Glass Etching a Picture Frame: Wheel of Time Quote

The first thing you want to do is decide what you want to do and then lay it out on your glass. I chose a quote from one of my favorite book series The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. The full quote is actually "Death is lighter than a feather, and Duty is heavier than a mountain" I wanted the feathers to be around the words so I spaced them around the central area and then laid out the letters using a ruler to attempt to keep them straight...
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Floating Tricks You Should See!

In this experiment we used lots of short ball chains and connected them all. *Note - if you don't have tons of ball chains, you can use Rigatoni pasta and pass a rope through them connecting them all. You can even color them different colors for an added effect too! Get a small glass jar or if you decided to go with the pasta version, get a large bowl. Start adding one end of the chain into the jar. You don't want to add it all at once beca...
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Arthritis Assisting Mouse

This project was one that was completed in May of 2017 in my school's research program. It uses motion capture of a hand (or an object) to move the mouse on a computer and even has the capabilities to click the mouse. Here is my abstract: For my research I am going to work on a touchpad mouse. I got inspiration from this idea when I walked into a store one time and I saw a laser keyboard. The concept was a tower that projects lasers in a ke...
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Mini 3D Printed Bluetooth Speaker

As you can see, the speaker works really well. It’s really loud, especially for the size! Improvements One improvement I think I’ll make is the casing (again). The speaker is a little exposed to damage, so a simple mesh or cover to protect this a little more would be a good idea. Also, I’d print the casing in a darker colour, as the internal LEDs (The charging module and speaker module) conflict a little, which is a bit annoying. Original l...
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Controll a Stepper Motor With the DRV8825

In this step, I'll describe to modes for this stepper motor. The first one is very simple and the second one is when you want to do more complicated stuff ( micro stepping). MODE 1: Connect the parts as shown in the picture. please ignore the SLEEP and the RESET pin. You can use any Digital pins on the Arduino. be sure to change them in your code too. MODE 2: DIR - D8STEP - D9SLEEP - HIGH (Vdd)GND - Arduino GNDGND - Motor power GNDVMOT - Mo...
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Hex Nut Spinner

The design was kinda arbitrary. After deciding to use the 22 mm bearing, I found six 1/2" hex nuts in my junk drawer so I worked around those dimensions. The overall diameter (3.88") is on the large size for spinners. If you are building this for your kid, you might want to do some finger measurements first. All joints are press/interference fit (no glue). The part printed slightly smaller than the CAD file so I had to spend about 5 minutes...
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Making the Yarn Frisbee

The Epoxy I'm using is West System Resin. It's made for boat making and more than up for the task of a yarn frisbee. (Should frisbee be capitalized?! ) I think any epoxy resin should work well. I like the marine epoxies as they tend to cure fairly quickly. STIR well. 90% of all resin failures are due to a lack of proper stirring! (I made up that figure for extra drama) Once the resin is well mixed add a Mess Of Yarn* (1 MOY = 1 Frisbee's wo...
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Smartphone Camera Grip

Bored with shaky camera? This project might be just for you!!! Since I am a photographer myself, shaky camera and difficult angles are big obstacles to taking perfect pictures. So I came up with this smartphone camera grip to help everyone who is suffering from these annoying situation. Original link
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Absolutes' Smart Home Automation

1. When a person enters the room, the light should on automatically that means IR should detect the Motion or the movement of the person. When a person crosses by the Arduino should have value as '1'. Here 1 means lights are on. 2. When the person passes the second IR sensor, The same above step should repeat. 3. Similarly, when a person goes out, i.e when no one is there in the remove the system must 0 and lights should be off. 4. This can...
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There are several recipes available on the internet, and they don't vary in ingredients, but in the sequence of operations. Some where flamed before letting the dough rise, some where right before the baking, some where coated with sourdough, some with salted water and some just with water. So I tried all possibilities out with a variety of smaller buns. I left out a coating with potato-starch wash, because I couldn't find an equivalent in ...
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Frames Made With Flames!

... and I bring you ... fire! Before I teach you to burn, it's probably a good idea to say: Do this outdoors, with a bucket of water near by just in case you overdo it. This will generate a fair bit of smoke, and possibly the odd unexpected flames. Also, practice first on some offcuts of the SAME piece of wood to get a feel for the timing, and to see what the effect will be like. Woods vary, and it's hard to know exactly how it will turn ou...
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Kinetic Fence Art / Deer Deterrent

Just about anyone who gardens has contended with all kinds of critter invasions. Over the years we’ve dealt with rabbits, squirrels, cats (ours), and worst of all, deer and elk. We tried electric wire fencing and the deer soon learned to just jump through it, since they have to be grounded to get shocked. Finally an elk tore it all down and we started over. We used 50"X16’ hog panels for the bottom and cobbled together a top system using co...
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How to Use Adobe Illustrator to Create Design Motifs for a Vinyl Cutter

