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The best tech gifts for fitness buffs will get their blood pumping

The Artist For the creative soul, the pressure is on to find the “perfect” present. A gift card simply won’t do for the friend who gives you a stunning handmade artisanal _____ year after year. Fear not. We have the boost of inspiration you’ll need to wow the most talented person on your list. Wacom Cintiq 13HD tablet $1,000 A pen and paper are nice, but tablets are the tool of choice for tech-inclined artists. Wacom’s Cintiq 13HD is a slee...
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See clearly while hitting the slopes with the 10 best ski goggles available

After your boots and bindings, a solid set of goggles is arguably your most important piece of ski and snowboarding gear . It’s hard to carve out a perfect line when your snow goggles  are fogged up or making your eyes water from a bad seal. Fortunately, recent years have brought boatloads of awesome new goggle technology and innovation to the ski and snowboard world. We tested dozens of pairs and came up with a list we thought performed ex...
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Silverplanes jet into the ‘Gulfstream’ of modern listening, one EP at a time

“It takes a really good band to make digital sound really good.” Nostalgia is a funny thing, especially when it comes to how we view the music we love. What’s come before is usually either looked back upon fondly as having set the template for what’s followed in its wake, or else it’s looked upon with disdain and viewed as a restrictive, shackling format that need to be broken at all costs. Then there are those artists who embrace our colle...
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Verizon gets serious about 5G, plans to launch in homes in 2018

At the Consumer Electronics Show in January, AT&T announced it would begin testing fixed residential 5G in Austin, Texas, during the first half of 2017. Not to be outdone, Verizon  said in February it expects to launch “pre-commercial” 5G service for homes and offices in 11 cities over the next four months. And now, nine months later, it looks like Verizon is charging ahead, announcing plans to roll out 5G wireless residential broadband...
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iPhone and iPad tips offered via Apple’s new YouTube channel

So you’re fiddling about with your new iPhone and you can’t work out how to perform some relatively simple tasks. You might hit Apple’s online support pages for a solution, or try your luck DMing the company’s support service on Twitter . Or maybe load up Apple’s support app if all else fails. Well, thanks to a new YouTube channel launched by the Cupertino-based company on Tuesday, you now have another option. Apple Support  on YouTube is a...
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BioLite is bringing solar power and light to remote regions of Kenya

BioLite has always been on a mission to provide affordable and efficient sources of power for use anywhere. Case in point: The company’s very first product was a camping stove that could generate energy from the heat created from burning sticks and leaves while cooking a meal. That energy was stored in an onboard battery pack and could then be used to recharge a cell phone, headlamp, or other small electronic devices. Subsequent products, i...
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Mercedes-Benz teases next-gen CLS-Class ahead of LA Auto Show reveal

The Mercedes-Benz CLS has been with us since 2004—taking the role as a significantly more stylish and far better-looking E-Class. Marketed as a “four-door” coupe, it’s credited as a major contributor to the resurgence of the concept, a four-door sedan with an elongated, low-slung roof line and looks of a sporty coupe. Since the CLS , many other automakers have tried to adopt the four-door coupe design. Prominent examples include the sixth-g...
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Shure SE215 Wireless in-ear headphones review

While Shure is world renowned in audiophile circles , the brand is also beloved among budget-conscious listeners for offering products with excellent sound-to-dollar value. Shure’s popular SE215 in-ear headphones are widely considered among the best you can get in the sub-$100 range  when it comes to sound quality. It makes sense, then, that the company would look to the SE215 when taking its first leap into the world of banded wireless in-...
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Give Rachael Ray a run for her money with these 11 best cooking apps

We carry our phone with us everywhere we go — whether it be our living room or work space — so why shouldn’t we venture into the kitchen with it? Cooking apps are the next step in the complete mobile takeover, offering step-by-step instructions detailing how to make a fine oven-fried chimichanga, curate a weekly meal plan, and more. The app market is loaded with both premium and freemium offerings for both iOS and Android. Some cater more t...
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August Smart Lock Pro + Connect (3rd Gen) review

As we enter the closing months of 2017, the battle for smart home supremacy is suddenly raging once more. Last month, way back in 2014, when using your smartphone to lock or unlock your front door felt like you’d walked on to the set of The Jetsons. We loved its stylish, if chunky, design and ease of installation – but at $249, the debut model felt like quite the investment. The company subsequently launched a second-generation design, with...
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Amazon Echos given to people in need to reduce demands on caregivers

Whether it’s telling you whether or not you need to take a raincoat on a walk or controlling the lights in your apartment with a simple verbal command, there are plenty of ways that smart speakers such as Amazon Echo or Google Home make our lives a little bit easier. But can they fundamentally improve people’s lives? That’s the question posed by a trial currently taking place in the U.K. , in which a small number of people with learning dis...
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Nuraphone hands-on review

No matter how good a pair of headphones is , and no matter how much care goes into the engineering and design, the simple truth is your own hearing capabilities play a huge role in your experience with them. Nura’s Nuraphone headphones have been crafted with the aim of adapting audio playback to your own hearing, incorporating novel technology and a hybrid in-ear-meets-over-ear design for better sound. Performance The big draw here is the a...
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Count down to Black Friday with our favorite deals available right now

Calling Black Friday the Super Bowl of commerce is like calling the sun “kind of hot.” Every year, on the morning after Thanksgiving, consumers across America wake up at the crack of dawn, bellies full of half-digested turkey, and sprint to their favorite stores hoping to nab items at ridiculously low prices. While there are some people who revel in the consumer chaos, most of us are just looking to save a little bit of cash as we head into...
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Do players really like loot boxes, or are game publishers forcing them on us?

Electronic Arts has brought the long-simmering debate over the potentially exploitative nature of loot boxes to a boil. Fans found the grind to unlock items and characters in Star Wars Battlefront II  so egregious (nearly 40 hours of regular play for a single character) that they gave EA’s response to the controversy on Reddit the dubious honor of most downvoted post in the platform’s history . Developer DICE has already backpedaled, reduci...
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These are the best juicers to make your morning a little greener

If you get bored chomping on kale or hate the taste of apples but know they keep the doctor away, you probably need a juicer in your life. Somehow, consuming your daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables in juice form makes these good-for-you foods, well, easier to swallow — and helps you to adhere to a healthier lifestyle . Whether you want to make carrot juice for healthy eyes, orange juice for a freshly squeezed citrus drink, ...
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