10 awesome music festivals you can trust not to burn down like Fyre Fest

By now, you’ve probably heard about Fyre Festival, the doomed brainchild of B-list rapper Ja Rule and silver spoon tech-bro entrepreneur Billy McFarland. For the measly price of a few thousand dollars (chump change, right?), you could book a private flight to a private island in the Bahamas, where Wolfgang Puck himself would cook you breakfast to kick off a weekend full of celebrity encounters, bikini-clad models and inebriated debauchery. ...
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Rungu Juggernaut: Our First Take

As any avid competitive or recreation mountain biker would attest, some terrain conditions limit the use of their bike, even if they possess a highly developed skill or physical ability. During a recent visit to the International Sportsmen’s Expo, we experienced the answer to these seemingly untamable trail conditions: Rungu’s Electric Juggernaut . This three-wheeled electric beast tames the toughest of trails and leaves you gri...
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Remembering a victorious year for the Vive, and the turning point ahead

Before the release of consumer-grade virtual reality hardware, HTC wasn’t anywhere near the household name that Oculus was, but since then it’s arguably become the most recognizable brand for high-end, PC-based virtual reality. Its Vive headset is still the one we would recommend  for those looking for a cutting-edge VR experience and it has a lot of content to go along with it. Now a year on from its original release, the headset is a litt...
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Build your own Google Home with the latest issue of The MagPi

Why it matters to you Tinkering around with the Raspberry Pi can be a lot of fun, and the MagPi is a great source of new projects. Looking to use Google Assistant but don’t want to pay for a Google Home ? In the latest issue of The MagPi, the Raspberry Pi foundation has included a free hardware kit from Google. By following the included instructions, subscribers can add voice interaction to their home. Inside issue 57 of The MagPi, people w...
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WhatsApp sees sudden crash for users across the globe; is now back up and running

Why it matters to you If you encountered issues using the typically reliable app, this might explain it. WhatsApp went down on Wednesday, sending some of the app’s billion-plus users into a bit of a panic in the process. The popular Facebook-owned messaging service started having trouble early in the evening on the East Coast and, within an hour, representatives from the company confirmed to Reuters that it was working on a fix. According t...
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‘Pokémon Stars’ may have been teased with new line of merchandise

Why it matters to you The Pokémon Company may have hinted at a new Switch-exclusive Pokémon game with a recent line of merchandise. It has only been about six months since the launch of the 3DS-exclusive Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, but new merchandise from the Pokémon Company suggests that a new game could be on its way , with the adorable and mysterious creature Cosmog as the star. The new line of merchandise features a number of Cosmog-...
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Own the great outdoors without incident with these 12 emergency kit musts

Most people keep emergency kits stowed at home or in their automobiles to err on the side of caution. However, fewer individuals maintain an emergency kit specifically catered to incidents that may arise while enjoying the great outdoors. While items such as a backup flashlight or a pack of bandages are obvious choices, there are plenty of other lesser-known products to keep within arm’s reach. From gadgets designed to help you communicate ...
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‘The Circle’ review

Although it features a strong cast led by Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, The Circle still manages to be a frustratingly shallow spin on the balance between freedom and privacy. F ilms and television series that explore the tug-of-war between personal privacy and connectivity typically do so with a hefty dose of nuance and concessions to the gray area between these opposing elements. TV shows like Black Mirror and Mr. Robot show us the danger of...
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Nomiku Sous Chef adds RIFD technology for easy sous vide cooking

Why it matters to you Sous vide is a great way to perfectly cook your meals. Nomiku Sous Chef makes this process a lot easier to suit our busy lives. Since Nomiku first entered the sous vide market two years ago, it has sold more than $3 million worth of products. Now, the company is expanding into the prepared meal space. With the announcement comes a new sous chef device that scans the packaged meals and properly prepares them — automatic...
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Free yourself! How to unlock your phone from the icy hands of your wireless carrier

Your two-year contract is finally up, and you want to save some money by bringing your phone to a carrier with lower rates. Sadly, odds are that your phone is locked to your carrier, which prevents you from jumping ship and using your phone on another network . Thankfully, legislation and the FCC made the process of unlocking your phone easier than ever. More importantly, it superseded an earlier decision made by the Library of Congress tha...
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Sony celebrates PaRappa the Rapper’s 20th birthday with a huge PS4 controller

Why it matters to you PaRappa the Rapper opened the gates for a generation of rhythm games. The giant PS4 controller is a fitting celebration for the game's 20th anniversary and remastered edition. Before Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, there was PaRappa the Rapper, a title that ushered in the rhythm game revolution. It was released in 1996 and came to the U.S. the following year. The PaRappa the Rapper franchise includes spinoffs a...
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Apple is issuing its Watch owners an Earth Day fitness challenge

Why it matters to you Beyond the fact that stickers are cool, our planet is even cooler. Apple wants to raise awareness about the environment, and you can be part of the fun. Earth Day is this Saturday, and in celebration Apple is launching the latest Apple Watch Challenge. As a part of the event, Apple Watch owners are challenged to get their butts outside and completely 30 minutes of exercise — after which they’ll unlock a slew of new iMe...
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Control your home electronics from anywhere with a WeMo Maker, now 18 percent off

