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Wii U emulator runs ‘Mario Kart 8’ in 8K resolution with smooth framerate

Why it matters to you The stylized graphics of Nintendo games lends well to higher resolutions. Already one of the best looking games on Wii U, Mario Kart 8 in 8K is a thing of beauty. Thanks to the vibrant color design of Nintendo’s characters, they tend to hold up very well when the resolution is increased. One such example is Mario Kart 8. While the game was beautiful at just 1080p, the bump to 8K resolution is unbelievable. Achieving su...
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Ural sidecar motorcycle coffee shop could be the ultimate side hustle

Why it matters to you If you're looking for a side gig, love coffee, and need an excuse to buy a motorcycle with a sidecar, here's your answer. How’s this for a winning combination: your own outdoor business that includes a motorcycle and guarantees an unending supply of fresh coffee. Dallas, Texas-based Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters  has a unique way to deliver freshly ground coffee. The company shows up at local events on a converted Ural sid...
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Looking for a bargain? Check out our top 3 Amazon tech deals for Friday

Friday’s Amazon Gold Box deals feature a pair of sweat-proof wireless Bluetooth earbuds, a tripod set for either a smartphone or GoPro, and a multifunctional waterproof shower speaker. Score savings up to $55 and discounts as deep as 69 percent. Read on to browse today’s best Amazon tech deals. Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Hear every beat when you wor out with these  Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds , which are cur...
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A vending machine selling clothes is Uniqlo’s next big idea

Why it matters to you Uniqlo's machine will save you time if your local clothing store always has long lines. And will certainly be useful if you need a shirt out of hours. Anyone that’s been to Japan knows all too well how vending machines live on virtually every street corner, so you shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that one of the nation’s biggest companies has decided to launch its own dispenser in the U.S. But this is Uniqlo we’re t...
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Alexa Echo adds Domino’s-ordering functionality for its U.K. users

Why it matters to you You can now order your pizza through Amazon Alexa in the U.K. too You know those nights — maybe you had a little too much to drink , maybe you just saw a commercial full of cheesy, saucy goodness — and you whine into the ether, “I want pizza.” If you have an Amazon Echo and merely whisper that to its voice-controlled assistant Alexa, you could have a pie on the way to your house practically faster than you can say, “re...
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This foot-massage machine appears to have claimed yet another victim

Why it matters to you It's best you stick with the primary purpose of your gadgets rather than using them for something they're not designed for. If you decide to splash out on a particular type of foot massager anytime soon, be sure to use it only on your feet and keep it well away from all other parts of your body. An elderly woman in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido paid with her life last week when she apparently tried to use a foot ...
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The biggest movie flops ever will make you wonder what studios were thinking

It seems like every six months, a new superhero is unleashed onto the big screen at your local multiplex. Superhero flicks are expensive to say the least, but studios are comfortable with the investment because comic book adaptations are typically surefire bets (sorry, Green Lantern ). But every now and again, a studio pours a ridiculous sum of money into a film it thinks will resonate with the audience , only to see it flounder and go on t...
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Save the environment while you rock climb with La Sportiva’s Mythos Eco

Why it matters to you The La Sportiva Mythos Eco are ideal for the environmentally conscious climber. Rock climbing is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature and now you can help save the planet by wearing La Sportiva’s Mythos Eco . This classic shoe has been redesigned using 95 percent recycled materials including the rubber, which requires a production process that has historically had a detrimental impact on the environment. The My...
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Now you can create fancy GIFs app-free with Giphy’s online GIF Maker

Why it matters to you You don't need to download a big app to create a GIF anymore with a new web-based platform for the quick GIFs. Creating moving pictures no longer requires a dedicated app. Giphy , the online GIF database and search engine, recently launched GIF Maker , a graphics tool that only requires an internet connection and a browser, no app downloads necessary. Giphy already has a number of dedicated apps for both Android and iO...
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Dad of the year made a D.Va mecha cosplay suit for his daughter

Why it matters to you Mike Carambat shows that with ingenuity, foam, and a lot of time investment, crafting amazing cosplay outfits can be a lot of fun. Cosplay is often considered a labor of love, given the effort and time investment required, and it’s even more so if you’re building an outfit for someone else. In the case of Mike Carambat, he poured his familial affections into a fully functioning mecha suit for his daughter, inspired by ...
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