Newegg is giving away RX 480s with HTC Vive purchases

Why it matters to you If you have been sitting on the VR fence because of pricing or graphics card concerns, Newegg's deal could give you the push you need. Spending $800 on an HTC Vive virtual reality headset might seem like a lot, but deals like the one on offer at Newegg certainly help. The retailer is giving away a brand new Gigabyte Radeon RX 480 4GB graphics card with the headset, making it a better deal and upgra......
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Google will use your health data to help make Fit a better personal coach

Why it matters to you Are you looking for a personal assistant? With future versions of Google Fit you may not need to pay for one. Most major tech companies are stepping into fitness and health tracking and Google is no exception. The company launched Google Fit in 2014 and subsequently revamped it alongside Android Wear 2.0. As is the case with any fitness tracking program, Google Fit is most helpful when it has acces......
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What to do when you feel lost in ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most open-ended game in the series since the original Legend of Zelda over 20 years ago. That game handed you a sword and told you, essentially, “good luck.” Breath of the Wild quickly gives you a multitude of tools, from bombs to a paraglider, but the message is effectively the same. More: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild survival guide: Tips for getting by in Hyrule It can be easy to g......
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Latch shows off its new Latch R Series, a smart access system for the modern home

Why it matters to you The lock and key is old technology that doesn't really fit with your modern home, but the new Latch R Series access system might be a good alternative. The inside of your home is getting smarter, so shouldn’t the exterior be getting the same treatment? At the very least, your modern home should have a modern entry system. We’re talking about getting rid of that old lock and key, and looking to a co......
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Chowbotics is a company that wants a robot named Sally to make your salad

Why it matters to you Robots are playing an ever-larger part in the food industry, and Chowbotics wants its salad-making robot Sally to make a huge splash. First they came for our burgers, and now, they’re coming for our salads, too. We’re talking, of course, about robots — those highly-trained, super-mechanized creatures that have not only been programmed to help us flip patties, but now create healthier meals as well.......
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Jay Farrar on ‘alternative country facts’ and why he’s super serious about vinyl

“In the end, I was aiming for where folk, blues, and country converge.” Fusing traditional song elements with your own original ideas to create a unique signature sound is the ultimate goal of many a gifted songwriter, but it’s easier said than done. One man who’s been successfully straddling the lines between past, present, and future his entire recording career has been Jay Farrar of Son Volt. The SV guitarist/vocalist — whom you may als......
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Logitech Z337 with Bluetooth review

With so many wireless speaker options out there, the lowly PC speaker seems like something of an anachronism. On the one hand, investing in a set of PC speakers, all the way up to full surround-sound 7.1 setups, still makes sense for gamers and maybe video buffs who use their PCs for watching movies and TV. On the other hand, if you’re primarily worried about playing the usual PC sounds, along with a fair amount of music, then a portable Bl......
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Apple may be banning ads in Chinese-language media at the behest of China’s government

Why it matters to you Apple may be censoring ads in publications at the behest of Chinese officials. When it comes to appeasing the local governments of profitable markets, Apple exercises a strong editorial arm. That’s according to The Australian, which reports that the Cupertino, California-based company has deliberately interfered with the Chinese-language print ad campaigns of carriers in Australia in order to curry......
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Oreo just flew 5 ‘cookie drones’ over NY City in a wacky milk dunk stunt

Why it matters to you Companies are discovering a myriad of uses for drones, but this has to be the most absurd yet. Remotely operated multi-rotor flying machines, or “drones” for short, are coming to the attention of not just indie filmmakers who’ve realized how much cheaper they are compared to hiring a helicopter for the day, but also power companies for inspection operations, farmers for crop monitoring, and real es......
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