US House votes to let ISPs sell your browser history

The Electronic Frontier Foundation responded to today's vote with a statement that "If the bill is signed into law, companies like Cox, Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T, and Verizon will have free rein to hijack your searches, sell your data, and hammer you with unwanted advertisements. Worst yet, consumers will now have to pay a privacy tax by relying on VPNs to safeguard their information."New FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is in support of rolling ......
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The best Galaxy S6 and S7 trade-in deals

TL;DR: Go with Glyde or SwappaBased on our analysis, Glyde and Swappa tend to offer the highest trade-in values. For instance, for a 32GB Galaxy S7 on Verizon, Swappa offers $349 and Glyde $304. Compare that to just $135 for Gazelle and $160 for Amazon.It was a similar story for the Galaxy S6 Edge on T-Mobile. Swappa offered us $364 for a 32GB version of the handset, compared to just $80 for GameStop and $96 on Wal-Mart.MORE: Here's How the......
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Germany wants to regulate a 24-hour livestream as a broadcaster

And importantly, this isn't a one-off case. Officials see this as setting an example that could apply to other livestreams that fit the terms. While they'd like to see legislation that specifically regulates internet streams, they've decided to apply existing law in the meantime.The problem, of course, is that this isn't a modest request for most people. On top of the usual paperwork, streamers are looking at a cost of between €1,000 to €10......
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Facebook tests GIFs in comments like it's 1995

This isn't the first foray into animated GIFs for Facebook, of course — it's been possible to use them as posts since 2015. Letting users comment on posts with this hot form of visual expression just shows how ubiquitous they have become. Love them or hate them, animated GIFs are everywhere, showing up in major messaging platforms like Apple's Messages and Facebook's Messenger. Heck, even Twitter has them, letting users of the short-text se......
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AT&T, Verizon join companies pulling ads from Google and YouTube

As reported by Variety, Verizon stated that "Once we were notified that our ads were appearing on non-sanctioned websites, we took immediate action to suspend this type of ad placement and launched an investigation." Its action followed AT&T, which named Google specifically, in a statement that "We are deeply concerned that our ads may have appeared alongside YouTube content promoting terrorism and hate. Until Google can ensure that thi......
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First Xbox One 'Tech Series' controller adds tactical styling

The Recon Tech Special Edition isn't too different from the stock model, adding cool gold accents and insignias on the gamepad's face and nice rubberized grip strips on the back. While that won't give players an edge (or expanded functionality) like the Elite controller's finely-tuned sensors and alt-control paddles, the Recon Tech includes the standard Wireless controller's Bluetooth capability to hook up to Windows 10 and Samsung Gear VR.......
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Museums use CT scans to take the mystery out of mummies

3D printing factors somewhat heavily in the exhibition, allowing museums like the AMNH to showcase replicas of various artifacts. This allows visitors to examine small details they might often miss when the object is trapped behind glass, as well as getting a better sense of the object's size and weight.Another way visitors are given an intimate look at the mummies is through a series of touchscreens that let people "virtually unwrap" them,......
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Windows 10 will push some updates over limited data plans

This generally won't be an issue if you're an avid internet user with an unlimited service plan or a relatively high data cap. However, it might pose a problem if you have a low cap (such as on satellite broadband) or have to pay based on usage. While this could save you from a major malware threat or a showstopping bug, you might not be so happy if you end up paying an overage fee just to get that important fix. ......
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FCC: Your cybersecurity isn't our problem

This neatly lays the groundwork for companies to spy, track, and profit off our private viewing and browsing habits. You see, ad industry trade groups absolutely hated those privacy rules, which were established under former Chairman Tom Wheeler.The rules would've required internet service providers to notify consumers about the collection and use of their data. And require opt-in consent before using or sharing what the FCC considers sensi......
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