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Wanted: Protection From Intrusive Hacks for Connected Vehicles

InformationWeek News Connects The Business Technology Community Original link
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DevOps: Get Everyone in the Same Boat

Successful DevOps initiatives have to include everyone, not just the Dev and Ops staffs, according to Interop ITX speakers. Original link
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Threat Lifecycle Management

Principal Sales Engineer for LogRhythm Chris Martin stops by the InformationWeek News Desk to explain why having a response strategy to cyber incidents is just as important as a prevention strategy. Original link
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Using Artificial Intelligence for Threat Prevention

Cylance director of sales engineering Rich Thompson stops by the InformationWeek News Desk to share how the company uses artificial intelligence to identify unknown threats and stop the execution of an attack. Original link
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Cisco DevNet Prepares Developers for Programmable Network

Three-and-a-half years ago, Cisco launched DevNet to prepare developers for the programmable network, accessed through APIs. A Cisco exec provided an update in an Interop ITX keynote. Networking systems are going to need their developer teams as badly as enterprise applications  and operations need DevOps, Cisco decided three-and-a-half years ago. Networks were moving toward a software-defined existence, and developers who wished to program...
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MIT's McAfee: Smart Machines Pick up the Pace

MIT's Andrew McAfee looks at all those things we said computers could never do, but they did. And, he warns of the HiPPO. You and your peers in the tech field might be a little surprised and more than a bit overwhelmed by the speed with which machine intelligence is outperforming humans. Don't feel bad, even the experts who write the books are feeling stunned by the rate and scale of tech change. Andrew McAfee, principal research scientist ...
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On-premises Workloads Require Higher Staff Investment Than Cloud

Nemertes analyst says research shows lower cost for cloud for some types of workloads; results less clear for predictable, steady-state apps. In pre-show comments April 19, John Burke, analyst and CIO of Nemertes Research , said it wasn't clear yet from his data whether cloud operations could be judged to be lower cost than on-premise operations. The picture is coming together now. John Burke, Nemertes Data is still being collected and...
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Overcoming Data Inequality

Businesses say they want to integrate external data with in-house data, but bias and a lack of tools stand in the way. For many organizations, the goal of business intelligence (BI) and Big Data is to better understand and leverage the complete data landscape for commercial advantage. Internal company data most often serves as the fuel for BI and Big Data initiatives, but in reality this is only part of the picture. Consider a traditional o...
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IT Outages, Who's Really at Fault?

Systems do go down, and sometimes the cause seems obvious, but it may be too obvious. Employ root cause analysis methods to find the real cause of failure. As our IT infrastructures grow increasingly complex thanks to advanced technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing and software defined networking (SDN), understanding the root cause of an IT outage becomes more difficult to achieve. But even more importantly, current troublesho...
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Welcome to InformationWeek's Interop ITX Newsdesk

Follow the action at Interop ITX and hear from the experts through the InformationWeek NewsDesk, streaming live from Las Vegas. The InformationWeek News Desk returns this week, bringing you video coverage of the Interop ITX conference, and broadcasting live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Watch the live stream right here, Wednesday, May 17 and Thursday, May 18, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time. The News Desk will feature interviews with ...
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Women in Tech Leadership is Good for Business - How to Achieve It

Four steps toward enabling the advance of women into tech leadership roles start with acknowledging today's disparity. It's no secret that gender disparity is an issue in the technology industry. The field has become a gateway to high-paying jobs and an opportunity to make a change in the software-driven future. However, a higher number of men than women are staying on. This gap exists due to many factors: families at home, working hours at...
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MTM's Kleyman: Embrace the Coming Internet of Things

Interop speaker Bill Kleyman sees security as one component of the Internet of Things, which all companies are going to have to embrace. At Interop May 17, MTM Technologies CTO Bill Kleyman plans to break the Internet of Things down into six high level components. That will allow members of his audience to think about implementing their own IoT, an exercise that he believes all his listeners will soon need to undertake. In his opinion, "the...
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5 DevOps Management Faults

Sometimes the barriers to success with DevOps can't be blamed on poor tools or poor workmen, but on the managers who are in charge. By all estimations, DevOps has been proven to be effective in accelerating the delivery of applications with a consistent level of code quality. In fact, DevOps has such a big impact on enterprise IT, that some call it a " key driver of business growth " in 2017. Despite the potential, management of DevOps has ...
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Uptime Institute: Enterprise Server Footprint Flat or Shrinking

In its annual survey, the Uptime Institute finds enterprise cloud usage flat, even while the server footprint shrinks. The server footprint inside the enterprise data center is slowly shrinking but data centers are scarcely about to disappear just because the cloud is siphoning off part of their workloads. While cloud use is on the upswing, the enterprise data center continues to carry roughly two-thirds of the load, which hasn't changed mu...
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Some Things to Leave in Las Vegas

Some of Interop ITX's awesome advisors and speakers share a peek into what they will do on their Las Vegas journey. There are certain places you go to that any three visitors will view differently: "love it," "hate it," "tolerate it." Places like New York City, Florida, and Las Vegas come to mind. For me personally, this New England boy isn't a fan of New York (that's no big secret). Florida, nice place to visit… You might disagree. But doe...
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Autism as a Competitive Advantage in IT

At quality assurance company, ULTRA Testing, 75% of the employees have autism spectrum disorder. The company's co-founder says that gives the business a competitive advantage, and has helped them produce better results than IT heavyweights like IBM. ULTRA Testing is a technology startup that provides quality assurance services. Its headquarters is in New York, but most of the staff signs in from remote offices. That’s because UTLRA recruits...
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At Harvard Business Publishing, It Was a Do-or Die Move to Cloud

