Theranos Offers More Worthless Stock to Investors Who Pinky Swear Not to Sue

Photo: Getty The Wall Street Journal has yet another essential report from inside the meltdown of biomedical company Theranos. The company, which is currently the subject of a criminal probe for allegedly misleading investigators and government investigators, is reportedly offering investors more shares in exchange for a promise not to sue them. The Theranos disaster-saga began after a series of damming WSJ reports revealed that ......
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The Curiosity Rover's Wheels Aren't Looking So Good

Two treads, or grousers, on Curiosity’s left middle wheel are broken. In this image, a torn grouser can be seen at the top of the wheel. (Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS) A routine check performed by NASA has uncovered two tears on the treads of the Mars Curiosity Rover’s left middle wheel. The damage isn’t unexpected, nor is it catastrophic, but it’s a reminder that this intrepid little explorer won’t last forever. Scientists with......
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UK Testing Out Drone Army to Beef Up Its Already Insane Surveillance State 

  Photo: Getty For citizens of the UK, being watched is just a way of life. Britain alone has one CCTV camera for every ten people. What do you do when you have all the cameras but you want more? Make those things fly, of course. Police in Devon and Cornwall are spearheading a new unit that will informally be known as the “f......
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Experts Worry as Germany Tests Voice Recognition Software to Screen Refugees

Photo: Getty Germany announced this week that it will begin testing voice recognition software in its screening of refugees seeking asylum. The approach may help speed up the processing of hundreds of thousands of migrants, but some experts fear that the imperfect technology could cause more harm than good. In 1998, Germany began to use speech analysis to help determine the country of ori......
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Russian Bank Says Hackers are Trying to Make It Look Like Its Servers are Contacting Trump

Photo: Getty The saga of Russian cyber-ties to Trump just gets more complicated. Reports of contact between an Alfa Bank server and one belonging to the Trump organization have been circulating for months. Now, the bank says that US-based hackers have been attempting to make it appear that its servers are communicating with Trump since mid-February. First reported back in October by the ......
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Understand Microprocessors By Looking at This Beautiful Blinking 'Megaprocessor'

GIF GIF: Centre for Computing History Pretty much everything that’s great about technology today is thanks to the microprocessor. Billions of them are manufactured every year and they are one of the many reasons you can read this fine website. But few people understand what’s going on inside that little integrated circuit. Here’s a crash course. The fine folks at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge ha......
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Jalopnik Occasional Nazi Cosplayer Jesse James Is Selling A Beetle That’s As Nazi As Beetles Get | i

Jalopnik Occasional Nazi Cosplayer Jesse James Is Selling A Beetle That’s As Nazi As Beetles Get | i
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MormonLeaks Goes To Battle With Mormon Church Over Leaked "Enemy List"

On Tuesday March 14th, a group of former and inactive Mormons—who have leaked dozens of internal documents exposing the inner workings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—sent a legal letter to the LDS Church warning that MormonLeaks has no intention of ending their crusade for transparency. Since launching in December, MormonLeaks has published a steady stream of controversial internal documents that have drastica......
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The Oceans Are Getting Warmer Faster Than Anyone Realized

Photo: Getty Great news, everyone! We’re getting better at measuring the changing temperature of the ocean. Unfortunately, the data shows that they are warming more rapidly than researchers thought. A new study published in Scientific Advances has pulled together the data we have for ocean heating from 1960-2015. It provides what is believed to be the most accurate account of the changes that the oceans have experienced over thos......
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