Johnny Depp signs on to play John McAfee in a film of his life

The John McAfee movie maybe filmed in bath salts-avision HIGH PITCHED ROALD DAHL RUINER JOHNNY DEPP has signed up to what we reckon will be the role of his life. While some actors have taken on critically acclaimed roles as Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, Depp will be playing the INQUIRER's favourite technology person, the marvellous John McAfee. We assumed that the film will focus on the genes......
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Snoopers' Charter: 16,000 public sector staff empowered to spy on web browsing records

16,000 public sector staff empowered to spy on web browsing records MORE THAN 16,000 public sector staff have been empowered by Section 4 of the Investigatory Powers Act to snoop on people's web browsing records. And that's before the estimated 4,000 staff at security agency MI5, the 5,500 at GCHQ and 2,500 at MI6 are taken into account. That's according to the responses from a series of almost 100 Freedom of I......
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Google Updates: Of Pi, Pixel and Pikachu

They're updates about Google, it's where we get the name In case you missed them: Hangouts is losing SMS Support Chrome is most secure browser Android devices aren't getting enough patches Nest can be pwned by burglars Android O dev preview is here Hate ads lead to Brit brand boycott IT HASN'T been a great week for Google what with all the sabre rattling over its placement of adverts next to hate ......
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Instagram wants people to meet in person and use two-factor authentication

Think and factor twice before posting your cat on Instagram EVERYONE FORCING THEIR HOLIDAY AND ARSE PHOTOS AT YOU 2D EXPERIENCE Instagram wants to arrange of gathering of is people and has finally adopted two-factor authentication. Instagram's plan to bring people together probably makes sense to it, but we wouldn't be fancy going. Imagine all the duck face ladies brandishing handbags and hair extensions, and a......
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5 jobs introverts can't wait to see replaced by robots

WE'RE FOREVER hearing about how the robots are coming for our jobs, and soon there'll be no gainful employment for real flesh-and-blood humans. In fact, I fully expect it to be a key campaign point for the 2030 election. But for some people, there are definite upsides to the robot revolution. Sure, it might sound harsh to wish for lots of people to lose their jobs, but that's how societal progress works - loads of jobs don't exist anymore. ......
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Outlook, Skype and Xbox Live down as Microsoft suffers another outage

Microsoft experiences its second major outage in a fortnight USERS ACROSS Europe and parts of the US are reporting that Microsoft services including Outlook, Skype and Xbox Live are currently down.  The issues began around 5pm UK time, with almost 2,500 reported incidents occurring in a short space of time according to website Down Detector website. Users, naturally, have taken to Twitter to moan about the prob......
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Spanish dude reveals terrifying sex robot that wants to be romanced

Samantha, you don't have to wear your pink dress tonight HEY THERE ROMEO, ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A COLD FEELING, blank staring, sex sack of potatoes with which you spend your evenings and weekends? Well wait no more. There is a man in Spain who has made a thing that might meet your needs, but would probably terrify anyone else who came across it Meet Samantha, the plastic hole bot. We met her in the Metro newspape......
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Google Updates: Tiny JPEGs, no big screen Assistant, big ask from Judge

PREVIOUSLY IN THE INQUIRER: Twas Beauty and the Beast that killed Google Home Drive gets borked on Windows because Google dropped its load prematurely DeepMind learns how to think more like a human DeepMind NHS hookup isn't transparent enough apparently Chrome 57 is a third less greedy Allo is giving away your search history Android Phones with preinstalled malware? Yeah, that's a thing Google and Levis make a smart jacket Ju......
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GCHQ rubbishes claims it wiretapped Trump during presidential campaign

GCHQ rubbishes claims it wiretapped Trump BRITISH COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE AGENCY GCHQ has rubbished claims that it wiretapped Donald Trump during the US presidential campaign, describing the claims "utterly ridiculous". White House press secretary Sean Spicer cited claims made on US TV channel Fox News earlier this week by political commentator Andrew Napolitano, a former New Jersey judge. Napolitano had sa......
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iPhone 6 Plus does its best Galaxy Note 7 impression

iPhone 6 Plus explodes in a mobile phone repair shop OH, THE IRONY. An iPhone 6 Plus smartphone has exploded in a bloody mobile phone repair shop in Australia.  Simon Owen is the owner of the Queensland-based, and he has shared CCTV footage (below) of what he claims is smoke coming out of an iPhone 6 Plus handset.  The video shows the handset's owner pressing down on its cracked display, which causes smoke to s......
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Microsoft Teams: Slack wannabe now available to all Office 365 users

