At last, Archos has made a pair of smartphones to get excited about

Why it matters to you It's time to start paying attention to Archos, which will deliver two affordable phones with on-trend features this summer. French technology company Archos has never made phones to get really excited about . The mostly mid-range devices have been solid, if unremarkable , entries into a crowded market; but that’s about to chance this summer. Archos has four new phones coming, and two are potential winners if they can l...
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‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’: Our First Take

Assassin’s Creed Origins is the culmination of the series’ two-year hiatus, and though there’s plenty new and different, some old problems remain. It’s been two long years since the last Assassin’s Creed game, AC Unity, met with tepid reception from fans and critics. Ubisoft responded by taking a break to put AC back in the oven for a while, and the resulting game, Assassin’s Creed Origins, was unveiled for the first time during Microsoft’s...
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I want to believe in EA’s character-focused future, but I’m not sure I can

If there was a theme uniting everything shown at Electronic Arts’ E3 event, it was drama. From Madden NFL 18, the yearly iteration of EA’s football franchise, bearing the character-focused subtitle “ Longshot ,” to the Fast and Furious-like Need for Speed: Payback , every game EA showed focused on characters front and center. The angle is refreshing, to be sure. Since story is so often shortchanged in games and characters are often thin and...
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Oh, the inhumanity! Rich Robinson of Magpie Salute on the tragedy of autotune

“It’s important to show and elicit true and authentic feelings with your music.” J ust because you’re no longer in a group that made many songs you wrote and performed famous is no reason to not continue performing them on your own. Rich Robinson, founding guitarist of the legendary, now-in-limbo jam band The Black Crowes, recognized this not long after he embarked on a solo career in earnest — and then he decided to take it one step furthe...
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‘The End is Nigh’ is the new platformer from the co-creator of ‘Super Meat Boy’

Why it matters to you Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac are generally considered two of the best indie games of recent years, and The End is Nigh looks set to continue Edmund McMillen's strong track record. Edmund McMillen, best known for the games Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac, has announced a new project that he’s working on in collaboration with Tyler Glaiel, best known for Bombernauts and Closure. The duo’s new title is ...
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North Face Homestead Collection offers camping gear for millennials

Why it matters to you Are traditional tents too drab for your liking? The Homestead Collection is designed to appeal to younger campers who are getting started in the outdoors. Over the past few years, the outdoor industry has come to realize that its lightweight, pricey, and often overly technical gear does not necessarily appeal to a younger crowd. Traditionally, hikers and campers have looked for the best gear possible to keep them warm ...
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These robotic shorts will improve your running performance

Why it matters to you The design could lead to improved methods for treating people with leg injuries and help to speed up recovery. If you’ve tried everything to improve your running time but just can’t seem to beat your personal best no matter how much you try, then slipping into a pair of these robotic shorts might be the answer. OK, it may seem a little underhanded to use an exosuit system to score a better time, but it would still be p...
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Optoma NuForce BE6i review

All too often, the convenience of Bluetooth-powered headphones usually means trading sound quality for comfort and convenience – to be honest, it’s a trade most of us are willing to make. With Optoma’s NuForce BE6i wireless earbuds, though, music sounds surprisingly good. Despite a few minor design flaws, the BE6i easily outstrip most other options, and at less than $100, these bargain ‘buds are a no-brainer. Out of the box The BE6i arrive ...
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Google faces a potentially massive fine for breaking antitrust rules in the EU

Why it matters to you Along with the financial penalty, this ruling against Google could force changes in the way the company presents search results to users. For over a year, Google has been the subject of an investigation by the European Commission relating to accusations of anti-competitive practices. Now, there’s word that the company is about to be hit with a likely hefty fine as the Commission prepares to share its findings and admin...
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Adobe’s Document Cloud for mobile can now turn your PDFs into editable text

Why it matters to you If you're someone who handles a lot of papers and documents, Adobe Document Cloud can now make your workflow a little more streamlined. Adobe is making some major changes to Adobe Document Cloud, its suite of tools aimed at increasing productivity levels on mobile devices, and the update should offer some pretty helpful new features. Perhaps the biggest change to Adobe Document Cloud is the addition of Adobe Scan, whic...
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T-Mobile’s ‘Thankiversary’ promotion includes free gas for a year, other prizes

T-Mobile’s been on a roll lately. Hot off the carrier’s launch of Digits — the benefit that lets subscribers forward calls and texts to another phone, a smartwatch, or PC — the self-coined “Un-carrier” is back with another promotion. As part of T-Mobile’s “Thankiversary” event celebrating the one-year anniversary of the launch of T-Mobile Tuesdays — a weekly promotion that gifts customers free movie tickets, ridesharing credits, takeout piz...
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That laptop ban could be about to get a whole lot worse for plane passengers

Why it matters to you If you fly into or out of the U.S. and usually use a laptop during your journey, any extension of the ban is going to affect you. The U.S.-imposed ban preventing plane passengers on certain U.S.-bound flights from taking electronic devices larger than a mobile phone into the cabin could be about to get a whole lot more troublesome for travelers. In an interview on Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly confirme...
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Seven dead in India after fake news spread over WhatsApp incites mob violence

Why it matters to you The danger of false information being spread via social media was illustrated tragically this week in two cities in India where mob violence erupted. Two separate vigilante attacks last week resulted in the deaths of seven men in eastern India, and were apparently the result of rumors about strangers abducting children that were spread over popular messaging service WhatsApp. The attacks occurred in the state of Jharkh...
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Trends with Benefits: Star Wars 40th Anniversary, Dubai RoboCop, T-Mobile Digits

