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'This Is Us' gives us a road trip we'll never forget in 'Memphis'

This recap contains spoilers for This Is Us Season 1, episode 16, titled "Memphis." In an episode sure to make Kleenex shares skyrocket, this week's installment of This Is Us takes us back to William’s early life in Memphis, where we meet his cousin Ricky and learn that William was once on track to become a serious songwriter and musician — until his burgeoning career was derailed by the death of his mother and his subsequent drug addictio......
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Frances Bean Cobain shares note to commemorate Kurt Cobain's 50th birthday

Image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty ImagesBy Chloe Bryan2017-02-20 18:02:23 UTC Artist and model Frances Bean Cobain shared a note on Instagram Monday, honoring her father, Kurt Cobain, on what would have been his 50th birthday. "You are loved and you are missed," she wrote. "Thank you for giving me the gift of life." Frances Bean Cobain is the daughter of the late Nirvana frontman and Hole singer Courtney Love. She appears alongside her father......
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Get your tissues 'cos Steve Irwin's son is basically a mini-Steve on 'Tonight Show'

Um, does the Irwin family have access to some kind of underground cloning technology? Because Robert Irwin, the late Steve Irwin's son, is the spitting image of his dad down to the khaki shorts and endless enthusiasm. A conservationist and TV personality, Steve died in 2006 after being struck by a stingray barb, but he clearly passed his media chops onto his son. The 13-year-old appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, an......
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Sorry, y'all. SpaceX isn't going to Mars in 2018

In April 2016, SpaceX made the bold proclamation that it will send a robotic mission to Mars by 2018.  Today, the Elon Musk-founded company is singing a different tune.  Instead of aiming for the 2018 deadline, SpaceX will now try to launch a robotic mission to Mars — known as its Red Dragon mission — two years later, in 2020, SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell said during a press conference Friday.  This delay will allow the company to refo......
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The look on this man's face in Melania Trump's latest tweet is actually perfect

Melania gazing intensely while surrounded by American history.Image: Mashable composite: MOLLY RILEY/AFP/Getty Images and izzabell_wins/twitterBy Nicole Gallucci2017-02-16 18:09:12 UTC Melania Trump will soon learn that a picture is worth a whole lot more than 1,000 words once it's posted to Twitter. Though the new FLOTUS doesn't live in the White House, on Wednesday she took a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the Smithsonian's National ......
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Forget flowers, 'love insurance' was a trending gift on Valentine's Day

Image: Favre/Epa/REX/ShutterstockBy Yvette Tan2017-02-15 10:48:33 UTC First comes love, then comes — love insurance? Buying love insurance is the latest trend sweeping millennials in China, with a growing number of couples signing up. The idea behind it is that couples pay companies a one-time fee to agree to get married within a set time frame. If they do end up getting married, they receive a payout, usually in the form of a larger amo......
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Here are the stores that have dumped Trump

Sears and Kmart will no longer sell Trump home products.Image: Getty Images/Spencer PlattBy Patrick Kulp2017-02-14 03:48:56 UTC Even a presidential tweet can't save Ivanka Trump's shoes. The Trump name is vanishing from store shelves and shopping sites as retailers distance themselves from the first family's business empire.  Sears and its subsidiary Kmart became the latest big shopping chains to pull away from the Trump organization this......
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These twins battled each other for 58 words in the final round of a spelling bee

Nothing like a little friendly competition among brothers.  On Saturday, twins from Lincoln, Nebraska, found themselves in an epic battle to win the 30th annual Lincoln Public Schools Spelling Bee. As the Lincoln Star Journal reports, 12 year-olds Eswar and Sankar Ramamurthy found themselves in the final round — but had to go through 58 words before Eswar was eventually declared winner of the LPS Spelling Bee.  The winning word? Farfalle. ......
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When the trolls come at you over birth control coverage, here's what to say

If you're a woman who, on the internet, has tried to defend widely accessible and affordable birth control, you probably know all the counterarguments by heart: "Why should my tax dollars make it easy for you to have sex?" "I don't want to pay for what you do in the bedroom". "Don't have sex if you can't afford to get pregnant".  Such comments conveniently gloss over the complexities of real life. But it's also easy to trot out similarly s......
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