The best 6 cheap tablets to buy

You don’t have to break the bank to secure yourself a new tablet. There are plenty of budget options out there. If you’re willing to compromise, you can easily snag yourself a serviceable device for less than $200. Cheap tablets have improved fast in the last couple of years, and they’ve continued to drop in price as smartphones have grown larger and eaten into the tablet market. If you’re feeling the pinch right now and that budget is limi...
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‘Undercurrent’ isn’t a Matisyahu album, it’s a soundtrack for life

S ome men go on quests (see Bilbo Baggins, Jon Snow, Alan Quatermain, et al), and others go on journeys. In the latter category falls Matisyahu, the noted Jewish reggae/hip-hop beatboxer who’s recently taken live improv to another level in his newly reborn, clean-shaven, and literally less Orthodox incarnation. Having been recently freed from major label constraints, Matisyahu and his ace jam band have since put their full energy behind the...
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Facebook fights against terrorist content on its site using A.I., human expertise

Why it matters to you To help fight terrorism, Facebook is increasing its efforts to keep the platform a safe space for all users. As the number of terrorist attacks continue to increase globally, Facebook is making an attempt to be completely transparent about its plans to keep terrorist content off its website. To make efforts more efficient, the company enlisted the help of both artificial intelligence and human expertise. To kick off th...
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At last, Archos has made a pair of smartphones to get excited about

Why it matters to you It's time to start paying attention to Archos, which will deliver two affordable phones with on-trend features this summer. French technology company Archos has never made phones to get really excited about . The mostly mid-range devices have been solid, if unremarkable , entries into a crowded market; but that’s about to chance this summer. Archos has four new phones coming, and two are potential winners if they can l...
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‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’: Our First Take

Assassin’s Creed Origins is the culmination of the series’ two-year hiatus, and though there’s plenty new and different, some old problems remain. It’s been two long years since the last Assassin’s Creed game, AC Unity, met with tepid reception from fans and critics. Ubisoft responded by taking a break to put AC back in the oven for a while, and the resulting game, Assassin’s Creed Origins, was unveiled for the first time during Microsoft’s...
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I want to believe in EA’s character-focused future, but I’m not sure I can

If there was a theme uniting everything shown at Electronic Arts’ E3 event, it was drama. From Madden NFL 18, the yearly iteration of EA’s football franchise, bearing the character-focused subtitle “ Longshot ,” to the Fast and Furious-like Need for Speed: Payback , every game EA showed focused on characters front and center. The angle is refreshing, to be sure. Since story is so often shortchanged in games and characters are often thin and...
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Oh, the inhumanity! Rich Robinson of Magpie Salute on the tragedy of autotune

“It’s important to show and elicit true and authentic feelings with your music.” J ust because you’re no longer in a group that made many songs you wrote and performed famous is no reason to not continue performing them on your own. Rich Robinson, founding guitarist of the legendary, now-in-limbo jam band The Black Crowes, recognized this not long after he embarked on a solo career in earnest — and then he decided to take it one step furthe...
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‘The End is Nigh’ is the new platformer from the co-creator of ‘Super Meat Boy’

Why it matters to you Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac are generally considered two of the best indie games of recent years, and The End is Nigh looks set to continue Edmund McMillen's strong track record. Edmund McMillen, best known for the games Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac, has announced a new project that he’s working on in collaboration with Tyler Glaiel, best known for Bombernauts and Closure. The duo’s new title is ...
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North Face Homestead Collection offers camping gear for millennials

Why it matters to you Are traditional tents too drab for your liking? The Homestead Collection is designed to appeal to younger campers who are getting started in the outdoors. Over the past few years, the outdoor industry has come to realize that its lightweight, pricey, and often overly technical gear does not necessarily appeal to a younger crowd. Traditionally, hikers and campers have looked for the best gear possible to keep them warm ...
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These robotic shorts will improve your running performance

Why it matters to you The design could lead to improved methods for treating people with leg injuries and help to speed up recovery. If you’ve tried everything to improve your running time but just can’t seem to beat your personal best no matter how much you try, then slipping into a pair of these robotic shorts might be the answer. OK, it may seem a little underhanded to use an exosuit system to score a better time, but it would still be p...
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