How To Fix "Not Authorized" Error In Pidgin Using Google Talk

Recently I started to receive the ‘Not Authorized’ error problem when I tried to connect through Pi...
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How To Survive An NDE (Near Death Experience) And Live To Talk About It

As a side note this happened over 36 years ago and this is the first time I am sharing the story pu...
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How To Disable Adobe Acrobat DC Reader Updater

    If you are like me you like to do your own updates on a regular basis instead of allo...
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How To Write Your Name In Egyptian Hieroglyphics

  Did you notice the header logo above. It is Techlick written in the Egyptian hieroglyphics l...
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How To Turn Your Laptop Into A Router Windows 7

Want to become a WiFi superman? Then continue reading. Lets say you are at home and you have a lot ...
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How To Stop Bitdefender 2017 From Scanning DVD Media

At times when you insert a DVD or USB drive into either your DVD drive or USB port, Bitdefender wil...
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How To Refresh The Firefox Browser in 8 Easy Steps

If you are using the Firefox browser to browse the internet you will notice at times that you will ...
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How To Setup A Free Google Voice Phone Number

  If you don't have an unlimited plan with your cellular carrier, you might consider getting a...
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Quick Tip: How To Delete Your Linux Shell History

The quick tech tip of this day is how to delete the history from your Linux OS shell. You may have ...
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How To Do Cool Things With Your USB Drive

  Maybe you're probably like me and have a bunch of USB drives laying around. Did you know tha...
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How To Backup Your Data In Windows 7 To Get It Done!

You have all heard that a backup is the best measure in preparing for anything that could happen in...
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How to Set Up A Secure VPN Connection In Windows 7

What is a VPN you ask. A virtual private network ( VPN ) extends a private network across a public ...
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How To Disable Automatic Hyperlinks In Excel

Microsoft Excel is a fantastic program and one that I use a lot. But one little annoyance is the cr...
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How To Remove Hiberfil.sys In Windows 10

In my one article How To Free Up Space In Windows 10 I showed you how to remove over 20GB of space ...
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How To List Linux Services That Are Running

A buddy of mine had asked me a question the other day and I thought I would like to share that answ...
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How To Extend The Battery Life Of The Galaxy S6

Techlick's quick tip of the day is how to extend the battery life of your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Ed...
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How To Uninstall The Windows 10 Free Update Icon

    If you have noticed an additional icon in your system tray in the past few weeks it i...
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UPDATE: How To Turn Off Windows Tasks

Yesterday I wrote a blog post on How To Stop Windows 10 From Waking (You) Up and one other option t...
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How To Meditate For Computer Geeks

Meditation is a great way to escape the humdrum of your life and envision peace and calmness in you...
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How To Know What Is Running On Your PC

Ever wonder which program have a particular file or directory open? Or exactly what is running on y...
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How To Get A PR9 Rating For Your Website

Okay so you enter the internet and wonder at the opportunities that welcome you. You are an enthusi...
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How To Create A Fake ID For Your Stealth Internet Use

When on the Internet I hope that you have established a fake id for sites that you really don't wan...
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How To Tweak The Firefox Browser Like A Pro - Top Nine Tips

Firefox is a great - excuse me - an excellent browser and it continues to be the number one browser...
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How To Stop Windows 10 From Waking (You) Up

At times after a long day working on your computer, you just want to put your computer to sleep so ...
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How To Secure Your WordPress Site

Security in WordPress is taken very seriously, but as with any other system there are potential sec...
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How To Free Up Space In Windows 10

  Since we just upgraded to Windows 10 here at the office of Techlick we noticed that Windows ...
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How To Fix 5 Of The Most Common Windows 10 Update Issues

Of course we are a Windows world. We have been relying on Windows to do our business efforts or per...
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How To Disable Adobe Flash Player Settings Like A Pro

With the release that Firefox will leave Adobe Flash off by default by 2017 , today's Tech DIY will...
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How To Get What You Want By Writing Affirmations That Really Work!

  Get ready to supercharge your life. Let's get serious - everyone has desires and goals in li...
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How To Know Your Ports - A Port Reference Sheet

  You connect to the Internet everyday and you may be wondering what port that you are connect...
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How To Hide Windows Updates

Maybe you read my "How To" this morning on " How To Uninstall The Windows 10 Free Update Icon " but...
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How To Search Google Like A Pro

  Okay I am using the old Google logo but I am feeling a bit melancholy today. Did you say mel...
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How To Turn Slot Machine Odds Into Your Favor

Slots - what a great way to aimlessly spend your time winning money. Slots are easy to play, take l...
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How To Use A Pizza Cutter Like A Pro

Who doesn't love pizza. The perfect food for anytime of the day. Eat it hot or eat it cold, pizza s...
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How To Buy A Business With No Money Down Today!

It has come time that you have the opportunity to buy a business. One in which you can still foster...
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How To Access The Web Dev Tools Within Firefox

In Techlick's continued series of articles that outline things you can do with Mozilla Firefox, tod...
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How To Tips On Upgrading To Windows 10 (roll out in 3 days)

With only 3 days away for the latest upgrade to the Windows OS (operating system), which is expecte...
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How To Copy PDF Files To Your Kindle

  Over the years I have amassed a large collection of PDF files that I use for reference purpo...
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How To Install Secure Messaging With Tor Messenger

It's still in beta, but the  Tor Messenger from the Tor Project has security and privacy baked...
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How To Create A Secure Password That Cannot Be Figured Out

How do you create a secure password and remember it but also at the same time will not allow anyone...
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How To Install Firefox On A Mac Computer

  This article explains how to download and install Firefox on a Mac. Since I do not currently...
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How To Speed Up Boot Time In Windows 7

  This may or may not speed up your boot time but it is always a good thing to try. Depending ...
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How To Check Disk Space In Linux Using 10 DF Commands

I love the CLI (Command Line Interface). It reminds me of the good old DOS (Disk Operating System) ...
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How To Tell Where An Email Really Came From - Really

Just because an email shows up in your inbox labeled This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , doesn’t mean that you...
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How To Decrease Your Paging File System (pagefile.sys)

  Sometimes you get so happy about your computer that you dump a bunch of memory hogging appli...
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How To Zip Your Files With 2 Free Compression Utilities

Sending and receiving large files is something we all do these days. But what if your file or files...
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Want Privacy? How To Setup proXPN

Do you want to keep your browsing and whatever other things you might be doing online private. Then...
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How To Prepare For The Cold Weather Coming

The cold weather is coming here in the Northeast and depending upon where you live it is best to be...
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How To Check Those Short URLs - Hey Shorty Do I Know You?

Shortening URLS has become mainstream for many years now . But what if you wanted to check those UR...
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How To Download Your Data With Google Takeout Service

Today I came upon a service that Google has called Takeout where you can download a copy of your da...
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