Microsoft Teams is now available to all LATE TO THE GAME Microsoft has made Teams, its Slack-wannabe collaboration and communication tool, available to all Office 365 users. Microsoft Teams first made its debut in a limited preview last November. The service is an extension of Office 365 Groups, combining subject-threaded chat with Skype, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, SharePoint and a whole bunch of other Microsoft products, in......
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Nintendo Switch jailbreak may be possible thanks to old iOS security flaw

The Nintendo Switch may be about to be turned upside down THE NEWLY RELEASED Nintendo Switch console might have what its manufacturer thinks is a locked down operating system, but reportedly it does not. A tweet from a notorious jailbreaker, the modern kind as opposed to the file in the cake kind, has set the internets alight with the suggestion that the Nintendo Switch can be forced to bend. A report on the Sl......
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Google Updates: Google Cloud Next, Chrome Next, Recaptcha Next

EARLIER THIS WEEK: Google Boosts Bug Bounty Gmail account details for sale on the dark web Google Play apps with scam five star reviews found Hangouts is remorphed into two business oriented apps AND NOW: It was the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco this week, and as ever, it served as an interesting contrast to the more over-arching adventures in next month's I/O event. Key announcements included a Google Cloud Vi......
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BT gives Openreach a chance to spread its wings

BT WILL SET OPENREACH loose upon an unsuspecting world to fend for itself, although it will still give it a yearly allowance, like a rich kid of Instagram. The move comes after Ofcom had been bugging BT for years about the need to give Openreach more independence, warning that it could become emotionally stunted through the smothering love it was being showered with. Friends of Openreach, like Sky and TalkTalk, also thought BT was being too......
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Best laptops 2017

WHO SAID laptops are a dying breed? Well, once upon a time, about five years ago - when people were buying tablets like the British buy sun cream in a heat wave - industry experts said laptops would soon perish thanks to the likes of the iPad, which piqued the interests of just about anyone who knew what a smartphone was (everyone, then). "Who wants a cumbersome keyboard when you can simply prod the display instead?" the critics cried. Well......
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Oculus CTO Carmack is suing Zenimax for $22.5m over sales of Doom studio

Carmack is the godfather of Doom but now works at Oculus OCULUS'S CHIEF Technical Officer is suing his former employer Zenimax Media for earnings he claims are still owed to him. Facebook-owned Oculus lost a dispute with Zenimax last month over intellectual property and breach of non-disclosure, which led to Oculus having to pay Zenimax $500m. Mark Zuckerberg testified himself at the trial, but ultimately the company was f......
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Kaspersky launches a perfume to help punters sniff out security threats

Kaspersky's new perfumes, for what its worth SECURITY COMPANY Kaspersky Lab has contacted us, and probably some other people, about the launch two perfumes, one for men and one for ladies, that are called Threat de Toilette pour femme and pour homme. We know, it reads like a parody, but it probably isn't. The thing is, while Kaspersky is possibly talking crap about the perfume, it does manage to squeeze in a lo......
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Nvidia Jetson TK2: Credit card-sized supercomputer looks to fuel AI development

GRAPHICS OUTFIT Nvidia has unveiled the Jetson TK2 mini supercomputer, a teeny-tiny PC that looks to aid the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and fuel the creation of 'intelligent machines'. The Nvidia Jetson TK2, unveiled at the Open Compute Summit in San Jose, is a credit card-sized PC that follows on from last year's TK1, which Nvidia at the time touted as the "world's first mobile supercomputer." Nvidia claims the Jetson TK2 ......
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Microsoft's UUP shrinks Windows 10 updates by 65 per cent for Insiders

Microsoft's UUP shrinks Windows 10 downloads by 65 per cent for Insiders MICROSOFT HAS SPILLED some more details on its new Unified Update Platform (UUP), claiming that Insiders have seen download sizes reduced by 65 per cent. Microsoft first announced UUP back in November, promising that it will shrink the size of Windows 10 updates in order to make them quicker and less painful to install.  The feature allows......
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Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7: Which is the better phone?

