Bonnie Kalanick, the mother of Uber’s CEO, has died in a boating accident

Bonnie Kalanick, the mother of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, has died in a boating accident, a company spokesperson said. She was with her husband Donald, who has been seriously hurt in the incident. There are no other details about the accident, which took place yesterday. It’s obviously a terrible tragedy for the Kalanick family. I met Bonnie Kalanick, who once worked in newspaper advertising sales, at her home north of Los Angeles several ye...
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Watch Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ campus get built in just one minute

Apple is putting the finishing touches on its massive “spaceship” campus, which is already in use. Okay, it’s not really a spaceship — it’s officially called Apple Park . (But where’s the fun in that?) Whatever you call it, the huge, $5 billion circular structure has been impressive to watch get built. The campus is 175 acres in total and will eventually house around 12,000 Apple employees. The company says the 2.8 million-square-foot main ...
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Trump wants to be able track and destroy drones flying over the U.S.

Yesterday the Trump Administration circulated a draft of a new proposal that would allow the federal government to track, commandeer, disable, hack or destroy drones flying in the United States. The bill has circulated among Congressional staff, according to sources. There have been two meetings, one between administration officials and Congressional staff and another that’s a classified briefing with administration officials, a Senate aide...
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President Trump takes new aim at the government’s science, health and research programs

President Donald Trump is doubling down on his plan to slash billions of dollars from the U.S. government’s top science and research programs in 2018. After promising major cuts in a budget roadmap released in March, the White House delivered a final proposal today that cancels nearly $6 billion in funding at the National Institutes of Health, reduces spending at the National Science Foundation by more than $770 million and takes major swip...
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Facebook’s Zuckerberg is working on a way to connect you to people you “should” know

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO who is totally not a future presidential candidate, shared some of what he learned from his early trips around the country. (ICYMI: The not-White House hopeful wanted to visit every state he hadn’t spent a lot of time in this year.) The actual crux of the post comes later when Zuckerberg writes why he’s taking on this new challenge. Basically: He’s not running for office, he wants to find ways to strengthen...
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Facebook is delaying the launch of its original videos until the end of summer

Facebook’s big push into original video is taking longer than expected. The social network’s plans to release a slate of made-for-Facebook original video shows has been pushed back and may not arrive until the end of summer, according to multiple sources. Facebook has been in talks with video publishers for months to create these TV-style videos, which will live in a redesigned video tab inside the app. The company initially wanted to have ...
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Don’t expect a killer VR app from Google anytime soon

Google’s developer conference this year did a lot to temper expectations around its work on virtual and augmented reality. The company announced a yet-to-ship new virtual reality headset , and you can now watch YouTube’s VR videos in the same virtual space with other users . There’s also Google’s new visual positioning service for indoor mapping. These developments are interesting, but feel incremental. Even the executive in charge of these...
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San Francisco is considering legislation that would ban sidewalk delivery robots

States across the country are passing laws to permit the use of autonomous delivery robots statewide. But in San Francisco, a city globally renowned for its tech savvy residents, local politicians are now considering legislation that would ban the use of the nascent technology citywide. San Francisco supervisor Norman Yee proposed the new legislation today, following efforts his office made earlier this year to look into regulations that wo...
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Your data is probably safer with Facebook than with your hospital

The online payments company Stripe has a new head of security, Peiter Zatko — and it’s worth noting that Zatko and another recently hired security expert, Jon Kaltwasser, used to work for DARPA and the NSA, respectively. “Having both Peiter and Jon join, part of what makes us so glad they’re here, is that they have such extensive experience seeing the most advanced adversaries in the world,” Stripe CEO Patrick Collison said on the latest ep...
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The “Blade Runner 2049” trailer came out this week and offers a glimpse into our techtopian future

It’s been a long week — you deserve to kick back and relax with a glimpse into our artificially intelligent future. What are we talking about, you ask? The new “Blade Runner 2049” trailer hit the internet this week, offering a preview of what we can all expect 30 years into the future. The good news: The world still exists and we will have flying cars, which is cool. The bad news: it looks as though we’ll be at war and will also be genetica...
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A global cyberattack on hospitals and other organizations so far hasn’t crippled the U.S., an official says

The Department of Homeland Security has received no confirmed reports from U.S.-based hospitals, power plants, water systems or other entities considered to be critical infrastructure that they’ve been affected by a massive cyberattack that disrupted Britain’s health system and other computers worldwide, an agency official told Recode. By Friday night, as many as 99 countries had been hit by hackers who exploited a known vulnerability in Mi...
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A ‘fake news’ crackdown could follow Macron’s election win in France

Some in Silicon Valley breathed a sigh of relief as French voters overwhelmingly backed Emmanuel Macron as their next president over the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen. Whether that’s short-lived, however, depends on what Macron meant when he pledged to “regulate the internet” this month. In the final days of a blistering campaign, Macron found himself on the defensive against the elusive, conspiring forces of “f...
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Warner Music signs a new deal with YouTube, and promptly complains about YouTube

Warner Music Group has a signed a new deal with YouTube. It’s not happy about it. Warner Music CEO Steve Cooper says his company has renewed a deal “under very difficult circumstances.” The new pact is a short-term deal which gives Google’s video site continued access to Warner’s official music videos from artists like Bruno Mars, as well as amateur videos that use Warner music. But in a memo to his company, Cooper says Warner couldn’t get ...
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The U.S. Justice Department appears to be probing Uber’s use of software to avoid regulators

