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Apple HomePod delayed until early 2018

Apple HomePod delayed until early 2018 APPLE HAS SOME BAD NEWS for anyone with a HomePod on their Christmas list, as the Siri-powered speaker has been delayed until next year. The Apple HomePod was first announced at WWDC in June , with a release date slated for December. In a statement seen by Buzzfeed's John Paczkowski, an Apple spokesperson confirmed on Friday that the Amazon Echo rival now won't be released until early next year. "We ca...
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Google Updates: Get a silly-cheap Google Home Mini and score free apps

Google Updates: Long gone now come AFTER A COUPLE of weeks off to reflect, the Google Updates column is back and we're returning to its roots. When we started, the idea was to mop up Google stories that we hadn't been able to cover off elsewhere. As time has gone on and pressures of time have gone on, we realised we were relying more and more on recapping the stories that we'd already done which is pretty stupid as they're all here .  So st...
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Twitter finally does something about its horrendous case of ticks

Twitter is dealing with its bird flu TWITTER HAS begun the process of overhauling its authentication and verification processes for its famous blue rick. Amongst the first set of 'casualties' who lose their status are English Defence League boss Tommy Robinson, Jason Kessler who helped to organise the far-right march in Charlottesville, and National Policy Institute's Richard Spencer, all of whom have kicked off about it, but whom we are no...
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Online manipulation interfered with 'at least' 18 elections in the past year

Online manipulation interfered with 'at least' 18 elections in the past year GOVERNMENTS AROUND THE WORLD are using dodgy social media tactics to undermine democracy, according to the latest  Freedom on the Net  report The report, published by Freedom House, claims that governments are increasingly manipulating information on social media and threatening the use of the internet as a liberating form of communication. Online manipulation and ...
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INQsport: Robot Wars Series 10 Episode 4 Review

Wars Uuuuuuuup. Ahem. Blah blah... spoiler alert... blah blah... SO ANOTHER jolly night of Robot fighting as we get closer to the Robot Wars final. Kicking off with a former Greenpeace president who uses old beer kegs (some of which that still have beer in them, to make a Clusterbot called "The Kegs". [takes a deep breath] CLUSTER BOTS DON'T WORK!!! HOW MANY TIMES? Tauron was designed by a games tester who believed his knowledge of gaming s...
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Logitech backs down: will give all Harmony Link customers a Harmony Hub for free

LOGITECH HAS agreed that all customers of its soon-to-be-defunct Harmony Link universal remote device will be offered a Harmony Hub , reversing a decision that included plans to brick the Link with no recourse, unless the product was still under warranty. "I made a mistake. It was an honest mistake," Rory Dooley, head of Logitech Harmony, told Wired . "Mea culpa. We're going to do right by our customers, and do the right thing." Originally,...
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Snapchat company looks to East London hipsters to offset £30m Spectacles flop

Snap-Specatacles.jpg SNAP INC, FRESH off the back of announcing a $40 million (around £30 million) write-down of its augmented reality Spectacles hardware in the US, is going to try flogging them to people in East London via a pop-up shop.  Earlier in the week, Snapchat announced a total loss for the year of $2.2 billion , which included 'hundreds of thousands' of the unsold Spectacles.  Exactly how much of a dent it's expecting to put in t...
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Pixel 2 XL users are complaining that the anti-fingerprint coating is peeling

Pixel 2 XL - one more mark on its character ANOTHER WEEK, another problem for Google's Pixel 2 XL handset. This time it's the oleophobic coating which is supposed to keep the fingerprint smudges at bay. Unfortunately, some users are reporting that it is starting to peel off. So not only are you left with an oily, smudgy screen, but an inconsistent surface texture that's like, eww to type on and looks weird when you hold it up to the light (...
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Nvidia launches limited edition Star Wars Titan Xp GPUs

Well Wookie what we have here... NVIDIA HAS jumped aboard the Star Wars bandwagon with special edition versions of it's Geforce Titan Xp GPUs , proving once again that where Star Wars is concerned, you can market ruddy anything . "Harness the power of the ultimate GPUs for the ultimate Star Wars fans" quoth the drivel as basically, the existing graphics cards get a red or green glow depending on whether you opt for the Jedi Order edition or...
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NHS begins offering GP appointments by video chat

Yeah, this is really what it's going to look like, obviously IF YOU'VE seen those ads on TV offering you a virtual doctor's appointment by video chat and thought "that makes sense", then good news because the NHS has begun a trial of the service. Previously only available to private patients, a pilot has begun rolling out to 3.5 million patients in Greater London in association with existing doctor app Babylon. Once you download the app, yo...
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