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Fedora 24 kernel-4.9.10-100.fc24

LinuxSecurity.com: The 4.9.10 stable kernel update contains a number of important fixes across thetree.
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Fedora 25 python-peewee-2.8.5-2.fc25

LinuxSecurity.com: Backport upstream fix to force limit and offset to be numeric
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Fedora 24 python-peewee-2.8.5-2.fc24

LinuxSecurity.com: Backport upstream fix to force limit and offset to be numeric
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Xen Project asks to limit security vulnerability advisories

LinuxSecurity.com: The Xen Project has requested feedback from the community in thrashing out new disclosure guidelines which may only reveal the most serious vulnerabilities affecting the hypervisor.
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New ASLR-busting JavaScript is about to make drive-by exploits much nastier

LinuxSecurity.com: For a decade, every major operating system has relied on a technique known as address space layout randomization to provide a first line of defense against malware attacks. By randomizing the computer memory locations where application code and data are loaded, ASLR makes it hard for attackers to execute malicious payloads when exploiting buffer overflows and similar vulnerabilities. As a result, exploits cause a simple c......
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Newly discovered flaw undermines HTTPS connections for almost 1,000 sites

LinuxSecurity.com: Encrypted connections established by at least 949 of the top 1 million websites are leaking potentially sensitive data because of a recently discovered software vulnerability in appliances that stabilize and secure Internet traffic, a security researcher said Thursday.
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Fedora 24 epiphany-3.20.7-1.fc24

LinuxSecurity.com: Update to 3.20.7, fixing a serious password extraction sweep attack on thepassword manager [(#752738)](https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=752738)
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Arby's Gets Roasted in Breach of 300K Payment Cards

LinuxSecurity.com: The event involved malicious software installed on payment card systems at hundreds of its corporate-owned restaurant locations across the US-however, franchises were spared.
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Honeypots: Free psy-ops weapons that can protect your network before defences fail

LinuxSecurity.com: The hackers breached the transport operator's systems and before they knew it had sent a passenger train hurtling into a wall. And the only reason you didn't read about it in the papers was that the systems were an entirely fictitious network created in 2015 to test just how far snoopers or crims would go in attacking vulnerable transport systems....
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