Star Wars in the correct order: DT Staff writer Keith Nelson Jr. recently watched 7 of the 8 Star Wars movies for the FIRST TIME. On this, the 40th anniversary of the debut of A New Hope, we take a second to discuss the correct order to watch the films. Dubai RoboCop: A robotic Police Officer is now officially on duty in the city of Dubai. Created by PAL Robotics, the robot is designed to help the city fight crime and assist citizens. Dubai...
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B&O Play’s newest music product is a beer

Why it matters to you B&O Play has been pushing the boundaries of music and science with experiments which may result in better tasting beer for everyone. Danish audio experts B&O Play, quirky fun-loving sister company to the more serious Bang & Olufsen, has revealed a new music product. It’s not a Bluetooth speaker , or a pair of gorgeous headphones . It’s a beer. Not just any beer, but one infused with music played through the...
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Tweaks to BMW’s largest dual-sport bike will help you both on the road and off

Why it matters to you If you're looking for a large dual-sport bike with no compromises or apologies, this is it. When something is advertised as being dual-purpose, it usually comes with compromises, but that rule doesn’t apply to BMW’s largest dual-sport bike, the  R2017 BMW R 1200 GS . BMW has been tweaking the R 1200 GS since its introduction in 2004 and that model and its slightly more off-road-focused brand mate, the R 1200 GS Adventu...
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Five shows and movies to stream this week: ‘Riverdale,’ ‘Batman & Bill,’ and more

Online streaming is bigger than ever, and with so many streaming services adding new shows and movies every week, it can be nearly impossible to sort through the good and the bad. If you need something to watch and don’t want to wade through the digital muck that washes up on the internet’s shores, follow our picks below for the best new shows and movies worth a watch. On the list this week: Two documentaries, the return of Unbreakable Kimm...
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The unreleased Meizu M5c was just leaked online in all its glory

Why it matters to you Meizu is helping push the boundaries when it comes to value for money, meaning our budget phones should be getting better and better. Meizu is at it again. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is prepping another device in the M5 series to join the previously launched Meizu M5s. This time around, the company will launch a more budget-focused M5c. But what will the Meizu M5c look like? We’ve finally got our first look at...
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San Francisco’s diminutive delivery robots trundle into trouble

Why it matters to you The technology for these delivery robots is improving all the time, but it could still be a while before we find ourselves strolling alongside them on the sidewalk. The machines may be itching to get on with the robot apocalypse, but there are still folks out there keen to put up legislative barriers that may inadvertently delay the launch of the long-awaited uprising. While a growing number of cities have been green-l...
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$35-per-month YouTube TV adds a batch of new channels just weeks after launch

Why it matters to you Whether you're an existing subscriber or considering signing up, these new channels for YouTube TV should pique your interest. YouTube is working to build out the $35-a-month live TV streaming service that it launched just over a month ago , already adding more channels to keep subscribers entertained. New to YouTube TV this week comes programming from AMC, BBC America, IFC, Sundance TV, Telemundo, and We TV. This runs...
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Bring the beach anywhere with Airstream’s kitschy Tommy Bahama trailer

Why it matters to you Everyone wants to start their permanent weekend someday. Tommy Bahama and Airstream's recent partnership makes you want to start it even sooner. Airstream and Tommy Bahama recently teamed up for a trailer collaboration that — on both paper and execution — makes entirely too much sense. With Airstream as America’s most widely known RV manufacturer and Tommy Bahama promoting its island-inspired lifestyle, combining the t...
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10 awesome music festivals you can trust not to burn down like Fyre Fest

By now, you’ve probably heard about Fyre Festival, the doomed brainchild of B-list rapper Ja Rule and silver spoon tech-bro entrepreneur Billy McFarland. For the measly price of a few thousand dollars (chump change, right?), you could book a private flight to a private island in the Bahamas, where Wolfgang Puck himself would cook you breakfast to kick off a weekend full of celebrity encounters, bikini-clad models and inebriated debauchery. ...
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Rungu Juggernaut: Our First Take

As any avid competitive or recreation mountain biker would attest, some terrain conditions limit the use of their bike, even if they possess a highly developed skill or physical ability. During a recent visit to the International Sportsmen’s Expo, we experienced the answer to these seemingly untamable trail conditions: Rungu’s Electric Juggernaut . This three-wheeled electric beast tames the toughest of trails and leaves you gri...
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Remembering a victorious year for the Vive, and the turning point ahead

Before the release of consumer-grade virtual reality hardware, HTC wasn’t anywhere near the household name that Oculus was, but since then it’s arguably become the most recognizable brand for high-end, PC-based virtual reality. Its Vive headset is still the one we would recommend  for those looking for a cutting-edge VR experience and it has a lot of content to go along with it. Now a year on from its original release, the headset is a litt...
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Build your own Google Home with the latest issue of The MagPi

Why it matters to you Tinkering around with the Raspberry Pi can be a lot of fun, and the MagPi is a great source of new projects. Looking to use Google Assistant but don’t want to pay for a Google Home ? In the latest issue of The MagPi, the Raspberry Pi foundation has included a free hardware kit from Google. By following the included instructions, subscribers can add voice interaction to their home. Inside issue 57 of The MagPi, people w...
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