Setting the Table for DevOps Team Structure

Building a DevOps team is about people, organization, even tables, chairs and office space. Implementing a true DevOps structure for a team is dependent on speed, collaboration, empathy and openness. This means you must be comfortable moving away from legacy structures that slow work down – separated teams, one-way delivery cycles, six-month release schedules, change-frozen systems, calcified ITIL processes, etc. – and embrace a culture of ...
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HR Use of Social Media Grows, But Is the Data Reliable?

More hiring managers and HR pros are using social media to make decisions about candidates, but how wise is it? Could the use of social media for hiring be dangerous in its own way? A recent  CareerBuilder study of 2,300 hiring managers and human resources professionals shows that more employers are using social media to make hiring and retention decisions. Drinking, partying and Kim Kardashian-like "break the Internet" posts are clearly un...
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Amazon Positioned to Use Data to Dominate Where It Wishes

If Amazon expands into food delivery, it will obtain a treasure of consumer information that it can use for its next expansion. For those who think Amazon is a mildly successful, online retail sales machine, consider this: Forrester Research has concluded that Amazon's $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods should "raise a red flag for all retailers." In a quick report issued shortly after Amazon's announcement of the Whole Foods deal las...
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Unity Rules As OCI Launches 1.0 Container Spec

After a two-year effort, the Open Container Initiative has its image specification and runtime spec ready for vendors and container users. Container advocates remember why a Unix application can't run on all versions of Unix. They know why a virtual machine can't run with just any hypervisor. Different vendors tweaked the underlying mechanics in the code just enough to distinguish their version from all others, imposing a mind-numbing compl...
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Koehler: IBM Cloud Advances with Integration, New Services

Bryson Koehler, CTO of IBM Watson/Cloud, predicts a more unified face, powerful compute engine for IBM Cloud in coming year. With its acquisition of The Weather Company 16 months ago, IBM has moved from a Rube Goldberg approach to cloud computing toward a simpler, more integrated offering with a clearer path forward, according to IBM CTO for Watson and the IBM Cloud, Bryson Koehler. Koehler, the former CIO of The Weather Company, became par...
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To Deliver Digitization, IT Needs Fusion Teams

Cross-functional "fusion" teams can present benefits to organizations, and can help members in their career development, if those teams are done right. Today’s digital opportunities and risks are cross-cutting and fast changing. They require a range of business and technology skills, experience and resources, so it’s no surprise that 9-in-10 IT employees now participate in flexible “fusion” teams that extend across IT and the business. Agil...
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Not Easy To Get To Digital Transformation Jump-off Point

The Hackett Group has attempted to define how a company gets to the digital transformation stage in its latest statistical report. With an emerging digital economy, IT has the opportunity to provide a secure platform on which both it and other units of the business can innovate, perform analytics and deliver digital services in an accelerated fashion. But that's a different role than the one IT is currently used to. "IT must move beyond its...
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Building a Data-Driven Culture Starts with the Team

Being a data-driven organization is an ongoing process -- you need to invest in the right team, infrastructure, software, and processes that can promote lasting change. More and more companies are describing themselves as “data-driven,” but are they really? When we talk about being data-driven, we mean more than just passively collecting data and reporting on end-of-month financials. Data-driven organizations inform their decision making wi...
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The Top Factors You Must Consider For a Robust IoT Strategy

When executing on an IoT strategy be sure you know who needs what and that you are ready for big changes in the organization. A business’s ability to leverage data across the entire organization is becoming increasingly important to maintaining its competitive advantage.  As your company becomes more data driven, the core to your success will be a robust Internet of Things strategy.  If you want to get the most out of your investment, here ...
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3 Keys to Building a Successful App Ecosystem

Openness, trust, and shared economic opportunity are among the keys to building a successful app ecosystem. It’s been nearly 12 years since Salesforce launched the first app ecosystem for the enterprise. Since then, it seems almost every enterprise technology company has tried to replicate their success. Having led the platform ecosystem teams at eBay, and now Atlassian, I’m often asked for advice on getting ecosystems off the ground and ma...
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Exponential Technologies Offer Early Use Case in Tax

As exponential technologies emerge benefits to end user departments also can grow exponentially, as in corporate tax groups. Corporate income taxpayers are being hit by two waves of change. One is a growing demand from tax authorities, as well as the general public, for transparency in tax liabilities. The other is a group of digital technologies that are improving so exponentially that they have people scrambling to figure out where they f...
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Blockchain Moving Beyond Bitcoin

Experts expect to see the shared database technology securely managing transactions in areas ranging from real estate to digital. Blockchain, the shared database technology that drives cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, has developed a virtually unchallenged reputation as the next big thing in finance. Yet as business and security experts begin to understand blockchain's potential to securely manage and track an almost endless variety of assets...
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Greene: Advanced Services to Fuel Google Cloud Leadership

