Valkyria Chronicles 4 Coming In 2018

Sega has released a trailer for Valkyria Chronicles 4, and announced a 2018 release date. The RPG is set to come to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. The video begins with the team's ambitions for the new game, but we do get a teaser of some gameplay throughout. You can watch the reveal trailer below. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is set to hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch in 2018.   Our Take Though we've seen Valkyria releases since Valkyria Chron...
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11 Years After Launch, Titan Quest Receives New Expansion

After more than a decade after its launch, Titan Quest recently received a new expansion. This new content came as a surprise, without any prior announcement, and is currently available on Steam. This new expansion pack, titled Ragnarök, brings Norse mythology to the action RPG. It features an entirely new playable act and dozens of quests. It also introduces new bosses, enemies, and an additional Rumemaster mastery. The level cap has also ...
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Detective Pikachu Movie Signs On Justice Smith For Probably Human Role

The Detective Pikachu movie, a western live-action film based on the Japanese-only 3DS game, has cast its first actor. The unknown role is being handled by Justice Smith, a relative unknown that has appeared in Netflix's The Get Down and the upcoming Jurassic World follow-up. The movie is still in early production, so not much is known besides the movie's premise and this new casting. The game's original premise is that a detective transfor...
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Saints Row's Kinzie Joins Agents Of Mayhem As DLC

Kinzie, the hacker genius from Saints Row 3, 4, and Gat Out of Hell, is joining the Agents of Mayhem cast via paid DLC. Known in Agents of Mayhem as Safeword, her introduction video seems to ignore the entirety of her adventures in Saints Row, suggesting that none of it ever happened. Her animated intro still has her displaying the same personality, however, which she can in employ in the main game and her own set of specialized missions. Y...
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Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Surprise Releases On Steam

The first Harvest Moon game to officially hit the PC has been abruptly released on Steam today. The game had been announced in March for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC, but has not been seen after its initial E3 showing. The developers of series chose not to continue their relationship with American publishers Natsume in 2014, but Natsume retained the rights to the Harvest Moon name. This lead to the developer's games being renamed Story of ...
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Did You Know Gaming Looks At Diddy Kong's Colorful History

Diddy Kong, who debuted as Donkey Kong's sidekick in Donkey Kong Country on SNES, is featured in Did You Know Gaming's latest video. The YouTube show takes a deep dive into Diddy's history and how he has evolved over the years. Originally, Diddy Kong was planned to be a redesigned version of Donkey Kong Jr., but Nintendo eventually asked Rare to make him an entirely new character. The artist behind Diddy Kong's design, Kevin Bayliss, hoped ...
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Reader Discussion – What Is Your All-Time Favorite Mod For A Game?

Mods. They make games better! They can make them look prettier, fix issues the game may have, or even add new game modes. But what is your favorite mode you've used on a game? The picture above might make you think I'll point to Dota 2 (the lineage of which goes back to a mod for WarCraft III), but my favorite mod is actually for Dota 2. Years ago, Dota 2 was a deeply customizable game. Launch options like "enable_addons" and "override_vpk"...
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Destiny 2 Getting Xbox One X And PS4 Pro Enhancements, Plus Double XP

In a blog post today, Bungie shared a host of news about Destiny 2, including news about console enhancements and a double XP weekend coming in mid-November. Both consoles are getting HDR lighting support in their higher fidelity patches. For the PlayStation 4 Pro version, Destiny 2 will run in adaptive 4K, while the Xbox One X version runs in a more consistent 4K. There's no word on framerate changes for the higher spec console versions, b...
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Words With Friends Sequel Released Today

Zynga released Words with Friends sequel, simply titled Words with Friends 2, today on iOS and Android. The new game features new modes, including the ability to play against the AI when you don't have a human opponent, and a new UI. While the game does run on an iPhone X right now, it does not play in fullscreen. Like the first game, the sequel is also free to download,  You can check out the trailer below and then rage quit when you try t...
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Fight The Egyptian God Of The Dead This Week In Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins is kicking off its first free Trials of the Gods event today, with players able to take on the Egyptian god of the dead. Thanks to a glitch in the Animus, a giant god, Anubis, has appeared at a location now marked on the in-game map. Anubis is only sticking around until November 14, so be sure to defeat him before then to earn a piece of god-themed equipment. While you can face Anubis as many times as you want, you’...
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