Eagle attack! France trains bird of prey to take down rogue drones

Why it matters to you The authorities are steadily building up their defenses against irresponsible drone pilots who continue to flout the rules. If you happened to be in charge of taking down rogue drones, what solution would you go for? A shoulder-mounted, projectile-firing bazooka , perhaps? Or maybe an electromagnetic defense shield ? Or how about something a little more low-tech, like a highly trained golden eagle? The bird-based solut...
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Get big savings (66%) and sound from tiny Anker SoundCore Nano Bluetooth Speaker

The term “portable” speaker is used rather broadly. It can mean anything from a speaker you can physically move away from an outlet to a speaker you can fit in your hand. If you’re looking for a true portable speaker — as in easy to pick up and take with you — check out this Anker SoundCore Nano Bluetooth Speaker,  now just $17 (66 percent off) on Amazon. More: T he Best Bluetooth Speaker You Can Buy The Anker SoundCore Nano Bluetooth Speak...
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Break out the birthday candles, Flickr just became a teenager

Why it matters to you Flickr's 13th birthday offers an opportunity to reflect on the pace of change and growth in the image-sharing space. Flickr has officially entered teen-dom — On February 10, the image-sharing platform celebrated its 13th anniversary . The photo platform says it is “just as full of wonder, snark, and creativity as we’ve ever been.” And now, the platform is home to 13 billion photos — and, as of 2016, a billion monthly a...
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What can’t she do? The best ways to use Amazon’s Alexa around the house

Whether you have an Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, or what we can only imagine will be an increasing list of third-party devices that currently work with Alexa , there are lots of things you can ask the digital voice assistant to do. And while you likely already know she’ll read a couple lines of a Wikipedia entry or spout off a laundry list of facts, we doubt you’re aware of everything she’s capable of. That said, below are some of our favorite wa...
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Ramin Djawadi’s live concert tour takes ‘Game of Thrones’ on the road

“Even if you’re not watching the video, you can put the music on, and it takes you there. If the music does that, then I think we’ve done our job.” M usic Is Coming. It was a simple statement spelled out on a theater marquee a good number of months ago, but the rabid fanbase or HBO’s top-rated series Game of Thrones knew exactly what it meant: The show was going on the road, quite literally. That is, the music of the show was going to be co...
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Toyota’s RAV4 Adventure brings a rugged look to an understated crossover

Why it matters to you If you love Toyota reliability but want a more rugged look and extra ride height, the Rav4 Adventure crossover for you. We have Subaru to blame/thank for this. While crossovers took the automotive market by storm, Subaru went a step further to make its all-terrain vehicles actually look like all-terrain vehicles. As people began pouring into Subaru dealerships (their sales have been off the charts for the last couple y...
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‘Nioh’ review

About 20 hours into Nioh — roughly halfway through — a giant, spear-wielding frog will tell you to “always stay calm and be like water,” because “haste is the harbinger of failure.” By this point, you should already know this to be true: Nioh, an action game from Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive developer Team Ninja made in the style of From Software’s “Souls” and Bloodborne games, won’t let you get very far if you aren’t careful. Between the...
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MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro gaming laptop review

You’ve likely come across MSI’s GS60 if you’ve shopped for gaming laptops in the last ten years. Built with an off-the-shelf enclosure from Clevo, and whichever Nvidia GPU is currently trendy, this is not the first time we’ve unboxed this perennial offering, and it won’t be the last. But this time felt a little different. Intel’s mobile CPU offerings are more power efficient than ever, and Nvidia’s mobile line performs very similarly to the...
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Keep your drone, camera gear, and other equipment safe with a Pelican Storm Case

Why it matters to you This rugged case will keep your drone, camera, or other fragile electronic equipment safe when traveling in remote places. Need to keep your fragile electronic equipment safe and well-protected no matter where you go? If so, then the new Pelican Storm Case was built with your needs in mind. This cargo box is designed to safely and securely carry drones, camera gear, scientific research equipment, and other delicate ite...
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The best computer monitor you can buy

Over the past few years we’ve seen a wide variety of niche-market monitors hit store shelves, but prohibitively high prices and sub-par performance have really limited their appeal to a wider audience. Who wants a 4K monitor if it’s just two panels stuck together, and can’t run faster than 30Hz? Luckily, 2016 has changed all of that. This year we have seen the monitor market really come into its own. Previously exotic solutions like curved ...
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Don’t fly your drone within 35 miles of Sunday’s Super Bowl, FAA warns

Why it matters to you Fly your drone within 35 miles of Houston's NRG Stadium on Sunday and you'll probably end up losing your bird, missing the game, and paying a fine. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) isn’t messing about when it comes to drone flights at the Sunday’s Super Bowl. Not only is it banning flights over Houston’s NRG Stadium during the big game, it’s also warning drone owners to keep their fly machines grounded for up ...
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Hack your living room with Ikea’s open source furniture

Why it matters to you Ikea's new line of furniture breaks with tradition, leaving plenty of room for people to truly make it their own. Its superstore might be hours away but Ikea goods are all around you. If you don’t have a piece of its carefully crafted kitchenware or flat-pack furniture in your home, your neighbor probably does. The design is always Scandinavian minimalist: slick, clean, and practical, with little room for personalizati...
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Get more desktop real estate with AOC 27-inch frameless monitor (51% off)

