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I Rebuilt My Professional Network from Scratch; What I Learned

With a career path that has led from a tech role to venture capital investing, Mark Minevich shares advice for other career changers. I’ve experienced a lot in my professional life: two career changes, two mentors, and 25 years of networking. From the outset of my career, I believed I’d make a real difference in corporate America, specifically when it came to helping solve the world’s problems. Instead, I became a technologist and spent my ...
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Recreate Your Job in the Age of Digital Transformation

Whether you work in the C-suite or in a line role, if you don't want to be left behind, figure out how to evolve so you can help the company meet its digital business objectives. Dr. Mae Jemison, the first African American female astronaut, says we should “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.”  In this era of digital transformation, this should be everyone’s mantra. Nearly every industry on the planet is undergoing  tran...
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An IT Pro Takes the Dive into Deep Learning

IT professional Rich Casselberry experimented with deep learning using online tools and came away with interesting results. One of the great things about my job is that I get to work with emerging technology, while it’s still emerging. The emerging tech topic I want to dive into today is deep learning. Everyone’s talking about it, and there are loads of research papers written about it. So let’s take a closer look. If you’re like me, resear...
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Technology Can Reduce the Cognitive Overload in the C-Suite

As analytics-based technologies mature they promise to better guide executive decisions by delivering only the most relevant information. We stand at a turning point in the presentation and consumption of data and information. As the volume of available data doubles every three years, human beings cannot expect to keep pace. To ingest and process all that additional information, senior leaders need new tools and assistance to make sense of ...
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Top 10 Challenges IT Faces Heading Into 2018

While IT teams seem to face similar obstacles every year (talent shortages, tight budgets), the technology and methods they use to meet those challenges are rapidly improving and evolving. 1 of 11 Image: Shutterstock The IT business is drastically different from 20 years ago, yet it seems to be plagued by the same challenges year after year: talent and skills shortages and budget constraints. While the obstacles may be the same, the way the...
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A New Era of OpenStack

The chairman of the OpenStack Foundation outlines some of the steps the organization is taking to support a growing interest in OpenStack. Change is inevitable in the technology industry, and the OpenStack community is no exception. Through the years, the OpenStack Foundation has tackled many of the technology and knowledge barriers that were part of initial adoption hurdles. But recently, more enterprises are adopting OpenStack software an...
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3 Tips for Making Better Investments in Security

Information security's role is becoming more strategic, but its approach to making investment decisions hasn't kept pace. To better align security investments with enterprise strategy, IT and security leaders must stay focused on the right risks, add rigor to decision making processes, and give stakeholders opportunities for input. The kids are back in school, the leaves are changing color, and the days are growing shorter – all signs it’s ...
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The Next-Generation IT Help Desk is Achievable Today

The new enterprise IT help desk features bots, cloud monitoring, and consolidated views into problems, and it can be implemented today. If your IT help desk is struggling to meet employee demands, one common knee-jerk reaction is to assume you don’t have the proper staffing levels or skill sets . But often, the problems you’re IT department might be experiencing have nothing to do with your employees. Instead, the problem could very well li...
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Consumers Leave No Doubt: People over Chatbots

People complain that virtual agents are too impersonal and can't handle complex requests. While chatbots are improving and becoming more popular, the vast majority of consumers prefer to interact with a real, live human being. A new Forrester Consulting survey sponsored by chatbot platform vendor Amdocs found that when given the choice, 83% of consumers worldwide would rather interact with a real, live human being than with a virtual agent....
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Design Expert: The Secrets to Better User Interfaces

Designer Scott Schaedle feels that user interfaces would look and function much better if developers simply followed a handful of good design practices. When Scott Schaedle looks at user interfaces found on the web, point of sale devices, information kiosks and various types of consumer and business systems, he often sees screens that look slick and attractive, yet operate poorly. He also notices a large number of ugly UIs that fail in just...
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