How the OnePlus 5T was built so quickly

Image: Haley Hamblin/Mashable Is hardware really that hard? OnePlus pointed to the borderline-cliché catchphrase, "Hardware is hard" at its event on Thursday to launch its latest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 5T . But the company's own product release schedule appears to belie the saying, with the 5T coming a mere five months after its predecessor, the OnePlus 5 . However, if you look at OnePlus' ambitious launch timeline and conclude th...
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Creative dude creates action movie proposal video, screens it during the trailers at the cinema

Watching the trailers is one of the best things about going to the cinema. And, one cinema-goer at a cinema in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, got even more of a treat than she bargained for.  Louise Treen was at her local Vue cinema getting ready to watch Paddington 2 when a trailer her boyfriend Damian Paul made began screening during the trailers.  "They've gone on many adventures," the video began, as it showed footage and photos from their trav...
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Inspiring photos show pure joy after Australia votes for same-sex marriage

Image: Don Arnold/Getty Images Love is truly in the air. Australia's overwhelming yes vote in its marriage equality postal survey was announced on Wednesday morning, and nervous supporters gathered around the country to hear the result. SEE ALSO: Australia votes yes to marriage equality and everyone is thrilled In Melbourne, they gathered in front of the State Library of Victoria. In Sydney, upbeat music blared through Prince Alfred Park at...
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Lyft is finally going international

Lyft is finally breaking out of the US. Image: Getty Images for Lyft Lyft is making a major move to go north of the border and finally expand its ride-hailing network outside the United States.  The company announced in a blog post it has tabbed Toronto, Canada, as its first international territory. Lyft also put out an open call for drivers to make up its fleet in the city, where it will open a Driver Hub office for outreach and recruiting...
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'SNL' takes Roy Moore to task with some Alabama sensibility, courtesy of Kate McKinnon

The real Roy Moore on Halloween. Image: CQ-Roll Call, Inc. By L.A. Ross2017-11-12 05:54:59 UTC Another week, another 34,989 sexual assault and harassment stories in the news (that’s an official number). On Saturday night, Saturday Night Live tackled the highly icky report that Alabama Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a minor with the man whose seat he’s filling: Jeff Sessions. This week...
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Heart-wrenching newspaper feature lists names of 33,000 dead refugees

Just some of the thousands who have made the harrowing journey. Image: Marcus Drinkwater/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images It's difficult for people to conceptualize quantities in large numbers, such as the tens of thousands of people who have died on their journey to Europe, seeking refuge from conflict and poverty.  On Friday, the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel  turned the mounting death tolls into something that would help readers picture t...
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TripAdvisor will warn users about hotels with sexual assault incidents, but only for a while

Image: CJ GUNTHER/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock TripAdvisor is naming and shaming hotels where cases of sexual assault have been reported — but the black mark is only temporary. The travel platform has begun placing digital warning badges on the pages of hotels where people have reported sexual assault. The badges will identify "health, safety and discrimination issues in all of the website's travel categories," according to a New York Times rep...
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Farewell to Paddles, New Zealand's beloved first cat

New Zealand's first cat and internet sensation, Paddles, has sadly died. The ginger and white cat belonging to the country's new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, was struck down by a car on Tuesday, according to the New Zealand Herald .  A neighbour found it hoping that it was unconscious, but a vet later pronounced it dead.  "I'm pretty upset," a neighbour told the newspaper. "She's very much part of the neighbourhood. Most people around her...
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'Thor: Ragnarok' made a surprising choice with some beloved characters

Image: marvel Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details for Thor: Ragnarok. Thor: Ragnarok may be the best-reviewed Marvel movie of all time, but fans do have one major complaint . The third installment in the thunder god's franchise purposefully takes a hammer to a lot of the established rules of its titular hero's universe — Jane Foster and her other earthbound friends are nowhere to be seen, Mjolnir is shattered, and ultimately, Asg...
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Kevin Spacey is now accused of groping Richard Dreyfuss' son

Harry Dreyfuss, the son of Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss, has come forward with new allegations of sexual misconduct against Kevin Spacey. He claims that Spacey groped him in 2008, at age 18, while his father, unaware, was in the room with them. "I ... see how important it is to add my voice to the people who are demanding a better world. A world in which powerful men are no longer allowed to feel safe to do this , or far wor...
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