Developer IllFonic Responds To Friday The 13th's Rocky Launch, Addresses Issues

The asymmetric, multiplayer survival horror game Friday The 13th launched just a couple days ago, but it's been rife with problems. Players struggled to get online and faced problems with the party system.  A detailed post from developer IllFonic  was published on social media recently, outlining known problems. The reason that players often couldn't even log on was that the game's database was struggling to handle the popularity, with over...
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Weekend Warrior – Backlogs, Barbecues, and Battlegrounds

It's Memorial Day weekend, and many of us are having relaxing weekends with our families, eating some good food, and of course, playing video games. Once again, the staff is catching up on big releases from earlier this year like Nier: Automata and Persona 5, at least when they can tear themselves away from the Overwatch Anniversary Event and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. What do you have planned for the holiday weekend? Let us know in the...
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Firewatch Co-directors Announce Work On Rick And Morty Comic Book

Sean Vanaman announced today that he and collaborator Olly Moss worked on the issue 29 of the Rick and Morty comic book which releases in August. Vanaman shared the issue's cover on twitter, which you can see below. my boy @ollymoss and I worked on a comic that you can read in august! pic.twitter.com/VUiMGwRab1 — Sean Vanaman (@vanaman) May 23, 2017 Vanaman and Moss are known predominantly for co-directing Firewatch. For our revi...
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The Resident Evil Movie Series Is Getting A Reboot

Although the latest Resident Evil live-action film was titled The Final Chapter, it won't be the end of the series' time in theaters. Variety reports that Constantin Film (the company behind the current series) will reboot the franchise with another film, though the company hasn't shared details regarding the film's director, stars, or whether it would fit in with the rest of the series. Previous films were directed by Paul W.S. Anderson an...
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Reader Discussion – What Game Would You Like To See Come To PC?

It's not recent news, but Destiny marks the first time the series comes to PC, complete with Blizzard online integration . Destiny has long been a game many have wanted to have playable on their PC, especially considering how Bungie nails the visual design of the thing and how that could greatly benefit from the beauty of 60 frames per second. But there are still quite a few other titles that need to be on the system. So what games would li...
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NPD: Mario Kart 8 Races To The Top Of The April Sales Chart

Nintendo should be happy. Two of the company's highest profile Switch titles seem to be selling well. However, this month's April sales figures also show that Atlus seems to be reaching a wider audience than before with its Persona games. Overall, video game sales are strong as the industry raked in around $636 million in April, which is a growth of about 10 percent when compared to last year's April sales. This also marks the first time th...
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The Virtual Life – Learning What It Means To Be Human In Prey

This week I'm talking all about Prey. No major spoilers but some minor ones about side quests. Talos-1, the space station Arkane's Prey takes place on, is a strikingly familiar place. If you've found yourself walking through Rapture or System Shock 2's Von Braun, a lot of Arkane's new RPG/action hybrid might feel like an old hat. All three games, after all, cover the same beats. You're being led through a fantastical environment filled with...
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Watch A Retro Retelling Of Tekken's Story

Fighting games have a bad reputation when it comes to stories. However, as much as some players try to dismiss them, the narratives in this genre can get surprisingly complicated – especially in long-running series like Tekken. In advance of the upcoming Tekken 7 , Bandai Namco and 8-Bit Cinema have created a video recap (or the first part of one, at least) that runs through the important moments in the early games. Plus, it uses adorable o...
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Video Details The History Of Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars

Super Mario RPG recently made our list of the 100 greatest RPGs of all time , so it's as good a time as any to read about why it's left a mark on the industry, as well as the unique nature of its origin. Youtube Channel Gaming Historian dives into history of the Mario-themed role-playing game, going over how Square (who was Enix-less at the time) and Nintendo teamed up to create the game, some of the decisions behind Mario's in-game toolkit...
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Weekend Warrior – Nier-ly To The End Of The Week

It's almost Mother's Day, which means that it time to take a break from video games and show your mom that you care by taking her to Applebee's. What do you have planned for the weekend? Share your plans in the comments below. Kyle Hilliard ( @KyleMHilliard ) - I'm hoping to start Nier: Automata, after finishing off Horizon Zero Dawn last weekend. A fancy dinner is in order, too, for Mother's Day. Maybe some mowing. It's all very exciting. ...
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Reader Discussion – What Do You Think Of Prey So Far?

Arkane's latest systems-driven game hit stores this past Friday. As I discussed in my review , I dug the game quite a bit even if it does have a few grating issues. What about you, readers? How are things aboard Talos-1? What fun Gloon Gun stories do you have for us? Are you enjoying the game? What works, what doesn't? Let us know in the comments below. Original link
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You Can Get A Life-Sized Bust Of Okami's Amaterasu Next Year For $725

If you still hold a torch for Capcom's Zelda-like game (no, not those Capcom Zelda games ) Okami, you're in luck. If you also have $725 plus shipping in disposable income lying around, you're extra in luck! Capcom and First4Figures have teamed up to release a life-sized bust of Okami protagonist and sun god Amaterasu. The bust is gorgeously detailed and includes what I imagine is a life-sized rendering of Issun, the wandering artist who hel...
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Are We Living In A Video Game Simulation?

