Infographic: 12 Mind-Boggling Brain Facts

The brain is an organ that serves as the center of the nervous system in all vertebrate and most invertebrate animals. The brain is located in the head, usually close to the sensory organs for senses such as vision. Since we need to process what we see and turn it into a identifiable matter that we can correlate to. The brain is the most complex organ in a vertebrate's body. And in humans, the cerebral cortex contains approximately 15–33 billion neurons, and each are connected by synapses to several thousand other neurons. These neurons communicate with one another by means of long protoplasmic fibers called axons, which carry trains of signal pulses called action potentials to distant parts of the brain or body targeting specific recipient cells.

So while you are reading this your brain is firing away at those neurons and synapses and you are gaining new information which the brain is storing right now as you read this. And not only that but the brain is also recognizing and becoming aware of your total environment while you read this.

Understanding how your brain works is ongoing process in the field of neuroscience and one avenue that they are looking at - is how can you turn yourself into a success magnet utilizing the 12 Mind-Boggling Brain Facts in the below infographic.

Today's infographic shows you 12 of the most mind boggling facts that could help you become successful in your business or any endeavor that you decide to pursue. Enjoy my friends!

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