Looking for a better way to control your home electronics? With the WeMo Maker, all you need is your smartphone. The WeMo Maker lets you automate as much of your home as you like with their growing product line, and right now the Maker itself is currently discounted to just $66 on Amazon. The WeMo works in conjunction with the f ree WeMo app, available for Android, iOS, and Kindle, to control nearly any low-voltage WeMo electronic device fr...
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Lenovo’s Flex 11 is a rugged 2-in-1 Chromebook that promises Android app support

Why it matters to you Lenovo's new Chromebook provides rugged 2-in-1 design at an affordable price point, and will support Android apps. Lenovo has announced an addition to its Chromebook arsenal: The Flex 11 . The device measures just 0.83 inches thin and has a starting weight of three pounds. It comes packed with a 360-degree hinge enabling users to take advantage of the Flex 11’s 2-in-1 form factor. They can easily switch between four dy...
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Don’t dread hot, sticky summer nights — use the Bfan to stay cool in bed

Why it matters to you Are you overheating in bed at night? Don't put up with it anymore and set up the Bfan. We’ve been awaiting its return for months, but now that summer is nearly here, we could probably do without nights sweating into our sheets. But fret not — you can still enjoy all the perks of summer without its nocturnal drawbacks thanks to the Bfan, a bed-cooling system that will help you stay dry and sweat-free without wasting ton...
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The HTC One X10 has arrived in Russia, and will sell for $355

HTC’s official announcement  took the form of a new page on its Russian website. The HTC X10 measures 152.9 x 75.6 x 8.23​​mm and weighs in at 175 grams, featuring a 5.5-inch 1080p display in a metal body. But the most impressive feature is of course its 4,000mAh battery, which is said to be able to last up to two days. It looks an awful lot like the “One M” series, or like the OnePlus 3 . That said, there’s a fingerprint scanner on the bac...
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Great deal! These are our 3 favorite Amazon tech bargains today

Friday’s Amazon Gold Box deals feature top-of-the-line products to make life easier and just a bit more fun: A nearly everything-proof Bluetooth speaker, sweat-resistant and noise-canceling headphones, and a handy travel keyboard with clever backlighting. Stock up on all these accessories and snag savings of up to $50 and discounts as deep as 66 percent. Altec Lansing Life Jacket 2 Bluetooth Speaker Many portable speakers claim to be durabl...
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Yes, that’s a selfie drone flying around in your local Apple Store

Why it matters to you Apple is so impressed with ZeroZero Robotics' little If you visit an Apple Store from this week and hear a loud buzzing noise in the vicinity, don’t worry — it’s not a giant mosquito flying toward your head at speed. Instead, it’ll most likely be the Hover Camera Passport … in which case you might still want to watch your head. The diminutive selfie drone, which launched toward the end of last year, will go on sale sho...
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Zenbivy will help you get a good night’s sleep on your next camping trip

Why it matters to you The Zenbivy Bed is a lightweight and comfortable sleeping bag replacement that simulates the same sleep experience you have in your bed back home. A comfortable sleeping bag is essential for getting a good night’s sleep while camping. The right bag will provide plenty of warmth and comfort even when weather conditions outside the tent aren’t always optimal. But many campers find the traditional sleeping bag to be too c...
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What to do when you feel lost in ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most open-ended game in the series since the original Legend of Zelda over 20 years ago. That game handed you a sword and told you, essentially, “good luck.” Breath of the Wild quickly gives you a multitude of tools, from bombs to a paraglider, but the message is effectively the same. More:  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild survival guide: Tips for getting by in Hyrule It can be easy to ...
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Latch shows off its new Latch R Series, a smart access system for the modern home

Why it matters to you The lock and key is old technology that doesn't really fit with your modern home, but the new Latch R Series access system might be a good alternative. The inside of your home is getting smarter, so shouldn’t the exterior be getting the same treatment? At the very least, your modern home should have a modern entry system. We’re talking about getting rid of that old lock and key, and looking to a company like Latch . It...
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Chowbotics is a company that wants a robot named Sally to make your salad

Why it matters to you Robots are playing an ever-larger part in the food industry, and Chowbotics wants its salad-making robot Sally to make a huge splash. First they came for our burgers, and now, they’re coming for our salads, too. We’re talking, of course, about robots — those highly-trained, super-mechanized creatures that have not only been programmed to help us flip patties, but now create healthier meals as well. At the forefront of ...
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Jay Farrar on ‘alternative country facts’ and why he’s super serious about vinyl

“In the end, I was aiming for where folk, blues, and country converge.” F using traditional song elements with your own original ideas to create a unique signature sound is the ultimate goal of many a gifted songwriter, but it’s easier said than done. One man who’s been successfully straddling the lines between past, present, and future his entire recording career has been Jay Farrar of Son Volt. The SV guitarist/vocalist — whom you may als...
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Logitech Z337 with Bluetooth review

With so many wireless speaker options out there, the lowly PC speaker seems like something of an anachronism. On the one hand, investing in a set of PC speakers, all the way up to full surround-sound 7.1 setups, still makes sense for gamers and maybe video buffs who use their PCs for watching movies and TV. On the other hand, if you’re primarily worried about playing the usual PC sounds, along with a fair amount of music, then a portable Bl...
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Apple may be banning ads in Chinese-language media at the behest of China’s government

Why it matters to you Apple may be censoring ads in publications at the behest of Chinese officials. When it comes to appeasing the local governments of profitable markets, Apple exercises a strong editorial arm. That’s according to The Australian, which reports that the Cupertino, California-based company has deliberately interfered with the Chinese-language print ad campaigns of carriers in Australia in order to curry favor with Chinese o...
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