It sounds like a silly question, but a lot of really smart people have gone into great detail about this question, and the answer is more interesting than you might think. PBS Space Time took the time to explain what it would take to create a life-like universal simulation. Part of it sounds like a great setup for the next Assassin’s Creed game, and the other part is somewhat terrifying. Original link
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Check Out The First Trailer For Netflix's The Defenders

Luke Cage ,  Daredevil ,  Jessica Jones , and  Iron Fist  have all had their share of spotlight through Marvel's Netflix adaptations, and now with The Defenders, we'll get to see them all in action together. Today, the first trailer for Netflix's The Defenders hit. It begins with Jessica Jones up to no good again, in cuffs and being interrogated, and Matt Murdock showing up as her attorney. Later, we see Luke Cage and Iron Fist cross paths,...
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Update: Nintendo Shuts Down 2D Zelda Fan Project

Update: Unsurprisingly, the fan-made game that used assets from one of Nintendo's biggest franchises has been shut down by the company, according to the game's creator. Developer WinterDrake tweeted an image of a takedown notice (shown below), but says that development of the project will continue without the use of copyrighted material.   Looks like @NintendoAmerica wasn't a big fan of Breath of the NES! pic.twitter.com/PvMxDrU7oz &#...
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Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Is Coming To Switch

The legend of Shaq Fu seems to have faded as of recently. We last saw the kickstarter-funded Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn at the 2016 Game Awards show, which showed  some gameplay of the kung-fu inspired sidescroller featuring Shaquille O'Neal. Since then, the team's been mostly silent. However, in a recent interview with Nintendo Everything , publisher Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch confirmed the game is coming the Switch (along with a nu...
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Bethesda Hints At Two New Reveals At E3

Around this time every year, publishers beginning sending out invites to their E3 press conferences and other events. Bethesda is once again joining the party, with a showcase planned for June 11th in downtown Los Angeles.  While this year’s invite included the expected request for an RSVP, it also included a curious picture. Within, the artist has drawn homages to several familiar Bethesda-produced series, including Doom, Fallout, Dishonor...
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Street Fighter V Temporarily Pulling New DLC Offline To Remove Unintentional Religious References

Capcom announced today the emergency need to change the music of the Thailand Temple Hideout stage that was added to the game yesterday. Due to an upcoming change to the #SFV Thailand Stage, there will be server maintenance. For more info visit https://t.co/wUNdtrpjgU — Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) April 27, 2017 You can find the full statement from Capcom below, but the short version is that the Thailand Temple Hideout DLC st...
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Reader Discussion – What Game Do You Play Over And Over Again?

Whether it's nostalgia or simply due to quality, there are some games out there that stick with us that we don't want to move on from. Perhaps it's a game you grew up with, or one that was remarkably memorable. What game do you find yourself going back to, no matter how many years pass by? How many times have you completed it? Or for multiplayer games like Overwatch, do you find yourself consistently returning to play another match each nig...
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Did You Know Gaming Unearths Super Smash Bros. Facts

Nintendo 64's Super Smash Bros. is one of the most iconic fighting games out there, and YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming has meticulously gathered up several interesting tidbits to test your knowledge. In the video below, you'll discover why LucasArts was disgruntled about certain sound effects that sounded too similar to Star Wars' lightsabers, how the game was codenamed "Pepsiman" during its development, and more. For more, read our in...
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What To Watch This Weekend: League Of Legends, FIFA 17, And Tekken 7

As we approach the end of April, we have major tournaments for League of Legends, and Smite wrapping up, a few season-long events marching on, and at least one Major tournament right around the corner. The  League Of Legends  LCS Playoffs are in their final stretch, with the final bout between Fnatic ant Misfits for the Europe region already underway and Team SoloMid and Cloud9 for the North American region kicking off later today. ( NA Str...
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Grab Saints Row 2 For Free, Other Deep Silver Games Cheap On PC For A Limited Time

To celebrate the arrival of the Saints Row IV and its expansion pack, Gat Out Of Hell, on the GOG.com storefront, the storefront and publisher Deep Silver are offering Saints Row 2 for the low price of free until Saturday, April 22 at 10am UTC. Additionally, you can find the game for free on Steam  "for a limited time".  Along with the freebie, you can find the rest of the Deep Silver catalog on GOG.com for 75 percent off. Saints Row IV and...
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Rainbow Six Siege Update Rebalances Several Operators

Today Ubisoft Montreal released a Rainbow Six Siege update that tweaks how some operators play. Outlined in the Ubisoft forums , Patch 2.1.3 focuses its major changes on Glaz, Echo, and Montagne. For Glaz, the Spetnaz marksman's thermal scope introduced in the Velvet Shell Midseason Reinforcements now makes it easier to tell when a shot lands on an enemy by reducing the noise on the enemy outline, tweaking the contrast, and making sure the ...
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Rumor: Former Quantric Dream Writers Reveal Unannounced Projects

A Russian Quantic Dream fansite has found what appears to be the LinkedIn accounts of two former scriptwriters who worked on multiple unannounced Quantic Dream projects. Both of the writers worked with the Heavy Rain developer from 2012 to 2014; one lists in his credits "unannounced Quantic Dream projects" for PS4, while the other lists a single unannounced project from the studio. It's unknown if they worked together on the same project or...
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Documentary Dives Deep Into The Creation, Intricacies Of Spelunky

Spelunky is a fascinating, deep game. Though I've played little of it, I appreciate from afar; I've heard several game designers espouse love for its brilliant mix of simple approaches to complex situations, and over the years I think the conversation on it has subsided, but never really gone away. A new hour-long documentary from Noclip is as extensive a look at the game as we're likely to get. the film talks to the game's core designers, ...
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