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Apple's updated Android 'Switch' campaign explains why people move to iPhone

Apple and Android may forever be locked in a fight for mobile domination, but they take very different approaches to their quest for market share. On the one hand, there are more than 2 billion active Android devices in use around the world. On the other, Apple makes gobs of money from selling just a handful of handsets. But like the PC wars of the 90s, Apple isn’t content with such a slim slice of the market. While it has had a Move to iOS...
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Google explains why Android apps still aren't on Chromebooks

Every time I open my Chromebook and see that an update is available, I get a twinge of excitement. Is this the moment that my Acer Chromebook will finally get Android apps? So far, the answer has always been no, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. Samsung’s new Chromebook Pro starts shipping on Sunday, but Android apps will remain in beta at least through the summer, as reported last week by The Verge . Google didn’t hav...
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Lenovo's Flex 5 catches up to other convertibles, adding Kaby Lake and USB-C

Lenovo’s Flex 5 convertibles are the latest arrivals in a busy, popular segment: laptops with 360-degree hinges and a full feature set for mainstream computing. These new models aren’t cheap—the starting prices are $720 for the 14-inch model and $830 for the 15-incher—and in some ways they’re just catching up to similar competitors from Dell and HP. But the major PC vendors are constantly one-upping each other, and when they ship in May, th...
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Here's how Google is preparing Android for the AI-laden future

The future of Android will be a lot smarter, thanks to new programming tools that Google unveiled on Wednesday. The company announced TensorFlow Lite, a version of its machine learning framework that’s designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices, during the keynote address at its Google I/O developer conference. “TensorFlow Lite will leverage a new neural network API to tap into silicon-specific accelerators, and over time we ex...
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Google's Standalone Daydream VR and VPS fight the clutter and clumsiness of virtual reality

Google said it has solved key problems with both augmented reality and its cousin, virtual reality, with a new standalone virtual reality headset and a way to navigate indoors using visual reference points as a sort of indoor GPS, called VPS. Google said it was working with both HTC and Lenovo to deliver the first standalone VR devices later this year, based on the Google Daydream technology. Google is working with Qualcomm on the new stand...
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This smart exoskeleton will keep you on your feet

Track 1: This smart exoskeleton can tell when you’re losing your balance and stop you from falling. Track 2: The prototype is wearable from the waist down and is designed to help the elderly by preventing fall-related injuries. This is different from most other machine wearables, which are used to enhance regular movement rather than prevent an unexpected event. Track 3: The exoskeleton can be set up with a few adjustments to nuts and bolts...
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HP rolls out patch to stop keylogging bug in some laptops

Consumers with HP laptops that have been accidentally recording their keystrokes can easily address the problem with a patch from the PC maker. More than two dozen HP laptop models, including the EliteBook, ProBook and ZBook, have an bug in the audio driver that will act as a keylogger , a Swiss security firm said Thursday. A list of affected products can be found here .  Fortunately, HP began rolling out fixes through its support page, and...
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A 'kill switch' is slowing the spread of WannaCry ransomware

Friday’s unprecedented ransomware attack may have stopped spreading to new machines -- at least briefly -- thanks to a "kill switch" that a security researcher has activated. The ransomware, called Wana Decryptor or WannaCry, has been found infecting machines across the globe . It works by exploiting a Windows vulnerability that the U.S. National Security Agency may have used for spying. The malware encrypts data on a PC and shows users a n...
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Surface Laptop vs. Surface Pro 4: We compare prices, features and more

Microsoft's Surface Laptop is aimed at supplanting the MacBook Air as a college-student favorite. The svelte, stylish clamshell also fills a middle ground between its cousins, the Surface Pro 4 tablet and Surface Book powerhouse 2-in-1, providing a third option that could appeal to many regular consumers.  We went  hands-on with the Surface Laptop  last week and plan to test it in advance of its June launch. Until then, if you're trying to ...
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Waymo, Uber dispute referred to US attorney for investigation

A lawsuit by Waymo, alleging the use by rival Uber Technologies of stolen trade secrets relating to autonomous vehicle technology, has been referred by a federal judge to a U.S. attorney, raising the possibility of a criminal prosecution. “This case is referred to the United States Attorney for investigation of possible theft of trade secrets based on the evidentiary record supplied thus far concerning plaintiff Waymo LLC’s claims for trade...
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This Microsoft wearable is helping Parkinson's patients write again

This Microsoft wearable is helping Parkinson's patients write again | PCWorld It's called the Emma Watch, and it vibrates in a specific pattern to stop hand tremors Thank you Your message has been sent. Sorry There was an error emailing this page. Microsoft has developed a prototype wearable device that pairs with a tablet to counteract some of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. A woman with Parkinson's can write again thanks to a Microso...
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FCC hit with DDoS attacks after John Oliver takes on net neutrality

Credit: IDGNS The U.S. Federal Communications Commission's website slowed to a crawl after comic and political commentator John Oliver urged viewers to flood the agency with comments in support of net neutrality, in what appeared to be a repeat of a 2014 incident. With the FCC headed toward a repeal of net neutrality rules it passed in early 2015, Oliver on Sunday echoed his "Last Week Tonight" commentary on the topic from three y...
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Dell backs the PC market yet again, and says a PC-as-a-service plan is coming soon

For the umpteenth time, Dell Technologies has reiterated that PCs are important to the company, and it won't quit the market. But PCs occupied only a few minutes of CEO Michael Dell's opening keynote at Dell EMC World in Las Vegas on Monday. PCs are the engine that keep enterprises chugging, he said. Instead, Dell spent time educating attendees about the new Dell Technologies and its products. It's been less than a year since the US$67 bill...
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How to play PlayStation 4 games on your PC with Sony's Remote Play

Between The Last of Us, Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Journey, the PlayStation platform has some of the best games of the past decade. But sadly, unlike the console exclusives on Microsoft’s Xbox One , the PlayStation 4’s finest aren’t available on PC. Or at least they weren’t.  Now you can play PS4 games on your PC by streaming them from your console over either a local network or the internet with Remote Play—a feature previously rese...
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Email dump hits French candidate Macron ahead of election

Credit: Michael Kan Another political campaign has been hit by an email dump. This time, the target is French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. On Friday, his campaign said a massive and coordinated hack had breached the email inboxes of several staffers. This came after a mysterious user named “EMLEAKS” apparently dumped the stolen data through torrent files on text storage site Pastebin. It’s unclear if the informa...
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