The U.S. Justice Department appears to have opened an investigation into Uber following reports that the ride-hailing company used a special tool to evade regulators and law enforcement officials around the country. In cities like Portland, Oregon, where Uber previously did not have permission to operate, the company in 2014 had relied on software known internally as “Greyball” to identify government officials and prevent them from booking ...
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Before tackling driverless technology, this startup wants to make human drivers safer

Many industry experts have prescribed driverless technology as the antidote to the persistence of driving-related deaths or injuries. Elon Musk himself has said it’s the industry’s moral duty to develop and release autonomous technology for the masses as quickly as possible. But in the process of developing technology that would enable autonomous driving, some startups are also working on a more immediate solution. Nauto, a company in which...
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You finally got your flying cars, and Stephen Colbert says they suck

If you are reading this you are likely a person who consumes a lot of news on the internet. So you may well have read about, or heard about, the fact that Kitty Hawk , a Larry Page-backed flying car company, has started showing off its flying car. Flying cars! We finally have flying cars! Or, at least, a thing that flies. Kitty Hawk’s unveil came via a New York Times story a week ago , which makes it ancient history for people who inhale ne...
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Here’s where Alphabet makes its money

Alphabet reported revenue for specific world regions for the first time in its earnings Thursday. Here’s the breakdown of how sales in the first quarter of 2017 compared to sales the same time last year: U.S. revenue increased 25 percent from last year to $11.8 billion.Sales from the Asia-Pacific region rose 29 percent to $3.6 billion.Revenue from Europe, the Middle East and Africa was up 13 percent to $8.1 billion. U.K. revenue was part of...
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Stephen Colbert’s TED talk parody with Jesus is almost too real

You’ve probably seen Pope Francis’s history-making TED talk . The 80-year-old Pope pre-recorded a video message for TED attendees that called on tech companies to be more inclusive. "How wonderful would it be if the growth of scientific and technological innovation would come along with more equality and social inclusion," he said to the crowd. But as impressive and impassioned as the Pope’s message to the conference was, his speech didn’t ...
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An Uber executive lost his bid to keep the company from producing a key document in Alphabet’s lawsuit

Anthony Levandowski, the head of Uber’s self-driving efforts, lost a bid to keep the ride-hail company from producing a key document by invoking the Fifth Amendment in a patent-infringement lawsuit Alphabet filed against the ride-hail company. Levandowski, who is not named in the Google parent company’s lawsuit against Uber, claimed that producing a due diligence report — a document prepared for Uber that detailed information about Otto — c...
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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is expected to unveil new net neutrality plans on Wednesday

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is expected to unveil his plan to replace the agency’s hotly contested net neutrality rules as soon as Wednesday, according to two sources familiar with the matter. An earlier blueprint — sketched out by sources in recent weeks — could scrap the current rules, which subject internet providers to utility-like regulation, and replace them with a system that would see the likes of AT&T, Comcast* and Verizon commit on ...
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‘Science is universal’: Silicon Valley joins the March for Science

Today’s March for Science in locations around the world is drawing an obvious comparison to the Women’s March on Washington in January, the first act of mass protest against the Trump administration. But at the official satellite march in Silicon Valley, which drew several thousand people in downtown San Jose, Calif., organizers and speakers were split on how much to use the “T” word. “I was told that this rally is political, but not partis...
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Hyperloop One’s chief marketing officer has left to join a robotics startup

Hyperloop One, the company trying to bring Elon Musk’s idea for a tube-based, high-speed transport system to fruition, has lost its chief marketing officer, Kimberly Salzer. Salzer left Hyperloop One in mid-March after spending a year with the company, she told Recode in an interview. The executive has now taken a job at Ozobot as its chief marketing officer. Ozobot is a robotics company that makes small robots that can help teach kids how ...
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Google, which gets most of its money from ads, might build an ad blocker

Google is reportedly working on an ad blocker. Sources tell The Wall Street Journal the company is working on a feature for its Chrome browser on desktop and mobile that would either filter certain types of ads, or filter ads entirely from sites that run what it seems as “bad ads.” Filtering would be based on standards created by an organization called the Coalition for Better Ads , which happens to count Google and Facebook as members. (It...
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PetSmart is acquiring Chewy.com for $3.35 billion in the largest e-commerce acquisition ever

PetSmart has agreed to make the biggest e-commerce acquisition in history, putting a deal in place to snatch up fast-growing pet food and product site Chewy.com for $3.35 billion, according to multiple sources familiar with the deal. The deal is a huge one by any standard — bigger than Walmart’s $3.3 billion deal for Jet.com last year — and especially for a retail company like PetSmart, which was itself valued at only $8.7 billion when priv...
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Watch this university lecture on calling bullshit

Are you frustrated with the volume of unreliable information on the internet? You're in luck. You can now watch two University of Washington professors complain about bullshit and teach students how to identify it. Lectures from a course called “Calling Bullshit” are being uploaded to the internet and the first class session is already available on YouTube . The lecture is broken into five separate segments between about three and 10 minute...
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