Having a large display for your desktop PC is great, but staring at big, chunky bezels around the screen is not – particularly if you are running a multi-monitor setup. Wide bezels surrounding the display can be visually distracting and create a bulky, unattractive appearance. As desktop monitors have gotten larger and slimmer, however, models like the AOC 27-inch frameless monitor  are increasingly sporting superslim bezels tht cut down on...
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Hyperloop passenger pods hurtle along a test track in California contest

Why it matters to you Engineering students from around the world are keen to get involved in the Hyperloop project, which appears to be moving steadily toward becoming a reality. SpaceX has run several competitions aimed at pushing forward the ambitious Hyperloop project , with the latest one wrapping up on Sunday. Although a couple of companies are working on developing the track technology for the ultra-fast transportation system, it’s en...
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Jabra Sport Elite review

Apple may have cast a spotlight on true wireless earbuds with its new AirPods  but the concept isn’t new, and other brands have been working hard to do it just as well as the mega brand, or better. Jabra has recently entered the fray with the Sport Elite true wireless earbuds. Taking many of the elements that have served the company’s other wireless headphones well, Jabra’s Sport Elite can handle the rigors of a good workout while also trac...
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The FBI’s Gamergate report shows lack of consequences for online harassers

Why it matters to you Gamergate is in the past, but the FBI's response to online harassment -- and death threats -- is an increasingly important part of its job. Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, the FBI has finally released its report on the investigation into the controversial Gamergate group — though it has been heavily redacted. The information contained in the report reveals the vicious nature of the threats sent to femal...
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Lyft joins Uber in allowing commuters to use pretax dollars to pay for rides

Why it matters to you Lyft's new tax exemption will save you money on your commute, and it's about time -- Uber made a similar move last summer. Your morning commute may not get any less stressful, but here’s hoping it gets cheaper. On Wednesday, Lyft announced a series of new partnerships that allow you to use pretax dollars in order to get you to your office on mornings when you’re just not feeling the subway, or otherwise need to catch a...
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Tumblr app now lets you add stickers and filters to photos and GIFs

Tumblr is the latest platform to go down the Snapchat route by giving users playful customization options for visuals. On Tuesday, the Yahoo-owned company announced it is introducing stickers and filters to its mobile apps that can be applied to both images and GIFs. Anyone expecting hip filters in the style of Instagram should be aware that this is Tumblr we’re dealing with. Instead, ardent fans will likely embrace the psychedelic filters ...
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The best radar detector you can buy

Speeding tickets are the worst. There you are, minding your own business with the music blaring and the wind in your hair — and then it happens: Those familiar red and blue strobes advance on your position and you suddenly realize you’re driving nearly 15 miles over the limit. No matter what excuses you offer up, the mustachioed police officer stares back at you, emotionless, writing you a citation before wishing you a good day. What if you...
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Is this Apple Store-inspired setup the future of health care? Forward says yes

Why it matters to you Improving the efficiency of doctor visits will save time and help with diagnoses and treatment. When it comes down to it, none of us really want to be spending time in a doctor’s office. So really, there’s no point in making them feel all that homey, right? That certainly seems to be the approach taken by Forward, a new healthcare company that is doing away with the waiting rooms of today’s overstuffed armchairs and to...
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Lavabit, Edward Snowden’s favorite email program, is revived

Why it matters to you Lavabit has added features that take the SSL key out of the equation There are several email providers to pick from, like Gmail, Outlook.com, and Yahoo — but for infamous NSA leaker Edward Snowden, only Lavabit will do. The email program was closed in 2013, but it is now back in business. You might recall that Lavabit decided to close up shop in 2013 rather than turn over access to Snowden’s email account to the govern...
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How to block phone calls on your Android phone

Rest assured, there are ways to block those unwanted calls on Android devices. But finding the path to block calls can take some digging. Some manufacturers bury blacklist features deep in your phone settings. Even worse, some older devices may not provide native blocking features at all. More: Selling your phone or tablet? Here’s how to completely wipe your Android device Thankfully, there are several ways to block calls on your Android de...
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When you really need to get from Florida to the Bahamas in under an hour

You might not choose to waterski behind a superyacht, but what if you could? Larger boats have traditionally been slower than shorter models, but newer power plant designs and engine combinations are changing the paradigm. Fila Group ‘s  AB Yachts  recently built a 100-foot  AB100  superyacht named Spectre for a private buyer with a need for speed, according to Robb Report . The Spectre’s new owner didn’t appreciate the 25-mph top end of hi...
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VRGE is a charging dock for your VR headset that doubles as a storage unit

Why it matters to you Don't know where to place your expensive VR system? A stylish headset dock from an independent group of designers could be your answer. If you’re an early adopter of a virtual reality headset, such as the HTC Vive or PlayStation VR, you may be wondering where to store your hardware when it’s not in use. For complaints as common as ‘Where do I put it?’, a company on Kickstarter has a solution. The VRGE, according to Tea...
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Master everyday life with 8 apps you didn’t even know you needed

Last year, Apple’s App Store infamously  reached an all-time high by adding its two-millionth app. Needless to say, with so many apps to choose from, there are plenty of lesser-known applications to help you more easily navigate your day-to-day activities. Nowadays, almost everyone has a go-to news app and a preferential map application. Most people probably don’t have an app to help protect them from the common cold, however, or even an ap...
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