Toyota’s RAV4 Adventure brings a rugged look to an understated crossover

Why it matters to you If you love Toyota reliability but want a more rugged look and extra ride height, the Rav4 Adventure crossover for you. We have Subaru to blame/thank for this. While crossovers took the automotive market by storm, Subaru went a step further to make its all-terrain vehicles actually look like all-terrain vehicles. As people began pouring into Subaru dealerships (their sales have been off the charts ......
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‘Nioh’ review

About 20 hours into Nioh — roughly halfway through — a giant, spear-wielding frog will tell you to “always stay calm and be like water,” because “haste is the harbinger of failure.” By this point, you should already know this to be true: Nioh, an action game from Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive developer Team Ninja made in the style of From Software’s “Souls” and Bloodborne games, won’t let you get very far if you aren’t careful. Between the......
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MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro gaming laptop review

You’ve likely come across MSI’s GS60 if you’ve shopped for gaming laptops in the last ten years. Built with an off-the-shelf enclosure from Clevo, and whichever Nvidia GPU is currently trendy, this is not the first time we’ve unboxed this perennial offering, and it won’t be the last. But this time felt a little different. Intel’s mobile CPU offerings are more power efficient than ever, and Nvidia’s mobile line performs very similarly to the......
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Keep your drone, camera gear, and other equipment safe with a Pelican Storm Case

Why it matters to you This rugged case will keep your drone, camera, or other fragile electronic equipment safe when traveling in remote places. Need to keep your fragile electronic equipment safe and well-protected no matter where you go? If so, then the new Pelican Storm Case was built with your needs in mind. This cargo box is designed to safely and securely carry drones, camera gear, scientific research equipment, a......
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The best computer monitor you can buy

Over the past few years we’ve seen a wide variety of niche-market monitors hit store shelves, but prohibitively high prices and sub-par performance have really limited their appeal to a wider audience. Who wants a 4K monitor if it’s just two panels stuck together, and can’t run faster than 30Hz? Luckily, 2016 has changed all of that. This year we have seen the monitor market really come into its own. Previously exotic solutions like curved ......
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Don’t fly your drone within 35 miles of Sunday’s Super Bowl, FAA warns

Why it matters to you Fly your drone within 35 miles of Houston's NRG Stadium on Sunday and you'll probably end up losing your bird, missing the game, and paying a fine. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) isn’t messing about when it comes to drone flights at the Sunday’s Super Bowl. Not only is it banning flights over Houston’s NRG Stadium during the big game, it’s also warning drone owners to keep their fly mach......
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Hack your living room with Ikea’s open source furniture

Why it matters to you Ikea's new line of furniture breaks with tradition, leaving plenty of room for people to truly make it their own. Its superstore might be hours away but Ikea goods are all around you. If you don’t have a piece of its carefully crafted kitchenware or flat-pack furniture in your home, your neighbor probably does. The design is always Scandinavian minimalist: slick, clean, and practical, with little r......
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Get more desktop real estate with AOC 27-inch frameless monitor (51% off)

Having a large display for your desktop PC is great, but staring at big, chunky bezels around the screen is not – particularly if you are running a multi-monitor setup. Wide bezels surrounding the display can be visually distracting and create a bulky, unattractive appearance. As desktop monitors have gotten larger and slimmer, however, models like the AOC 27-inch frameless monitor are increasingly sporting superslim bezels tht cut down on ......
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Hyperloop passenger pods hurtle along a test track in California contest

Why it matters to you Engineering students from around the world are keen to get involved in the Hyperloop project, which appears to be moving steadily toward becoming a reality. SpaceX has run several competitions aimed at pushing forward the ambitious Hyperloop project, with the latest one wrapping up on Sunday. Although a couple of companies are working on developing the track technology for the ultra-fast transporta......
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