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Google's museum app finds your fine art doppelgänger

If you've ever wondered if there's a museum portrait somewhere that looks like you and you're ready to have your ego crushed, there's now an app for that. Google Arts & Culture's latest update now lets you take a selfie, and using image recognit... Original link
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'Cosmos' returns for third season in spring 2019

You won't have to wait nearly as long for the third season of Cosmos as you did for the second. Fox has announced that Cosmos: Possible Worlds will premiere worldwide in spring 2019, with Fox itself airing the show in the US and National Geographic b... Original link
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Google details how it protected services like Gmail from Spectre

Google says it already deployed anti-Spectre and Meltdown solutions to protect its products, and users didn't even notice. The downside of the patches companies are rolling out to fix the CPU vulnerabilities is that they have the potential to slow do... Original link
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Netflix hid a fake bio-tech booth in the middle of CES

Venture beyond tech whales like Samsung and Sony, beyond the rows of smart speakers and giant TVs and you'll discover that there are weirder things to be found at CES. That might be why Netflix's trojan horse public relations move, establishing a fic... Original link
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Corsair's wireless gaming keyboard has a 75-hour battery life

If Logitech's no-lag wireless gaming keyboard converted you into a fan of no-wires gaming, you'll love Corsair's new offerings. The peripheral-maker has launched a handful of devices at CES 2018, including a wireless gaming keyboard of its own, as we... Original link
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Sprint CEO to join Uber's board of directors

SoftBank has more than just a large stake in Uber -- it'll soon have some direct control as well. Recode sources understand that Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure is taking one of SoftBank's two slots on Uber's board of directors in the "next few weeks." T... Original link
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Samsung adds another ally in its battle over HDR standards

This isn't exactly taking it back to the days of HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray, but Samsung's fight to push HDR10+ as an alternative to Dolby Vision is heating up. We have more details on how the two standards compare right here, but one main feature is that bo... Original link
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White House bans personal cell phones for staff and guests

The White House has issued a ban on employees using personal cell phones while at work, according to Bloomberg. Rumors of the ban surfaced back in November, but according to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, it is going into effect Monday. The... Original link
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Apple's latest acquisition will bolster its tools for app developers

Apple is no stranger to acquisitions. Back in 2014, it bought the company behind TestFlight, a system that lets iOS developers get their app out to tens of thousands of beta testers ahead of launch. Now the company has purchased Buddybuild, a company... Original link
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Some Galaxy Note 8 owners have reported battery charging issues

Some Galaxy Note 8 owners have been reporting that they couldn't charge or turn on their handsets after the batteries ran dry -- a problem that plagues other phones as well. While Samsung reps have been trying to address individual issues, a company... Original link
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Kenwood will be one of the first to offer wireless Android Auto

Google talked about wireless Android Auto back in spring 2016, but there hasn't exactly been widespread adoption. You still have to assume that you'll need a USB cable when you hit the road. That's about to change: JVCKenwood has casually teased pl... Original link
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Porsche's electric Mission E will pack up to 670 horsepower

We've already noted that Porsche is gunning for Tesla with its Mission E sports car, and has even been spotted testing it against the Model X and Model S. Now we know more about what you'll be able to buy when it goes on the market, reportedly in 201... Original link
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Apple's original graphical OS will be available for free in 2018

If you've ever wanted to try Apple's graphical interface on the Lisa, the computer that preceded the Mac, you've been relegated to either using an emulator or (if you're lucky) tracking down one of the rare, expensive machines. Thankfully, it's abou... Original link
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Garmin's new Vivofit lasts for a year with an always-on color display

It's hard to stand out in the fitness tracker world when you can easily cover the fundamentals at a very low price. Garmin, however, is trying its level best. It just launched the Vivofit 4, which combines an always-on color display with its predec... Original link
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Qualcomm can start testing its self-driving tech in California

California has given a few more autonomous driving hopefuls permission to test vehicles on its roads, and one of them is a familiar name: Qualcomm. The chipmaker has received permission to test one vehicle and three drivers on December 12th, joining... Original link
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