BeauHD from the cause-and-effect dept. An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch:A lawsuit filed today by the attorneys general of 22 states seeks to block the Federal Commun...
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AI Beats Humans at Reading Comprehension

96646439 story Posted by msmash from the beat-them-if-you-can dept. In what is being called a landmark moment for natural language processing, Alibaba and Microsoft have developed AIs that can outperform humans on a reading and comprehension test . From a report: Alibaba Group put its deep neural network model through its paces last week, asking the AI to provide exact answers to more than 100,000 questions comprising a quiz that's consider...
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Is Finland's Universal Basic Income Trial Too Good To Be True?

Is Finland's Universal Basic Income Trial Too Good To Be True? - Slashdot Want to read Slashdot from your mobile device? Point it at m.slashdot.org and keep reading! Sign up for the Slashdot Daily Newsletter! DEAL: For $25 - Add A Second Phone Number To Your Smartphone for life! Use promo code SLASHDOT25. × 96608217 story Posted by EditorDavid from the Finnish-finance dept. It was one year ago that Finland began giving money to 2,000 unempl...
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AMD Is Releasing Spectre Firmware Updates To Fix CPU Vulnerabilities

96582369 story Posted by BeauHD from the brushed-under-the-rug dept. An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: AMD's initial response to the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws made it clear "there is a near zero risk to AMD processors." That zero risk doesn't mean zero impact, as we're starting to discover today. "We have defined additional steps through a combination of processor microcode updates and OS patches that we will make ava...
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Samsung Will Unveil the Galaxy S9 Next Month At Mobile World Congress

96553053 story Posted by BeauHD from the new-and-shiny dept. Samsung will unveil its next flagship handset, the Galaxy S9, next month at Mobile World Congress (MWC) . DJ Koh, the company's smartphone chief, confirmed the launch to ZDNet at CES yesterday without offering a specific date. The Verge reports: The S9 (and, presumably, an S9 Plus) will be the successors to the S8 and S8 Plus, which launched at a Samsung event in New York last Mar...
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Nvidia's GeForce Now Windows App Transforms Your Cheap Laptop Into a Gaming PC

96505165 story Posted by BeauHD from the budget-friendly dept. The GeForce Now game streaming service that Nvidia announced for the Mac last year is finally coming to Windows PCs . According to their website, the service lets you stream high-resolution games from your PC to your Mac or Windows PC that may or may not have the power to run the games natively. Starting this week, beta users of the GeForce Now Mac client will be able to install...
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Pentagon Seeks Laser-Powered Bat Drones

Zorro quotes DefenseOne:A new contest seeks flight systems inspired by Mother Nature and powered by directed-energy beams. Tired: multi-rotor copters and fixed-wing drones. Wired: flying robots that move like living animals , are crafted of next-generation materials, and draw their power not from batteries but energy beamed from nearby aircraft... "The biological study of agile organisms such as bats and flying insects has yielded new insig...
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Ancient DNA Reveals a Completely Unknown Population of Native Americans

schwit1 shares the findings of a new study of 11,500-year-old bones:Sunrise girl-child ("Xach'itee'aanenh T'eede Gaay") lived some 11,500 years ago in what is now called Alaska, and her ancient DNA reveals not only the origins of Native American society, but reminds the world of a whole population of people forgotten by history millennia ago. "We didn't know this population existed," says anthropologist Ben Potter from the University of Ala...
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Oceans Suffocating as Huge Dead Zones Quadruple Since 1950, Scientists Warn

96423983 story Posted by msmash from the needs-attention dept. Ocean dead zones with zero oxygen have quadrupled in size since 1950 , scientists have warned, while the number of very low oxygen sites near coasts have multiplied tenfold. From a report: Most sea creatures cannot survive in these zones and current trends would lead to mass extinction in the long run, risking dire consequences for the hundreds of millions of people who depend o...
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Scientists Can Now Blame Individual Natural Disasters On Climate Change

In 2003, the predominant view in the scientific community was that there was no way to determine the exact influence of climate change on any individual event. "There are just too many other factors affecting the weather, including all sorts of natural climate variations," reports Scientific American. But Myles Allen, a climate expert at the University of Oxford, believes scientists can blame individual natural disasters on climate change ....
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2018 Is the Last Year of America's Public Domain Drought

96353481 story Posted by msmash from the need-for-change dept. An anonymous reader shares a report: Happy Public Domain Day, every-some of you! In New Zealand and Canada, published works by artists who died in 1967 -- Rene Magritte, Dorothy Parker, John Coltrane, and many others -- have entered the public domain; Kiwis and Canadians can now freely distribute, perform, and remix a wealth of painting, writing, and music. In Europe, work publi...
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Ask Slashdot: What Would an AI-Written Poem Look Like?

Slashdot reader dryriver writes:Imagine this. You are an AI running on the latest machine learning hardware, like Nvidia's new Tensor cores for example, or perhaps a data center full of Xeons and EPYCs. You have lots of processing power, lots of RAM, run under Linux and -- to make things more interesting -- you have access to the complete 21st Century internet over a huge data pipe, including blogs, porn sites, and gaming forums where 12- t...
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Apple's MacBook Air-like Store Roof Wasn't Designed To Handle Snow... in Chicago

96305735 story Posted by msmash from the apple's-design-problem dept. An anonymous reader shares a report Apple opened its new flagship retail store in Chicago earlier this year to much acclaim, but as the weather turns from fall to winter, a design oversight is causing some problems . As reported by Chicago blog Spundart, Apple seemingly didn't design the MacBook Air-like roof of the store to account for snow... in Chicago. Apple's newest ...
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FBI Software For Analyzing Fingerprints Contains Russian-Made Code, Whistleblowers Say

schwit1 shares an exclusive report via BuzzFeed:The fingerprint-analysis software used by the FBI and more than 18,000 other U.S. law enforcement agencies contains code created by a Russian firm with close ties to the Kremlin , according to documents and two whistleblowers. The allegations raise concerns that Russian hackers could gain backdoor access to sensitive biometric information on millions of Americans, or even compromise wider nati...
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