Microsoft is now throwing free upgrades at subscribers of Windows 10 Enterprise

Why it matters to you Now, when a subscription ends or is transferred to another user, devices revert to Windows 10 Pro without additional cost. Microsoft’s Nic Fillingham said on Thursday that customers subscribing to Windows 10 Enterprise through the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) or Microsoft’s volume licensing program can now upgrade devices running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Enterprise withou......
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Fujifilm reveals pricing, availability of game-changing medium format GFX 50S

Why it matters to you Fujifilm reveals pricing and availability for the GFX 50S, its first digital mirrorless medium format camera. It's a game-changing camera for professionals, and gives Fujifilm new opportunity in an untapped sector. Fujifilm today announced details on pricing and availability for its new medium format camera, the GFX 50S. The 50-megapixel mirrorless camera will be available by the end of February an......
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Your browser might be filling in hidden fields and giving away your secrets

It seems like you can’t go online lately without running into a new way to get infected with malware or have your identity stolen. And sometimes, it seems like there’s nothing you can do to avoid exposing yourself to trouble. One of the more difficult traps to avoid is a phishing site, which presents itself as a legitimate page while requesting account and other sensitive information. Now, there’s apparently a browser vulnerability that can......
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Amazon could be prepping Prime Air drone tests for early 2018, documents reveal

Amazon has filed for permission to run tests on experimental wireless communications technology, which could be related to an expansion of the company’s drone-based delivery service Prime Air. The project has been unveiled due to documentation that was made public last week. Tests will take place at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, before moving on to its customer service facility in Kennewick, Washington, according to a report from Busine......
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Hammock campers now have a sleeping pad made just for them

One of the fastest growing trends in backpacking over the past couple of years is the use of hammocks — rather than a tent — for camping in the backcountry. Proponents of this approach say that not only does a good hammock provide a much more comfortable night’s sleep, they are also lighter and easier to set up. Simply find a few trees, strap the hammock in place, toss in your sleeping bag, and voila, you’re all set for the night. But, as a......
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Nintendo Switch: Our first take

Nintendo has finally shown off the Switch, its first hybrid video game system. You can play it as a console at home, paired with a television, or as a portable system similar to Nintendo’s 3DS. And those two modes are just the first in a bag of tricks Nintendo packed into this system. There are more ways to play the Switch than you have fingers, and that’s by design. At a press conference unveiling the console, Nintendo pointed out specific......
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More than 800,000 Ford vehicles being recalled due to faulty Takata airbags

If you’re one of the lucky owners for a 2005-2006 Ford GT — or certain other Ford vehicles — you may want to start making plans to visit your local dealership soon. Ford has just announced that an additional 816,309 of its vehicles have been recalled due to faulty Takata airbags. The airbags can expel bits of shrapnel, potentially causing injury or death. More: If you own one of these Honda or Acura models, stop driving now, feds say This d......
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Corsair’s Bulldog 2.0 PC upgraded to MSI Z270 motherboard and new cooler

Corsair has upgraded its compact Bulldog PC to version 2.0 with some new internal hardware. The small-form-factor HTPC now comes complete with a Z270 motherboard, as well as a new liquid cooling system for the processor. These should make the system quieter than its predecessor, as well as add a few new features courtesy of the new chipset. Announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics’  Show, Corsair’s Bulldog 2.0 maintains its compact cha......
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Intel’s wireless, room-scanning VR is a taste of a future, but still out of reach

A number of innovations come together to power Intel’s Project Alloy, a wireless virtual reality headset. The first generation version has two RealSense cameras for tracking and room localization, an Intel Atom processor for vision processing, and the best available Wi-Fi tech to communicate with the host computer. It’s an ambitious project, maybe too ambitious, even for a silicon giant. To be clear, the first generation Alloy we spent time......
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