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Homeland Security staff locked out of their own networks

We've reached out to the Department for more details on the nature and scale of the problem.The big question is whether or not this is just everyday IT trouble or a security issue. It's entirely possible that is 'just' a glitch, but the government is understandably on edge after a string of hacks targeting federal organizations. The last thing it needs is a Homeland Security breach that compromises potentially very sensitive data. ......
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The Morning After: Monday, February 20 2017

Funds could help humans find new work when automation takes over.Bill Gates wants a robot tax to compensate for job lossesHow would you deal with the likelihood that robots and automation will lead to many people losing their jobs? For Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the answer is straightforward: tax the robots. In an interview with Quartz, Gates argues that taxing worker robots would offset job losses by funding training for positions wh......
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Batmobile toy uses augmented reality to show the driver's view

The Justice League Batmobile is controlled via your iOS or Android device, which isn't unusual among RC vehicles these days. But Mattel have mixed things up by adding a dash cam into the mix. It's embedded in the cockpit, so you're not necessarily seeing the car's perspective -- you're seeing what Batman would see. And, while you could set up a little physical obstacle course and pilot your way through it as you would any toy, the app comes......
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Climate change skeptic Scott Pruitt confirmed as EPA Administrator

The close 52-46 vote was nearly along party lines aside from aisle-switching by Susan Collins (R-ME) to oppose and Joe Manchin III (D-WV) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), both from coal-rich states, to support. Democrats fought all night to delay the confirmation vote until next Tuesday, after which the Oklahoma attorney general's office is ordered to release 3,000 of Pruitt's emails concerning his communications with the fossil fuel industry, ac......
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Google Fiber is restructuring and taking a new direction

Wired says running fiber optic cables into people's homes has become too expensive for the company. A Recode report last year says it costs Mountain View $1 billion to bring Fiber to a new market. The service is also often named as Google's most expensive venture. That's why the company instructed former Fiber CEO Craig Barratt to find a way to lower costs and cut off half of his 500 employees.Under the new CEO, Fiber might make use of Webp......
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Jaguar and Shell partner for in-car fuel payments

As the video below shows, it looks like all you need to do is connect your iPhone (Android support arrives sometimes later this year) to your Jag's infotainment system via USB. From there, everything is handled via the car's touchscreen. How this differs from other mobile payment tech, Jaguar says, is that this one uses geolocation in concert with PayPal or Apple Pay for transactions.The functionality launches February 15th in the UK and ad......
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AI learns to recognize exotic states of matter

A machine learning system is particularly advantageous in a field like this, as you don't have to outline exactly what you're looking for. You can identify the exact conditions that prompt a transition without knowing what they are, and theoretically spot previously undiscovered transitions.There's a lot of work to be done. It's easy to detect known transitions in a lab, where you can limit the number of particles, but it's much harder wh......
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Panasonic's indoor farm, and more in the week that was

Most photovoltaic panels are big and heavy, which limits their applications, but Sandia Labs just developed sticky "solar glitter" that can power just about anything. In other energy news, China is making major investments in clean tech, and it's paying off: The nation is now the world's largest producer of solar energy. Here in the States, the solar industry provides twice as many jobs as coal, but the Trump Administration still wants to s......
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Android's instant tethering is now officially available

Instant tethering started making its way to some Android users in late January, allowing them to set up an automatic hotspot connection between devices. Now that the feature is officially available, more people should have access to it -- but it still only works with Pixel and Nexus devices. The new FAQ section dedicated to the feature confirms what was reported before: Pixel and Nexus phones running Nougat can act as hosts or the source of......
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