Upcycled Motherboard Notepad Gift Set

Recently I acquired quite a few old and/or broken motherboards and I decided to make something useful out of them. The desktop computer motherboards were perfect for a notepad covers, the laptop motherboards for coasters and CPUs or graphics chips could be used as key rings . . .

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How to Clean a Throttle Body

Video tutorial on how to clean the throttle body on your vehicle. This is a generic video, so procedure may slightly vary between vehicle makes and models. A majority of engine will be equipped with a rubber intake tube that is held on with a gear clamp. Others may have an air box, filter, etc. There are two types of throttle bodies, cable operated which is shown in the video and electronic/fly by wire that is found on most newer vehicles. ......
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Bottle Opener With Magnetic Top Catcher

My brother in law inspired this project, he has a bottle opener on the wall in his kitchen but every time you open a bottle you have to quickly catch the top or pick it up off the floor. I decided to make something a little better.

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Simple DIY Cutting Board

So pretty much as soon as we could, we found the closest lumberyard and got our butts over there. Side note, we realized that lumberyards are often closed on weekends and evenings, so if you work full time like we do you might want to check their hours before you drive all the way over there *cough* learn from our mistakes *cough*.Walking in, we had a “a whole new wooorrrld” moment. It was amazing, we could have stayed there all day. Litera......
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Homemade DIY Caliper in 30 Minutes!

A vernier caliper uses a vernier scale too achieve greater precision. This Wikipedia article on the vernier scale gives all the information possibly needed, but in short, it is a ruler with an added secondary scale which gives extra precision.- An object is placed between the arms of the caliper, so the arms grip the object.- The 0mm on the secondary scale will line up on or between two increments on the ruler, indicating the d......
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Steady Hand Buzzer Game

Introducing the classic steady hand buzzer game.

Can you guide the loop around the wire shape without hitting the wire!?

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DIY H-Bridge Shield for Arduino With Transistors

Components needed to make the shield-8* NPN transistors (I used some BC 547 and some 2N2222a because I didn't have 8 of either one) 8* 1k ohm resistors (a value close to that should work) Stack Headers (optional) Pin Headers 9V Battery and clip Perf BoardHey, if you want a fun project for determining if your transistor is NPN or PNP please refer to my 'The Transistor Testenator' instructable.ToolsSoldering iron Wire cutte......
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Giant Homemade 16" Disc Sander (for the Lathe)

Giant Homemade 16" Disc Sander (for the Lathe) Vote!Intro: Giant Homemade 16" Disc Sander (for the Lathe)Homemade 16" disk sander for my lathe, 2 tools in 1! The sanding disk is made from doubled up 3/4" plywood mounted to a face plate. The table ... 1 Step 1: Cutting Out the DisksI start by cutting out the pieces for the disks on my table saw, just over 16" square.To trace out the circle, I make my own ......
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Lap Slide Guitar Skate Board

I was able to order all my parts online, here is a list of the parts.Skate Board - Doesn't have to be new but if it is used, make sure it is solid.Guitar BridgeGuitar Nut6 TunersPick up with pots and input jack------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Below will vary with above parts.2 - 1/8 inch x 1 inch Stainless Steel washer (Home depot)2 - #6-32 x 1 inch Stainless Steel Machine......
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