My Top 8 Must Know Super Cleaning Interior Tips

For textured panels, hard to reach panel gabs, or trim edges, use a toothbrush, paint brush, q-tips or a toothpick. No need for investing in any fancy cleaning brushes, toothbrushes and paintbrushes can be had for quite cheap, just ensure they are soft. Use them in areas as needed such as the steering wheel, arm rest, door handles, around the radio, etc. For any extremely dirty areas, spray on a cleaner, then agitate the surface with a brus...
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F@!rYtALe LoVE!!!

Wanna make ur LOVE feel special!!!make him smile?? ;)..Then TRY this out!!! Original link
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Simple Experiment to Visualize Magnetic Fields

This is an extremely easy experiment to do, which allows us to appreciate the magnetic field lines of a natural magnet. Magnets have 2 polarities, a north pole and a south pole. Magnetic field lines indicate that they are protruding at the North Pole and incoming at the South Pole. In addition, the opposing poles are attracted while the same poles repel each other. Este es un experimento sumamente fácil de realizar el cual sirve para que po...
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Chocolate Chip Cookie- Thick and Soft

My secret recipe, combined with my unique method of freezing the dough, will result in a thick, soft cookie that you won't be able to resist. You will need to have the list of ingredients below, as well as other common kitchen supplies such as: bowls, a mixer, an oven, cookie sheets, cooling rack (optional), and non-stick cooking spray. Recipe: 1/2 cup sweet cream butter 1/4 cup cream cheese 3/4 cup light brown sugar 1/4 cup granulates suga...
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Organic Carrot & Ginger Sauerkraut

Use the safety guard on the mandolin to spear the cabbage quarters - unless you have a cut resistant glove like we used. Shred the cabbage then remove the glove. Turn the scale on and wait for it to zero. Add the carrot and ginger to the bowl, followed by the cabbage. Fill the bowl until the scale reaches 800 grams - or 1 pound 12-1/4 ounces. Take the bowl off the scale and turn it off. Sprinkle the tablespoon of salt over the cabbage and m...
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Scratching Chair

As long as I've lived there were cats in the house. A house without a cat is just not complete. Sadly, my sweet little feline-friend passed away last spring. Rest in peace, old lady. Then summer came and I was away a lot, so that was fine. But then the days grew shorter and colder... and I knew for sure: This place needs a cat. So I went to the animal shelter and found a new friend. He had been living in the streets for about a year and was...
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Handlebar End Blinky LED

Print the plastic parts, remove any flashing, and file or sand as required. The compartment for the switch (smaller) and compartment for the ATtiny85 (slightly longer) should both slide easily into the top cap. Glue the back housing of the pushbutton to the bulkhead of the switch compartment after first soldering two 1" long wires onto the switch contacts. Prepare the leads of the RGB LED to fit into the slotted button pusher piece (see pho...
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Old Skirt to Tool Belt

Turn and pin one side and the bottom of the side pocket to the large pocket and sew. Open and zigzag stitch the inside. For the hammer loop cut about a 10cm wide piece of black fabric, sew edges together on the wrong side and turn over. Fold and pin the strip close to the front pocket and sew over. Open and zigzag stitch from inside. If you would like the pen (pencil, screwdrivers . . . ) loops, mark the position for them on the back side. ...
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Homemade Hop Oast for Drying Homegrown Hops to put in Homebrew Beer

Native to Europe, Asia and North America- hops now grow on many continents and in many countries. In the Pacific NW many feral Cascade hop plants can be found growing on telephone poles, shared fences etc. Please always be courteous to the people that grow or cultivate hops and ask them before you harvest hops about town unless it is clear that they are truly "wild" plants. I grow many different varietals of hops (they are all the same spec...
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Campfire Planked Salmon & Bucket Potatoes

As I said there is not much you need to try this out. For planked salmon, you will need of course salmon (or any other fish that you like), an axe or a bigger knife and a log. The log´s diameter has to be same or bigger than the width of the fish. It can always be bigger but bigger logs are harder to split especially if you only have a knife to use. You can also make the cooking plank out of a wooden board if you have one lying around. Just...
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