Google Cloud Chief Diane Greene predicts Google's expanding, advance cloud services will soon place it among the Gartner designated leaders. As reported June 22 , Google is close to but not inside the "Leaders" square of the Gartner Magic Quadrant on IaaS. Will Google join Microsoft and Amazon Web Services one day as a cloud leader? "Absolutely," says Diane Greene, 19 months into her role as a senior VP at Google, also known as the Google c...
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Four Things You Need to Know About Cybersecurity

Data about IT attitudes toward customer privacy provides a wake-up call to IT professionals, their companies, and their customers. Ponemon Institute recently conducted a survey sponsored by Centrify and designed to more deeply understand the current state of cybersecurity. The Impact of Data Breaches on Reputation & Share Value: A Study of U.S. Marketers, IT Practitioners and Consumers examines differing perspectives across a number of ...
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Four Things You Must Do To Retain Top Tech Talent

Consider these ways you can improve tech retention at your business and control the turnover cycle. In the technology sector, improving employee retention is a critical business priority, particularly since technology companies have one of the lowest average tenures when compared to other industries. According to Payscale ’s recent employee turnover report, even tech giants like Amazon and Google have an average employee tenure of only one ...
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Air Force Intelligence Unit Goes Agile

The US Air Force is determined to get more agile to produce applications that can be useful in times of conflict. Wes Haga is trying to increase the agility of a part of the armed services that wants to move faster: the Lead Command of the Headquarters, Air Combat Command, of the U.S. Air Force. In particular, he must meet the needs of what was once known as the Air Force's Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency, now reorganiz...
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You're Doing Agile; So What?

Doing agile -- especially at the team level -- isn't at all the same as being an agile business. By now you’ve heard about agile. You likely have agile teams in your company. Like most people at software-driven companies, you hope that doing agile will solve your big business and organizational problems: missed commitments, bad quality, lack of visibility, high costs, poor collaboration, stalled innovation (the list goes on). Unfortunately,...
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Google Assistant Superior, but Alexa Owns Households

Alphabet has a shot at winning the smart home device market with Google Home vs. Amazon Alexa, according to an Edison Investment Research report. Google Home Assistant is the superior voice-activated device but Google is in danger of suffering a "Betamax-like defeat" at the hands of Amazon. Amazon's Alexa voice interface is found on its Echo cylindrical, home speaker device . If the Alphabet (Google) Assistant is better, it has a long ways ...
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Technology as Friend, Foe, or Partner?

The latest book by MIT researchers Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson explores the human/machine relationship and how businesses can prepare for the changes that the next 10 years will bring. We live in an age of fear. Start with the big picture, ISIS, the ideological divide in Washington, and the turbulent economic/business environment. However, fear really centers locally in us as individuals. We internalize everything that happens in th...
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FireEye CEO Shares State of IT Threat Landscape

FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia stops by the InformationWeek News Desk at Interop ITX to talk about the state of the IT threat landscape including Russian’s escalated and China’s deescalated presence, what American nation-state hackers specialize in, WannaCry, where enterprises should focus their attention, and what keeps him up at night. Original link
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RIP, Systems Administrator, Welcome DevOps

While the traditional sys admin role may fade away, those who are willing to change can take an exciting journey with cloud and DevOps. Looking back at times to the internal IT landscape, a system administrator was a star role in a small to medium enterprise. They were the 911 for IT operations and it was important to have their phone numbers saved, if you had to keep your project moving forward. The role of the system administrator, as we ...
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What Execs Should Know About Deep Learning

Deep learning takes a step beyond machine learning, and it's first killer app is computervision. From Uber using past trips to predict its customers’ future habits to Facebook automatically tagging a picture you upload of your family, data is everywhere these days, and smart companies are using it to inform a better experience for their customers. Could the same be true for your company? When it comes to making sense of big data, enterprise...
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Digital Transformation is about Customer Ownership

Automation is just the beginning, understanding your customer is the new imperative. Forrester Research's report, The Digital Business Imperative , found that 31% of business executives surveyed believe that digital technologies are a major driver of business strategy. A more compelling 89% believe that digital will disrupt their business in the next year, because if they don’t, they risk losing customers, revenue and profits to more digita...
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Build a DevOps-Focused Enterprise

Why businesses should work to spread DevOps benefits across their entire organization. If DevOps is such a great idea, isn't it time to get other parts of the enterprise to adopt the concept? It's already being done, says Antony Edwards, CTO of Testplant, a London-based test automation tools developer. "DevOps -- in particular Agile -- is fundamentally about how to productively manage a team in a highly dynamic environment, so the principle...
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Blockchain Barges into Insurance via IBM, AIG

IBM helps AIG create a cross-country, multi-party international risk policy tailored to use blockchain's security and trust. Blockchain is typically associated with digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, but American International Group has issued a complex insurance policy based on a "smart contract" using blockchain. Despite its association with finance, blockchain has long been viewed by its advocates as useful in other types of transactio...
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