It’s still business as usual at Uber as it rolls out new features for drivers

Why it matters to you Uber drivers are now getting some functions that passengers have already enjoyed for years. Even in the midst of its leadership change , Uber is putting its product first. On Monday, the ridesharing giant announced a series of new features that ought to please its ( potentially dwindling ) source of drivers. The latest changes, Uber says, are meant to improve the overall driver experience, and ought to “ensure control ...
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Capcom announces Menat the Fortune Teller as the newest Street Fighter

Why it matters to you Menat is the latest addition to a robust array of different charecters to choose from in Street Fighter V. Capcom has officially announced the newest addition to the Street Fighter V roster of fighters. Menat, The Eyes of the Future will be available to download on August 29, 2017 The company had teased that the newest Street Fighter V character would be revealed during the Hong Kong eSports Festival 2017 “Top 8” compe...
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The best cheap phones you can buy

Well more than a billion smartphones were sold across the world in 2016. One of the great things about the fierce competition in the smartphone market is that prices are tumbling down. That makes buying one of the best cheap phones outright, without being locked into a two-year contract, a realistic possibility for everyone under the sun. The tricky part is finding the right phone for you, but don’t worry, because we’re here to help. We’ve ...
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Want to join the Android Army? Here are all the cars with Android Auto

If you own an Android phone, Android Auto is the easiest way to pair it with your vehicle’s infotainment system. Cars with Android Auto allow drivers to access smartphone features like Google Maps, Google Play Music, phone calls and text messaging, and an ecosystem of apps  all from their factory touchscreens. All you need is a phone running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later, the Android Auto app , and a compatible ride. While most automakers...
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These cyborg bacteria take photosynthesis to the next level

Why it matters to you Improving on nature, photosynthesizing cyborg bacteria may offer an even greener form of alternative energy. If it wasn’t for photosynthesis , we’d all be dead. Most plants would cease to exist, carbon dioxide would flood the air, and oxygen wouldn’t replenish. Suffice it to say we’d be screwed. And although the vast majority of life on Earth gets its energy from photosynthesis — the process of turning light, water, an...
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It’s no coincidence HP’s Omen X gaming laptop arrives after the eclipse

Why it matters to you With the Omen X laptop, HP is targeting the do-it-yourself system building crowd who want the same insanely high performance in a mobile notebook form factor. During Gamescom, HP introduced its latest product for high-end PC gaming, the Omen X laptop . The company first introduced its Omen brand in May 2016 with the launch of a desktop and two laptops focused on the mainstream gamer. HP followed up with the high-end Om...
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Early digital rentals could be bad news for movie theaters

Why it matters to you Tired of waiting for months for a movie to go from the theater to your home theater? You may not have to wait that long for much longer. For the most impatient among us, our days of waiting may soon be behind us . No longer will cinephiles have to wait for months for movies to leave movie theaters in order to watch these films in the comfort of our own home (legally, of course). Rather, as per a Bloomberg report , a nu...
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Want to live longer? Forever Labs wants to help, using your stem cells

Why it matters to you Forever Labs hopes that by storing your stem cells, you can fight disease and slow aging. We may have found the Fountain of Youth. Or at the very least, we’ve found F orever Labs . It’s a new Y Combinator startup that seeks to help you live longer and healthier by preserving adult stem cells . Because as it turns out, drinking from a mythical source of water is not, in fact, the key to eternity. While some of us may be...
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8 must-have portable tech gadgets you can score for cheap right now

Electronics are getting smaller and smaller , and we all seem to have our own special portable tech gadgets that we never leave home without. You probably already have a smartphone with you just about everywhere you go, but if you’re in the market for some new portable tech, we’ve rounded up a handful of great palm-sized devices. Below are eight of our favorite portable tech deals going right now, from a pair of wireless headphones to a new...
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Refunds being issued for those who purchased Destiny Silver on Steam

Why it matters to you It is nice to know that anyone who purchased Destiny Silver on Steam will be issued a full refund for the error. When Destiny first launched as a console exclusive in 2013, many wondered if it would ever make its way to PC. With Destiny 2 answering the call for a PC port this fall, it seemed odd that people were able to purchase the first game’s currency, Destiny Silver, through Steam. Bungie has since confirmed this w...
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