Inscrutable Amazon Bill: Behind It, a $1 Million Savings

When Segment found its AWS bill going up unexpectedly, it did a deep dive to find the cause and realized a $1 million annual savings.A startup that never built its own data center, Segment, found itself confronting an unexpected dilemma last year as its Amazon Web Services bill started rising to new heights. For many months prior, it had been flatlining. Segment employees weren't signing up for new services at anywhere near the rate at whic......
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Can Virtual Companies Scale?

A lot of firms start out as virtual companies, but as they grow, they move into office space. It turns out there are advantages to staying virtual, however. We explain some of them. Modern technology has enabled more working professionals to telecommute, whether they're working for traditional companies or progressive companies. Their employers may maintain dedicated office space for each employee nevertheless. Alternatively, there may be ......
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No Cloud is Perfect, So Be Prepared

Enterprise IT managers have to accept that cloud outages will occur, and have strategies to keep core systems running. One of the benefits often associated with cloud computing is that the level of expected availability should be higher than most private enterprise data centers could ever achieve. The top cloud service providers have poured billions into underlying infrastructure to ensure customer uptime in the event of various failures.......
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How to Find the Right Fit in IT Hiring

When it comes to hiring IT professionals, technical skills are important, but don't overlook the culture match. Regrets don't make for a good employer/employee relationship. What CIO hasn't looked at a staff member and thought, "I don't get it. He seemed like such a great hire, but he just doesn't fit on the team." In retrospect, another candidate would have been a better choice, even though their technical skills weren't quite stellar. H......
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Maritz IT's Journey: From Sinkhole to Full Business Partner

Gerry Imhoff knew things had to change, but it would need to be a culture change, not a new generation of technology. The directive, when it came down, seemed unreasonable. CIO Gerry Imhoff at Maritz Holdings Inc. had been reducing his IT budget each year to hold down costs, but then the edict came down to reduce it by another 40%. "My team and myself felt we were being fiscally responsible. We had reduced the size of our budget by $1 mil......
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RightScale's State of Cloud: Cut Wasted Use

RightScale issued its sixth annual State of the Cloud report and found Docker a top DevOps tool, but concerns about 30% usage cloud waste. Cloud users are increasingly concerned about the money they might be wasting in their public cloud spending, but only a small percentage of them are doing something about it. Microsoft and Google are gaining in numbers of customers, but behind the stats, Amazon is extending its large lead by increasing......
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4 Reasons CIOs Need to Attend Interop ITX

Consider just a few of the reasons a CIO should join the rest of their IT team at Interop ITX, instead of staying back at the office this year.Interop ITX -- an independent IT conference and expo held annually in Las Vegas and InformationWeek’s affiliated event -- takes place in less than two months. The five-day event offers IT professionals the opportunity to grow their knowledge around those IT topics that matter most to them. Attendees ......
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Integrate Serverless With Your On-Premise IT Operations

AbbVie architect Keith Townsend will discuss how serverless functions in the cloud can be meshed with IT operations on premises when he presents at Interop ITX. Cloud computing has its place in the IT arsenal but it's not necessarily the whole story. Many companies have good reasons for continuing to operate a core data center with mission critical business systems and highly proprietary and sensitive data in it. That's why one Interop ITX......
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CIOs Should Make 5 Changes to IT Funding in an Age of Digitization

Historical approaches to IT funding and the mechanisms used to prioritize and track technology spending do not support the changes that new technology initiatives require.Most organizations realize that digitization means change. Not just to products and channels, but also to operations – especially in IT. But there is one change that many organizations have ignored: Digitization requires a new approach to funding IT. CIOs are shifting focu......
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