IT Director Ken Griffin knew a half-committed move to the cloud would never get there; he adopted a lights-out date for the data center. The first thing that moving into the cloud changes is where your servers are running. But before a migration is finished, you'll find it's no longer about the location of the hardware. In fact it's changed the entire organization. That might be one of the conclusions that Ken Griffin, director of IT operat...
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Luxury Fashion Finds Bigger Sales, Returns In Cloud

Net-A-Porter didn't know how much money it was leaving on the table when the Web site failed to keep up with traffic. New microservices captured it. Luxury fashion might seem to be an unlikely space to suffer from sudden onslaughts of high traffic, given the non-mass marketing approach that luxury by definition implies. If millions of consumers are involved, then how luxurious can it be? But the IT staff at Net-A-Porter , a 17-year-old, onl...
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Let's Talk Cloud at Interop ITX

You can join cloud computing expert and InformationWeek editor at large Charles Babcock as he takes in his pick of more than two dozen informative cloud related presentations at the upcoming Interop ITX in May. Application migration issues, security, new software models and evaluating total cost of ownership. All are part of an enterprise cloud initiative. If your company is moving to the cloud -- or maybe you are already there -- there is ...
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Why IT is in Jeopardy

Change is the only constant, which IT professionals know all too well. However, as technology changes, their departments must too. Some IT departments are in trouble, big trouble if they don't do something fast. We explain a few reasons why. Some IT departments are struggling to prove their relevance as the pace of change continues to accelerate. On one hand, they're responsible for their own predicament and on the other hand they're not. I...
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5 Keys to Leading in the Age of Analytics

Organizations of all sizes have to consider the use of big data analytics, and understand how analytics fits into the corporate strategy. Data and analytics have redefined the way we compete. Data is a critical corporate asset that organizations are starting to monetize in new ways to get ahead of their competition. The bottom line? Companies that leverage data to drive the performance of their organization’s decisions are winning at a fast...
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Walmart: Agility Enabled with React.js, Node.js

Alex Grigoryan needed to attack multiple fronts as he revamped the Walmart Web site; the answer was decentralized agile teams with Node.js. When Walmart wanted to upgrade its online web site and mobile platform, it needed to marshal its IT resources as skillfully as possible to keep up with the likes of Amazon.com, Target and CostCo. Eighteen months ago, Alexander Grigoryan , Walmart senior director of software engineering, application plat...
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Nemertes CIO Burke: Do You Know Your Cloud TCO?

It's not simple: Nemertes CIO John Burke to explain how to evaluate your TCO when using a cloud service and whether real savings are available. As more companies contemplate moving legacy applications into the cloud, they confront a nagging question: do they really know whether it improves their total cost of ownership? Running a virtual server on infrastructure as a service looks like a good deal, but how do you know that it is? John Burke...
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Moving to the Cloud: 3 Ways to Ensure Data Sovereignty

Navigating the maze of data sovereignty laws can be intimidating, organizations should not let this deter them from making the move if companies do their due diligence. In the beginning, the cloud was somewhat of a mystery.  This seemingly magical technology has transformed the way many organizations operate, and companies around the world are taking advantage of all that the cloud has to offer.  Yet despite the implications of its name, th...
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What You Need to Know About Containers

Interop ITX will offer a day-long, Container Crash Course for those who want to learn more about containers' impact on enterprise operations. Containers are changing not only how code is assembled into applications and moved around but also how companies adopting containers conduct their business. Not everyone necessarily understands where containers fit into their software infrastructure or how they affect day to day operations. On the fir...
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IT Won't Recognize Itself by the End of the Year

It's time to rethink the role and structure of IT in the enterprise. How many times a day does your organization rely on connected technology to get business done? IT is at the center of nearly every interaction we have today, every email, phone call, and text, every order placed and filled, every patient cared for, every financial transaction completed. Now more than ever, IT is responsible for keeping the lights on both literally and figu...
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Cultivating the Inclusive Tech Workplace

Tech companies need to work harder to attract and retain more minorities and women, says Interop ITX speaker Coco Brown. Tech companies like to boast that they foster an "inclusive workplace." Yet how many industry leaders actually understand what an inclusive workplace is, much less know how to successfully create and sustain one? Coco Brown , founder and CEO of The Athena Alliance, an organization dedicated to advancing boardroom diversit...
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Why Collaboration is Critical in Technology Acquisition

New technologies and solutions are compelling, so compelling that little thought may go into what will make them successful. Solutions architects can help, but they need help from IT and the business. Thought leaders, including an Interop ITX speaker, share advice. Technology teams and lines of business are often seduced by cool new technologies, products, and services. The business is drawn to promises of better insights, higher productivi...
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The Secret Sauce to Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

Networking company Ciena developed an internal strategy to improve it's customer relationships. A successful business is never complacent. Others will always be gunning for your customers and prospects. As a network strategy and technology company, we are under constant pressure to deliver rewarding customer experiences and business outcomes. In our industry, being caught flat-footed is a recipe for disaster. Technology evolves at a rapid p...
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Twitter Chat: Tips for Embracing DevOps

If you are just getting started with DevOps or you want to take your DevOps initiative to the next level, join InformationWeek and Interop ITX for a Twitter chat on Thursday. While we like to think of technology trends as moving at lightning speed, the growth of such concepts in terms of tech maturity and general adoption can take a decade or more. Consider the example of the cloud, which took its amorphous shapes in the 1990s. Now, everyon...
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