IF YOU'RE TRYING to decide whether to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S8 before upgrading your phone, the good news is that between leaks, rumours and previous Samsung experience, we have a pretty clear picture of what to expect from the S8 when it officially launches on 29 March. As with any long-awaited flagship, there have been S8 leaks galore - and while none of the specs below are official, we have them on pretty good authority (special th......
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Google Updates: Bigger Gmail, YouTube TV, Pixel not axed

THE INQUIRER'S weekly roundup of news from Google and Alphabet. Starting with the headlines: Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive on 29th March Huawei P10 will arrive in the UK in March Google Project Zero ‘outs' Edge vulnerability Boston Dynamics robot can Handle stairs Google Cloud adds Skylake and Tesla to its data centres Google Assistant is rolling out to non-Pixel phones You can already get a beta for a few essential Google app......
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iPhone 8: Analyst rubbishes USB-C talk, points to fast charging via Lightning

iPhone 8: Analyst rubbishes USB-C talk, points to fast charging via Lightning TURNS OUT the iPhone 8 probably won't ditch Lightning in favour of USB-C, but could come with the addition of Type-C Power Delivery for faster charging. Earlier this week, a report claimed that Apple's next iPhone(s) will feature a "USB-C port for the power cord and other peripheral devices instead of the company's original Lightning connector". ......
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Government puts AI, connectivity and security at heart of post-Brexit digital strategy

Government puts AI, connectivity and security at heart of post-Brexit digital strategy THE UK GOVERNMENT has unveiled its long-awaited digital strategy and has put connectivity and cyber security at the heart of its plans.  The plan was released by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) on Wednesday and presented by culture secretary Karen Bradley in a speech at the offices of startup hub Entreprene......
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Windows 10 Creators Update will let users block installation of Win32 apps

Soon you can block programs in Windows 10 (Photo: MSPowerUser) MICROSOFT IS planning to give users the option to block traditional Win32 apps from installing on their machine. Pictures obtained by MSPowerUser (above) show a new feature which is disabled by default but clearly shows a warning that attempting to install a program (as opposed to an app) without using the Windows Store has been blocked due to a dev......
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Nokia 3310: Iconic mobe returns with 22-hour battery and 2MP camera

Nokia 3310: Iconic mobe returns with 22-hour battery and 2MP camera STICK SOME Destiny's Child on your CD walkman and put a tie on over your t-shirt because the Nokia 3310 is officially back. Just as expected, HMD Global launched the new Nokia 3310 during its press conference at MWC, and while it doesn't look identical to the indestructible handset of old, the firm is promising 22-hours of talk time (and up to......
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Google Updates: Scuba, Singularity, SMS and suing

PLEASE BE upstanding for the round-up of this week's Google-related stories. Firstly, there's Google's plans to sue Uber for allegedly nicking design patents for self-driving cars, and a new hack that warns users of "missing fonts" which turn out to be malware are plaguing Windows Chrome users. On the enterprise side, Google is now offering Tesla K80 CPU clusters to spin up a supercomputer on demand, In VR, the days of silly hats for VR cou......
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Best tablets 2017

WITH MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS (MWC) just around the corner, we can expect to see a host of new smartphones taking over our news feeds in the coming days. But what about the smartphone's beloved sibling, the dear old tablet - something that in recent years has become the backbone of our modern technological existence? We certainly haven't forgotten about them, and we are sure you haven't either. The good news is, the market is still absolutely ......
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AMD's Ryzen 7 is half the price of Intel's Core i7, despite 'better performance'

AMD Ryzen 7: Out next week, with better performance at half the price of Intel's Core i7 AMD HAS unexpectedly released details of its first three Ryzen microprocessors which, it claims, will offer better performance at half the price or more of rival Intel products and will be available to order next Thursday. The company will mimic Intel's chip families, with the AMD Ryzen 7 line competing with the Intel Core ......
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Best Amiga games on iOS and Android

THE COMMODORE AMIGA was one of the machines to define the home computing era of the late '80s and '90s, with its superb sound and graphics capabilities and its affordability. And a healthy ecosystem of games developers quickly sprung up around it, with a host of titles released on the platform which today are rightfully regarded as classics. The good news is that some of these vaunted games are available right now on your mobile device. If ......
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Google Updates: Best games, bye Gingerbread and Fuchsia shocks

ANOTHER WEEK another mixed bag for Google. We've already heard about yet another anti-trust suit being brought against the company this time over Tizen, how Sundar Pichai made a little girl's day, how Google paid its autonomous car executives too much so they left, and that Project Loon has made a huge breakthrough. Meanwhile, plenty of other things happened, starting with the inaugural Google Play Indie Game Awards. The INQUIRER was suppos......
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