I like to create a drawing that is close to the size I will be cutting on the vinyl cutter. In this example, I wanted the full rose to be about 4" by 4", so that is the size of drawing I created. Other key file settings: I always make the color mode RGB -- that is essential for my CNC machines -- and I make the measurements in inches, because that is my preferred mode of working with real world machinery. Then I placed the clip art in the d...
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Faux Metal Coffee Table

I bought this 24" x 48" board at Lowe's. These boards are great because they're straight and in good condition. I used 4x4s for the legs, you could use 2x4s as well. 17" is a good height. If you want your legs to be angled, make your cuts at 10 degrees, with top and bottom cuts parallel. Sand each piece. Drill 2 pocket holes on the top of each piece using a Kreg Jig. Connect 2 legs with two 11" 2x4s using a Kreg Jig. (If you're not familiar...
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Cardboard Book Binding

To better open and close the book without it staying open, cardboard has to be removed from the cover A 1/4" was sliced out for the fold, then another inch to sandwich the text block between All of this was glued with pressure applied If you wonder why I say to glue and apply pressure so much, it's because I've forgotten to do this and have it end up terribly. The glue would dry and create weakness and space between the pages.. not good! Or...
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Making Small Objects Big Without Photoshop

The small object that you are taking a picture of can make the difference between having a convincing photo and people noticing you're up to something. The more detail you have on your object, the better the picture will look. In my case the toy car looked pretty good but if you look harder you can see that the hood scoop is a bit messed up. What I did to counteract this is I took a side shot so that you couldn't see it. Angles matter a lot...
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Mini LED Lamp With Movement- and Lightssensor

If you want . You can use my code. If you don't, go to step 3! The code will basically turn the LEDs on if you walk in front of the sensor. Provided that its dark enough. The sensor will only turn on its lights at night and not during the day. It has an upper and lower bound for when it will turn on. Hence, the arduino will turn off immediately if you turn on a lamp nearby and then on again when you turn off the lamp. To find the sweet spot...
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Making a Cast Brass Belt Buckle

First two attempts were unsuccessful. First time, brass didn't get into the thinnest part of the mold which was 2 mm thick. During the second attempt the brass temperature was lower than it was demanded. Original link
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Arduino Tailpipe Filter and Sensor

To write software for Arduino you’ll need to install Arduino IDE, it’s available for Mac, so you can just go to their website, and download it. They have a great guide on their website on how to set up your IDE. Once you installed the IDE, you’ll need to install the Adafruit libraries. Adafruit has a great tutorial on how to do this, so go and check it out. Now we have the hardware wired up, and all the libraries we need. The only thing tha...
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Arduino Powered Three Arm Bubble Machine

This information may be a bit early, but I wrote the software and planned out my Arduino wiring before I received my components from the various e-bay stores I used to procure materials. This project runs four stepper motors on the same controller. Therefore to have enough pins, I couldn't use a common H-bridge and the Stepper library from the Arduino library page. After some web searches, I found the AccelStepper library from Mike McCauley...
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The Hands of TIme

When you design something that is not straight or flat you can run into issues so to get over the issue of accuracy I made a ball holding jig from 3 pieces of MDF and 4 screws. I later modified it to threaded rods and nuts, wing nuts would have been better! The jig was drilled with all 3 sections screwed together using a 50mm Forstner bit to cut through the top 2 sections before taking it apart to chamfer the edges that would be in contact ...
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30min Camera-holster

As every person is of different constitution it is very important to take correct measures to guarantee a perfect fit. The leather straps are 1 ½” wide and long enough to go around your shoulders and meet in the middle of your back. An easy way to measure this is to make a very loose (this is very important, as with a camera holster is very different from an "ordinary" holster) figure eight and putting your arms through it. In case of my hu...
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Chocolate Cheesecake

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Place Oreo's in a plastic bag or two, and proceed to crush them consistently with a blunt object, until they are in small crumbs. Place crumbs in a medium bowl, add melted butter, and mix until the mixture holds together slightly with pressure. You may need to add in more melted butter. Pour crumbs into a spring-from 9-inch pan and press onto the bottom of the pan, and up the sides slightly, if desired. Original...
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Mason Bee House (Great for Kids and Gardens!)

Pollinators are an essential part of many ecosystems throughout the United States. They are invaluable to many plant species. Human activities have threatened both native and non-native pollinators at an alarming rate. From climate change to habitat destruction to pesticides, pollinators are on the decline nationwide. One way to help our your neighborhood pollinator is to build a Mason Bee House! Mason bees rarely sting (the males don't eve...
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DIY Pokèmon Card Container

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