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Best Amiga games on iOS and Android

THE COMMODORE AMIGA was one of the machines to define the home computing era of the late '80s and '90s, with its superb sound and graphics capabilities and its affordability. And a healthy ecosystem of games developers quickly sprung up around it, with a host of titles released on the platform which today are rightfully regarded as classics. The good news is that some of these vaunted games are available right now on your mobile device. If ......
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Google Updates: Best games, bye Gingerbread and Fuchsia shocks

ANOTHER WEEK another mixed bag for Google. We've already heard about yet another anti-trust suit being brought against the company this time over Tizen, how Sundar Pichai made a little girl's day, how Google paid its autonomous car executives too much so they left, and that Project Loon has made a huge breakthrough. Meanwhile, plenty of other things happened, starting with the inaugural Google Play Indie Game Awards. The INQUIRER was suppos......
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Germans, do you own a Cayla doll? Kill it with fire

You could buy your kid a Cayla doll, or you could buy it a snake IN GERMANY, people are outraged by the news that a doll that can listen to what a child says, record that information, connect to the internet and be hacked. We have heard of bad dolls before. Often they appear in horror movies like Child's Play, sometimes they are just cursed and live on a shelf in your nan's spare bedroom with eyes that follow y......
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Office for Mac gets support for the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

Microsoft Word gets Touch Bar support MICROSOFT HAS ROLLED OUT support for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar to all users of Office for Mac. We know, this isn't quite as exciting as the news that you can Doom on the MacBook's dynamic display, but Microsoft is pretty excited about it regardless. "Through the Touch Bar, Office intelligently puts the most common commands at your fingertips—all based on what you're doing in the docume......
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EE, O2 and Vodafone price increases to hit millions of customers

EE, O2 and Vodafone price increases to hit millions of customers UK MOBILE OPERATORS EE, O2 and Vodafone have confirmed that their contract prices will be increasing. Brexit isn't to blame this time, and instead, the three networks are upping prices in line with the Retail Prices Index (RPI) rate of inflation. EE, which will implement the increases on 30 April, has confirmed to INQ that its pay monthly, SIM-only and mobil......
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University suffers DDoS attack after it's schooled by own IoT devices

The Internet of Things is an internet of problems A PLACE WHERE late stage teenagers go to drink and make arses of themselves has fallen victim to a denial of service (DDoS) attack of, essentially, it's own making.  Yeah, we are talking about a university. We do not know what university it is, but Verizon's breach report for 2016 tells us that the mysterious educational establishment, probably in the US, was ta......
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Boffins develop water-based battery that could last a decade

Researchers develop water-based battery promising decade-long power BOFFINS AT HARVARD UNIVERSITY have developed a new 'flow' battery that can store energy in organic molecules dissolved in PH-neutral water The researchers claim that the technique may not only enable the development of safe, non-toxic batteries, but also make for batteries that can last for as long as ten years. The research was led by material......
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Google Updates: Chrome OS, Chrome VR, Chrome PWA

SINCE WE last spoke, this happened: Android Wear 2.0 is here! Deepmind AI has learned how to get aggressive Nougat is installed on just 1.2 percent of devices Google plans to bin apps that aren't privacy safe Google will make things that are a bit too piratey harder to find Zoom and Enhance AI makes Blade Runner a thing US court demands Gmail entries from overseas servers Gmail will be restricted in Vista and XP later this yea......
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When batteries explode (plus one that doesn't)

SINCE THE Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco taught us all to fear things without plugs again, the question is being asked repeatedly, "how can we make batteries safer?".  Now a professor from Tufts University has demonstrated a new design which can stand up to the rigours of a pair of scissors without bursting into flames. Mike Zimmerman recently showed office creation in a documentary on US public television network PBS.  Not only does the new ......
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