DT Giveaway: Enter to win one of four amazing LG G4 phones

We try out every top phone in the world here at DT. This year, the competition for your pocket (or purse) is hotter than ever, but one phone stands out in that fight: the LG G4. We recently gave it our Editors’ Choice award, a  glowing review , and named it the smartphone to beat for 2015. The LG G4 is one of the most comfortable phones to hold, has a gorgeous 1440p screen, manages solid battery performance compared to the other top devices...
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Google is developing an OS for the Internet of Things

Google I/O is around the corner and The Information  is reporting that Google is developing an OS for low-power devices connected on the Internet of Things. Codenamed “Brillo,” we may be seeing a reveal of this platform, which would be launched under the Android brand at Google I/O next weekend. The connected OS would be based on the existing Android OS and would signal Google’s entry into the connected devices marketplace in a significant ...
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Razer brings RGB lighting to the humble mouse mat

Over the past decade, as professional gaming has become more commonplace and PC gaming as a whole has continued its steady trudge alongside its flashier console cousins, peripheral makers have had to expand beyond the age-old tactic of touting DPI numbers to attract new buyers. In the process, they’ve purchased licenses to use the word Teflon  to advertise their mouse feet and they’ve added remappable buttons and adjustable weights. RGB lig...
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Leeroy Jenkins might make an appearance in the Warcraft movie

“OK, places everyone! Lights, camer …” “LEEROOOOY JENKINS!!!” [charges offscreen] “… damn it, Leeroy!” That’s how I imagine it went down when they tried filming a scene for the upcoming Warcraft film, which it was recently revealed might feature a cameo from everyone’s favorite, over-eager paladin, Leeroy Jenkins. Gary Whitta (After Earth, The Book of Eli) wrote the first draft of the screenplay, and recently tweeted a brief section of that...
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DT Daily: Hyperloop test track planned for next year

DT Daily: Hyperloop test track planned for next year | Digital Trends Home > DT Daily > DT Daily: Hyperloop test track planned for next…
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Warning: Epic bike stunts; do not try at home

In America, bike stunts are traditionally the realm of BMXers and motorcyclists. Not so in Germany, where the Artistic Cycling World Championship draws 10,000 visitors every three years. If you’re looking for something non-touristy to do on your next European vacation, cycling sports is definitely where it’s at. Normally it’s performed in extremely tight leggings in a pristine open space, but it’s more awesome to watch the eight-time champ ...
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This device will make sure your electronics aren’t guzzling energy

When you look at your electric bill, all you see is the number of kilowatt-hours used and the dollar amount. But is it your fridge or air conditioner that’s sucking up all that power? To help keep a close eye on the energy use of the devices around your home, a team of Polish entrepreneurs have created  Ecoisme . When Ecoisme is plugged in, it begins to measure voltage and current of everything in your home. It comes in the form of a small,...
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Boost Mobile and Sprint will sell the new LG G4 Stylus, but will call it the G Stylo

Now the LG G4 is ready for sale, LG has revealed its first two spin-off phones. The G4C is a smaller, mid-range version of the flagship phone, while the G4 Stylus — also known as the G Stylo — increases the screen size to take on the phablets of the world. Here’s everything you need to know about the the G Stylo . Updated on 05-19-2015 by Andy Boxall: Added in new images,  final specs, and news of the LG G4 Stylus. LG will use the G4 Stylus...
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FTC asks court to protect customer data from RadioShack during bankruptcy

In a move that’s very welcome, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is asking the bankruptcy court to protect customer information that’s currently in RadioShack’s possession. In the announcement post , FTC consumer protection director Jessica Rich isn’t saying that customer information — which includes names, physical addresses, and email addresses of tens of millions of people — can’t be sold. Rich is making the point that it should be done...
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This leaked Sony phone has a bezel-free screen and massive 13-megapixel selfie cam

Smartphones with bezel-free screens are all the rage this year, whether it’s Samsung curving the side of the Galaxy S6 Edge , ZTE minimizing the bezel on the Nubia Z9 , or Huawei cleverly disguising them on the P8 — screen bezels are out. A new leak shows Sony may be getting in on the act with a phone codename the Lavender. The news comes from known phone leaker @Upleaks , and consists of a small photo of the phone, plus a potential spec li...
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