Count down to Black Friday with our favorite deals available right now

Calling Black Friday the Super Bowl of commerce is like calling the sun “kind of hot.” Every year, on the morning after Thanksgiving, consumers across America wake up at the crack of dawn, bellies full of half-digested turkey, and sprint to their favorite stores hoping to nab items at ridiculously low prices. While there are some people who revel in the consumer chaos, most of us are just looking to save a little bit of cash as we head into...
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Do players really like loot boxes, or are game publishers forcing them on us?

Electronic Arts has brought the long-simmering debate over the potentially exploitative nature of loot boxes to a boil. Fans found the grind to unlock items and characters in Star Wars Battlefront II  so egregious (nearly 40 hours of regular play for a single character) that they gave EA’s response to the controversy on Reddit the dubious honor of most downvoted post in the platform’s history . Developer DICE has already backpedaled, reduci...
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These are the best juicers to make your morning a little greener

If you get bored chomping on kale or hate the taste of apples but know they keep the doctor away, you probably need a juicer in your life. Somehow, consuming your daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables in juice form makes these good-for-you foods, well, easier to swallow — and helps you to adhere to a healthier lifestyle . Whether you want to make carrot juice for healthy eyes, orange juice for a freshly squeezed citrus drink, ...
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Bringing a sword to a fistfight — Final Fantasy’s Noctis to join ‘Tekken 7’

Final Fantasy XV‘s Noctis Lucis Caelum is joining the roster of Tekken 7  at the start of next year as part of its third downloadable content (DLC) pack. Announced by developer/publisher Bandai Namco with a new trailer, Noctis will make his appearance in spring 2018 following the already planned debut of fellow DLC character, Geese Howard. The past week has been an exciting one for fighting game fans, with the announcement of a couple of in...
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Wren V3US/V3USP Wireless Speaker Review

Compared to big names like Bang & Olufsen or Sonos, Wren is a relative unknown in the home audio game. In fact, the whole Wren lineup comprises just two speakers – the V5 and the V3 – in several configurations. That said, we were impressed with the V5  when we reviewed it a few years back, so we took the V3US – the company’s most recent release – for a whirl, and we’re glad we did. The V3US sounds and looks great, offering a classy and ...
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8 GoPro tips and tricks to take your footage to the next level

Ever since Nick Woodman sold his first GoPro camera back in 2004, video and adrenaline junkies all over the globe have consistently flocked to the extremely durable and portable camera line. Perfect for strapping to one’s chest, helmet, snowboard, or otherwise, GoPro cameras became the go-to tool for POV videos, especially in the world of extreme sports. Their sheer portability, however, makes GoPros popular for more casual uses as well. If...
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Why did 22,000 people use a flight tracker to watch one plane fly to London?

Flight trackers like Flightradar24 let you input any flight number so you check the location of a plane in the air. Usually, the vast majority of flights have between zero and 200 people tracking them, but on Wednesday, 22,000 people checked in to find the location of Kenya Airways Flight KQ100 as it flew from Nairobi to London’s Heathrow Airport. So what was going on? Well, on board the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was a high-ranking British poli...
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Like wine? Here are five tech gadgets wine drinkers will love

Different studies have shown the health benefits of drinking a small glass of wine every day. Millennials seem to be catching on, as this generation is drinking more wine  than even the baby-boomer generation. We’re pretty sure products like this cool glass,   this wine-recommending algorithm,  and the fact that even HelloFresh is delivering wine to doorsteps , are helping increase interest in wine among the younger generation. And now, win...
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Cut down on your time in traffic with the GenZe 200 ebike

Why it matters to you Hate sitting in traffic and polluting the planet? GenZe and its 200-Series might help. A car-less (or at least, less car-filled) future may be growing increasingly viable thanks to a new ebike solution from GenZe . The Silicon Valley, California-based company recently introduced its 200-Series ebike as part of its push to revolutionize personal transportation. Hoping to serve as an alternative to cars, these zero-emiss...
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Blizzard’s Jeremy Feasel on how ‘Battle for Azeroth’ puts war back in ‘Warcraft’

World of Warcraft has existed for 13 years, and the franchise’s story has moved past the rivalry between orcs and humans that drove the original real-time strategy game. In World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth , the MMO’s latest expansion, Blizzard will return to that conflict with a deeper, more focused story that revolves around Azeroth’s never-ending war, and the characters driving it. We spoke with Blizzard senior game designer Jeremy ...
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