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What's Cognitive Computing, And What's That Noise Overhead?

Soon after an IBM round table on cognitive computing in San Francisco, the need for it at that location became abundantly clear.On February 13, they were thinking about rapid development, when they should have been thinking about rapid evacuation. They met at a round table of peers, each with a say on the topic, cognitive computing. They should have been listening to voices higher up. They were talking earnestly face to face when they shoul......
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What A Chief Analytics Officer Really Does

There has been plenty of talk about the need for a chief analytics officer or chief data officer. But do you ever wonder what they do for a living? As analytics continues to spread out across an organization, someone needs to orchestrate it all. The "best" person for the job is likely a chief analytics officer (CAO) who understands the business, understands analytics, and can help align the two.  The CAO role is a relatively new C-suite pos......
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Your OpenStack Cloud Is Only As Good As The Linux You Install It On

What's This?OpenStack services and drivers require a robust and integrated Linux operating system for top-performing functionality.OpenStack is not (just) an operating system; it’s cloud infrastructure. Open source developers and technologists from around the world collaborate on OpenStack to create infrastructure and tools for building and managing public and private clouds. According to the overview provided by the OpenStack Foundation, O......
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IT Budget Staying The Same? Here's What To Do Differently In 2017

If your IT budget is staying flat, there are techniques for getting more bang from the same bucks in a new age of IT.So you’re not getting another thin dime for your 2017 IT budget? So it’ll be business as usual in 2017? Well, maybe, but maybe not. There are a few things to think about before you spend that hard-won cash. Look a bit further ahead If you’re like many IT teams, you’ve seen a drop in human capital investment over the past few......
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Private Cloud Merits 2nd Look As Container Environment

Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation, says Project Zun gives enterprise IT a new reason to reconsider OpenStack for private clouds. Private cloud has not been the path of choice for many IT staffs, and critics say there's a good reason for that: the public cloud is more efficient. But Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation, offers a counter argument. During a recent visit to San Francisco......
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Coding: In Search of Imperfection

Learn why bad code is generally much better than no code all, except maybe in matters of life and death. Pete Lumbis, a systems engineer with Cumulus Networks, doesn't like bad code. Yet he still believes that lousy code, despite its faults, is often better than having no code at all. The reason is simple, Lumbis says. "In networking, or anywhere in computer science, we sometimes place a priority on perfection over getting things done," h......
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Agile Development And The Red Line: At A Point Of No Return

Red line (noun): A safety limit. The furthest limit of what will be tolerated or considered safe. A point beyond which a person or group is not prepared to negotiate. The point of no return. We’ve reached a point of no return. In the cloud industry, a culture has been established where everyone thinks they must innovate and deliver new features. It’s not only developers who have this culture. Sales has a tendency to promise new features wi......
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Ponemon: Doubt Dogs IT On Security Tools, Spending

The Ponemon Institute shows how IT security staffs want better technology tools and better skill sets to ward off invasive threats.A major new survey by the Ponemon Institute has found that over two-thirds of IT managers and security managers polled found some of their organization's existing security precautions either inadequate or out of date. Sixty-nine percent took that stance. By a slightly smaller margin, 64%, they disagree with the ......
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Disaster Recovery In The Cloud: Key Considerations

The cloud offers many backup options for enterprises. Here are some factors to weigh. When the notion of cloud computing first arose, there was a lot of talk about how wonderful it was to have an affordable, manageable “secondary” data center available in the case of an emergency. Enterprises are no strangers to the need to have a secondary, or backup, data center as a means to address potential disasters. Many have them, but in the wake ......
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