Hyperloop passenger pods hurtle along a test track in California contest

Why it matters to you Engineering students from around the world are keen to get involved in the Hyperloop project, which appears to be moving steadily toward becoming a reality. SpaceX has run several competitions aimed at pushing forward the ambitious Hyperloop project, with the latest one wrapping up on Sunday. Although a couple of companies are working on developing the track technology for the ultra-fast transporta......
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Jabra Sport Elite review

Apple may have cast a spotlight on true wireless earbuds with its new AirPods but the concept isn’t new, and other brands have been working hard to do it just as well as the mega brand, or better. Jabra has recently entered the fray with the Sport Elite true wireless earbuds. Taking many of the elements that have served the company’s other wireless headphones well, Jabra’s Sport Elite can handle the rigors of a good workout while also track......
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The FBI’s Gamergate report shows lack of consequences for online harassers

Why it matters to you Gamergate is in the past, but the FBI's response to online harassment -- and death threats -- is an increasingly important part of its job. Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, the FBI has finally released its report on the investigation into the controversial Gamergate group — though it has been heavily redacted. The information contained in the report reveals the vicious nature of the ......
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Lyft joins Uber in allowing commuters to use pretax dollars to pay for rides

Why it matters to you Lyft's new tax exemption will save you money on your commute, and it's about time -- Uber made a similar move last summer. Your morning commute may not get any less stressful, but here’s hoping it gets cheaper. On Wednesday, Lyft announced a series of new partnerships that allow you to use pretax dollars in order to get you to your office on mornings when you’re just not feeling the subway, or othe......
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Tumblr app now lets you add stickers and filters to photos and GIFs

Tumblr is the latest platform to go down the Snapchat route by giving users playful customization options for visuals. On Tuesday, the Yahoo-owned company announced it is introducing stickers and filters to its mobile apps that can be applied to both images and GIFs. Anyone expecting hip filters in the style of Instagram should be aware that this is Tumblr we’re dealing with. Instead, ardent fans will likely embrace the psychedelic filters ......
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The best radar detector you can buy

Speeding tickets are the worst. There you are, minding your own business with the music blaring and the wind in your hair — and then it happens: Those familiar red and blue strobes advance on your position and you suddenly realize you’re driving nearly 15 miles over the limit. No matter what excuses you offer up, the mustachioed police officer stares back at you, emotionless, writing you a citation before wishing you a good day. What if you......
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Is this Apple Store-inspired setup the future of health care? Forward says yes

Why it matters to you Improving the efficiency of doctor visits will save time and help with diagnoses and treatment. When it comes down to it, none of us really want to be spending time in a doctor’s office. So really, there’s no point in making them feel all that homey, right? That certainly seems to be the approach taken by Forward, a new healthcare company that is doing away with the waiting rooms of today’s overstu......
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Lavabit, Edward Snowden’s favorite email program, is revived

Why it matters to you Lavabit has added features that take the SSL key out of the equation There are several email providers to pick from, like Gmail, Outlook.com, and Yahoo — but for infamous NSA leaker Edward Snowden, only Lavabit will do. The email program was closed in 2013, but it is now back in business. You might recall that Lavabit decided to close up shop in 2013 rather than turn over access to Snowden’s email ......
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How to block phone calls on your Android phone

Rest assured, there are ways to block those unwanted calls on Android devices. But finding the path to block calls can take some digging. Some manufacturers bury blacklist features deep in your phone settings. Even worse, some older devices may not provide native blocking features at all. More: Selling your phone or tablet? Here’s how to completely wipe your Android device Thankfully, there are several ways to block calls on your Android de......
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