Uber's London licence revoked by TfL: Reaction seriously divided in the Capital

So it's back to the minicab then? CRAPSICAB operator Uber has been told by Transport for London that it is not "fit and proper" to operate a private hire service in London and it will not have its licence renewed after it expires on September 30th. There had been rife speculation that Uber was not to be granted a new licence, following concerns about driver conditions and public safety. If it had been granted a new licence, it would have co...
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IFixit gets hold of an iPhone 8 and absolutely destroys it

Cover yourself up, you are making a show of yourself EVER RELIABLE tiny screwdriver wielders at iFixit have flown over to Australia to get an iPhone 8 so that they can take it to bits ruin the warranty and make another curious demand on the work expense account. IFixit does this, this is its thing . It saves casual users from breaking their new phone down and then putting it back together and wondering why there are so many screws left over...
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Asus Zenfone 4 hands-on review

ROME: PC MAKER Asus has announced that the Zenfone 4, a dual camera-equipped smartphone that has its sights set firmly on the Honor 9 , is coming to the UK. The firm claims that the smartphone, which also boasts a premium design, a 5.5in IPS display and Snapdragon 660 internals, is "unparalleled" when it comes to its mobile photography credentials, and is no doubt hoping that the device will help it find its footing in the ever-competitive ...
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UK pirates have bought one million illegal set top boxes in two years

If you are reading this, you are probably a pirate THE UK COPYRIGHT GUARDIAN, FACT, has released the results of a study into the use of piracy-enabled set top boxes and found that they are relatively popular on these shores with some one million of the illegal things sold in the last two years. Of course, this is the exact opposite of what FACT would like to see. In an ideal world, it would have us all spending large amounts of money at the...
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2017 has had more mobile vulnerabilities than the whole of 2016 already

Mobile vulnerabilities are on the up and up A REPORT FROM A FIRM CALLED Zimperium has found that mobile vulnerabilities have had a rocket up them this year have already surpassed the total of flaws uncovered throughout the whole of 2016.  This is based on its own networks and systems and customer experience, but it could be viewed as a snapshot of the whole landscape. Zimperium definitely thinks so. " The report contains high-level statisti...
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Fitbit's 'lagging' encryption can be bypassed by hackers

Fitbit's 'lagging' encryption can be bypassed by hackers HACKERS CAN EASILY bypass the encryption on Fitbit trackers to steal personal details from its owner, according to reports. The Telegraph has the scoop and reports that a team at the University of Edinburgh found that it is possible to intercept messages from the Fitbit One and Fitbit Flex bands, accessing personal data as it is sent to Fitbit's servers for analysis.  Dr Paul Patras o...
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Google Updates: Autoplay block, antitrust fight and Android flagship launch

YES, WE'RE messing with the format again. From now on, Google Updates will be updated every Friday as usual, but we'll be updating under headings and older news will remain up, so you can bookmark this page and come back to it. Hurrah! Search 15/9/17: Unsurprisingly, Google has confirmed that it will appeal the €2.42bn (around £2.1bn) antitrust fine handed to it by the European Commission (EC) earlier this year. In  its decision back in Jun...
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iPhone X knock-off launches for £80, and it has a headphone jack

This is the Goophone X, only it probably isn't IF YOU LIKE THE LOOK of  Apple's iPhone X  but aren't so keen on its £999 price-tag, there's a knock-off available for less than a 10th of the price.  The Goophone X,  available now via DH Gate , looks a lot like Apple's flagship smartphone, and sports the same edge-to-edge screen with notch cut-out and vertically-aligned rear-facing cameras. That's if you trust that the renders listed on DH Ga...
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iPhone X release date, specs and price: It's official with Super Retina display, A11 CPU

THE LONG AWAITED iPhone X is official, with the firm unveiling the 10th-anniversary device at its much-hyped Apple Event on Tuesday. The iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) is the company's first smartphone to feature a full-screen display, as it sets its sights on the likes of the Galaxy Note 8 . There's also an all-new 'Super Retina' resolution, a reinforced glass design and support for wireless charging, with the iPhone X arriving with suppo...
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AI learns how to recreate Super Mario Bros by watching people play it

Bappady-boopee! Issa Meeeee Marioooo! BOFFINS HAVE taught an artificial intelligence (AI) neural network to recreate Super Mario Bros by watching other people playing it. In a paper called " Game Engine Learning from Video ," the team from Georgia Institute of Technology explains how the (remarkably accurate, considering) result is based on learning not just how to mimic the game, but also how to mimic the engine powering it - the one desig...
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