We'll be live at Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 launch today

Today's the day!  Samsung's latest Unpacked event kicks off at 8am PDT, 11am EDT, 4pm BST and the South Korean firm will unveil its latest phablet - the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 . We'll be reporting live from the New York event to bring you all the latest on Samsung's new big-screen smartphone, so stay tuned for all the build up and action as it happens. In the meantime, check out our rumor roundup and thought pieces to give you an idea of wha...
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Gamescom 2017: all the biggest gaming announcements from Cologne

Update: Microsoft dropped a bombshell announcement at the end of its Age of Empires special keynote held during Gamescom: after 10 long years, it will finally publish Age of Empires IV. Microsoft also announced that following the re-release of the original Age of Empires, it will also release remasters of Age of Empires II and III.   Original article continues below... Gamescom has begun. Arguably Europe's biggest gaming event (some have ta...
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The best John Lewis Black Friday deals 2017

With the 2017 edition of Black Friday now almost upon us, you're going to be wanting to know where all the biggest price drops and reductions are to be found - and here we're focusing on a store that's always one of the major players in the Black Friday fun and games, John Lewis. The venerable high street department store always has lots going on for Black Friday, as we saw last year and in previous years, so stop all the frantic scrolling ...
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Apple and Comcast reportedly in talks for movie rentals right after theater debuts

As more people find creature comforts in watching movies from home with services like Netflix and Hulu, movie studios could soon skip the wait and release new flicks to streaming shortly after they hit theaters — for a price. Distributors like Apple and Comcast — in conjunction with studios like Warner Bros. and the Comcast-owned Universal Pictures — are reportedly in talks with movie theaters to negotiate releasing brand-new films just wee...
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The best Nintendo Switch mods we’ve seen... so far

Another mod inspired by Nintendo's history, this Game Boy Advance SP has been cleverly turned into a thoroughly on-brand Switch dock.  Created by Alexander Blake and posted to imgur and Instagram (@CaptnAlex), this dock was inspired by the realization of the fact that the circuit board in the Nintendo Switch's real dock is around the size of an SP Game Boy. Blake stripped out the insides of the SP and carved a hole above and inside the scre...
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The best Sky broadband deals in August 2017

Sky used to be known best for its TV service, but now its just as synonymous with home broadband internet. Sky broadband is one of the most popular providers in the UK. Whether you want broadband only, or a package of Sky TV and broadband , we'll help you find your way to the best broadband deal . Our postcode checker above will tell you whether the faster Sky Fibre is available in your area. The good news is that Sky has some great prices ...
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The 10 best 2-in-1 laptops of 2017: the best hybrid laptops ranked

Don’t let the dismal return rates at the launch of the Surface Book fool you. Although some of the best 2-in-1 laptops may have been off to a shaky start in their younger years, these Windows 10 -based convertible and detachable-style laptops are now thriving amid a market that has otherwise seen better days.  Then again, not all of the best 2-in-1 laptops are the same. Some are bundled with styluses and detachable keyboards while others ar...
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Here’s what you should be watching, playing and listening to this weekend

The weekend is a wondrous time, full of unlimited potential and infinite possibilities. It’s the time to explore the world and, when it comes time to settle in for the night, binge out on the best movies, shows, music and games you might’ve missed while working this week. But what, exactly, should you binge on?  Welcome back to another installment of Off the Radar, a column where we uncover the best shows, movies, music and games you should...
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The best PS4 games: 20 of this generation's must-play titles

With almost 60 million units sold, the PS4 is without a doubt the highest-selling console of this generation. Part of that is due to the hardware's power, but we all know the main reason for its success is its vast and varied library of games.  Yes, in its first couple of years a depressing number of these were ports of PS3 games like The Last of Us and GTA5, but those days are now behind us, with excellent exclusives like Horizon: Zero Daw...
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Ryzen Threadripper 16-core processor impresses with a beefy overclock to 4.1GHz

AMD’s first batch of mighty Ryzen Threadripper processors officially launch today , but folks who’ve got hold of a chip already have been testing out its overclocking potential, and the good news is it seems the 1950X is a seriously strong performer in this department. This leak comes from a Reddit denizen (going by the name ‘calling the wolf’) who claims to have pushed a Threadripper 1950X to 4.1GHz across all 16-cores, a good chunk above ...
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