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How To Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 to iTunes

We all go to YouTube and you might come across a video that you would rather have in MP3 format. Just in case you want to listen to it on your computer or in your car if you have a radio with capabilities of playing MP3 converted tracks like the Pioneer radio below. Well this can be easily done with one piece of software called FreeMake . Just FYI, FreeMake comes with OpenCandy adware. Techlick considers this to be safe as once FreeMake was...
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How To Secure That Router - Home Networking

With script kiddie or skiddies sprouting up everyday and with the recent WannaCry ransomware attack which was a worldwide ransomware event, you need to really know how to lock down your router from these incessant fleas (hackers and companies that plant backdoors on consumer routers) that propagate our happy world of networking. We should track them all down and tar and feather these chicken buttholes. But that is for another day - right no...
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How To Stop Tracking / Telemetry In Windows 7, 8x, 10

  With Windows 7, 8x, 10 comes the never ending task of Microsoft and it's attempts to get to know you better. In today's "how to" you will be installing Spybot's Anti-Beacon application which is a small utility designed to block and stop the various tracking (aka telemetry) issues that come with Windows 7, 8x, 10 . This is a small tool that’s free and clean of any adware or spyware and easily installed. It is also from the creat...
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How To Disable The Windows 10 Hidden Keylogger

There are over 400 million computers and/or media devices running Windows 10 and more computers each day are getting this OS (Operating System) installed. But little does the average user know that there is a hidden keylogger in this invasive OS that Microsoft has rolled out. In a serious way this is encroaching on your privacy. And today is the day you will learn how to shut it off and gain some of your privacy back.When I say some - belie...
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How To Check Those Short URLs - Hey Shorty Do I Know You?

You either receive an email with a shortened URL or you see one in an article that you are reading on the internet and a strong suggestion is that you check out where that URL is taking you. You just want to make sure the shortened URL's you find are safe. You don't know what is contained within that shortened URL (Uniform Resource Locator or URI - Uniform Resource Identifier). It could have malware, spyware, or redirect you to an unknown w...
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How To Stop Bitdefender 2017 From Scanning DVD Media

At times when you insert a DVD or USB drive into either your DVD drive or USB port, Bitdefender will relentlessly scan that media for any incessant virus or malware. If this is something that you do not need then today's tutorial will explain in a quick and easy way how to stop Bitdefender from doing this. For all intent and purposes, this tutorial refers to Bitdefender 2017 but is also consistent with earlier versions of teh application. L...
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How To Secure Your Virtual Memory In Windows 10

In the tech world you need to be on top when it comes to security and not only in the tech world but right at home with your own computer systems. There are a mass of various and incessant miscreants who will try as hard as they can to get in and hack your systems. So we need to put effective measures in place to minimize their efforts. Today we are going to deploy a quick security methodology in Windows 10. This is a fast and easy step by ...
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How To Invest In Domain Names And Make A Profit

  This blog post is from experience. I have been in the damain name flipping business for quite sometime and it has been the most fun and lucrative business that I hav ebeen in since I was pulled from the womb. If you have a creative talent and can mix words toi represent a product or service - then this is for you. A keen marketing ability is useful also. This is also a quick and easy way to put some change in your pocket or bank acco...
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How To Create A Secure Password That Cannot Be Figured Out Ever

How do you create a secure password and remember it but also at the same time will not allow anyone to hack into your account? Today you came to the right place to learn how to make sure you always have that secure password which cannot be cracked in a million years. According to the Brute Force Calculator at Open Security Research when you use a combination of alpha, numeric, and symbols in upper and lower case format it will take Forever ...
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5 Of Techlick's Most Popular How To Articles

    Below you will find 5 of the most popular How To's at Techlick . Techlick tries to give you informative and fun ways to deal with your tech and I am sure that these how to's will enlighten you in some way so you can further expereince how cool the tech world really is. If you would like to see any other types of How To's at Techlick just let me know by clicking here . Enjoy your journey in life people! How To Disable Windows 1...
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