Microsoft HoloLens will cost ‘significantly more’ than a vidoe game console

Think about playing today’s hottest games in your living room — literally. Microsoft’s HoloLens intends to make virtual into reality, but at a price. The device will support apps made in iOS, Android as well as Windows 10 , would be perfect to pair with a gaming console. The big question is: can anyone afford it? This isn’t the first time virtual reality has tried to venture into the gaming console space. Nintendo’s Virtual Boy debuted in 1...
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Meerkat embraces Facebook, distances itself from Twitter

Live-streaming video app Meerkat launched a few weeks ahead of Periscope, Twitter’s own take on live-streaming, and for a short while it seemed as though that would be enough to keep Meerkat ahead. Then Twitter limited Meerkat’s access to its social graph and suddenly, Meerkat’s future wasn’t so certain. Twitter has also done a lot to heighten Periscope’s public profile, even urging celebrities to use its app instead of Meerkat. With that k...
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There’s a bright idea: Audi working to combine matrix-beam headlamps with laser lights

Leave it to Audi to make headlights something interesting to talk about. Not satisfied with their laser light technology, they’re hard at work incorporating that with the matrix-beam system they demonstrated working with LED lighting. To bring you up to speed, the matrix lighting maps out a grid for the headlight beam area. Instead of shutting off or redirecting the whole beam, the LED tech can simply turn off the light in a section where t...
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Netflix-inspired binging comes to NBC for David Duchovny’s crime drama Aquarius

One of the beautiful things about Netflix is the service’s addictive formula of unloading every episode of a series’ latest season at once. Those wondering just how much impact the Netflix way has had on the TV industry need only look at NBC’s latest series, Aquarius. The upcoming David Duchovny drama, which debuts May 28 on NBC, will follow the Netflix mantra, allowing fans to binge-watch the remaining 12 episodes online the following morn...
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The Bentayga isn’t here yet, but Bentley is already mulling another SUV

The Bentley Bentayga SUV is a radical departure for one of the most traditional companies in the car business, but don’t expect it to be a fluke. SUV sales are likely to boost Bentley in the U.S., as well as in growing markets like China, India, and Russia. Maybe that’s why, even though the Bentayga isn’t here yet, there are already indications of a second Bentley SUV. Engineering boss Rolf Frech said this is “a possibility” in a recent int...
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Falcon Tiki micro-tower supports high-end i7 CPUs

Falcon Northwest is a company that’s well known for building eye-catching gaming PCs, but it’s never made something quite like this before. The Tiki is a micro-tower design that at its thickest is just four inches wide. But that doesn’t stop it supporting some seriously high-end components, like i7 CPUs, up to 32GB of memory, and one of the world’s most monstrous GPUs, the Nvidia Titan-X. Initially created to celebrate the 20th anniversary ...
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As Apple readies streaming service based on Beats, tensions with Tidal swell

There’s a battle brewing between Apple and Tidal, and it looks like (no surprise) Apple is winning.  First, Jay Z’s recently-acquired streaming music service, Tidal,  fell out of the top 700 iPhone apps in Apple’s App Store . In a related allegation, Tidal claims Apple deliberately took longer than usual to  approve Tidal iOS app updates .” In addition, Tidal’s monthly subscription price for users who sign up through an iOS device is 30 per...
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See the winning photos of 2015 Sony World, Audubon Society awards

The grand prize results are in for the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards . Some striking and thought-provoking images are among the winners in 13 categories, plus the grand prize winner. In addition, another organization, the National Audubon Society, announced its best of 2015 nature photography awards. Organized by the World Photography Organisation and sponsored by Sony, the Honorary Jury began its review after call for entries  closed ...
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Android Lollipop updates: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 at T-Mobile gets Android 5.0

Android 5.0 Lollipop is here, and that means a mad scramble is on as manufacturers rush to update their existing phones to the new version of Google’s operating system. Well, “scramble” and “rush” may be relative terms here, since bringing out an update can be a plodding affair, sometimes taking months for it to show up. To make sure you’re fully informed, we’ve pulled together all the official news, and the rumors, concerning 5.0 Lollipop’...
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Meet the hackers who smuggled the Netflix of piracy aboard your iPad

The most controversial app available for your iPhone and iPad isn’t in the App Store. Popcorn Time let’s users stream pirated TV shows and movies as easily as they would stream Netflix, and has made waves with millions of defiant users, thanks to the virtual middle finger it flips at movie and TV producers. A new  free Popcorn Time app for non-jailbroken iOS devices went live on April 8. We’ve used it, and we’ve talked to the folks that mad...
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