Apricot Mustard

There are many ways to mill mustard seeds, but the best options to do this at home is either freezing them beforehand or soaking them in white wine vinegar. Take a glass jar and fill it with 160grams mustard seeds. Then add 350ml of white wine vinegar. The remaining 10ml will be added later on top for preservation. Remove black or broken seeds. The jar needs to be stored in a cold place for 3 days, not fully covered. Original link
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Mood Cue: a Scientific Temperature- Mood- Correlation

Upload the following code to the Arduino. #include <Servo.h> const int servo = 9;const int tempPin = 0;//raw reading variableint tempVal;//voltage variablefloat volts;//final temperature variablesfloat tempC;Servo servo1;void setup() { // put your setup code here, to run once: servo1.attach(servo);}void loop(){ //read the temp sensor and store it in tempVal tempVal = analogRead(tempPin); //converting that reading to voltage by multipl...
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How to Prepare Sesame Spiced Rice

This is a very spicy rice prepared with sesame seeds as main ingredient. First, sesame seeds with other ingredients are grind to powder and seasoned. Then cooked rice is mixed with the seasoning to make the Sesame Spiced Rice. It tastes very good. You do not require any sides with this and can eat as it is. Original link
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IoT Mains Controller. Part 9 : IoT, Home Automation

Preamble To successfully compile this source code you will need the following extra libraries; PubSubClient.h Bounce2.h Code Overview The software makes use of the state-machine as shown in pic 1 above (full copy of source given below). There are 5 main states as follows; INIT This initialisation state is the first state entered after power up. NOCONFIG This state is entered if after power up an invalid or missing secvals.txt file is detect...
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Tuna Pie for 1

Cut another piece of puff pastry to fit the upper part of the baking dish. You can use your dish as a mold. Put some egg in the boarder of the puff pastry and put the lid you just cut on top of it. Cut any excess if needed. Use your fingers to press down firmly to avoid the puff pastry to open. Use a fork to seal it and make the edge look pretty. Original link
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Control AC Appliances Sitting on Your Bed

Out of many options available for going wireless like Radio Frequency, Bluetooth, I chose the simplest one i.e. Infrared. The concept is, using an Arduino and an IR receiver, I will distinguish the IR codes of different buttons of an IR remote. And after comparing the codes with predefined ones, I will turn on or off different appliances according to the buttons pressed. We can control almost any number of appliance using a shift register, ...
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Homemade Water Rocket Demon! BOOM!

Fill 1/3 of the bottle with water, then slowly squeeze the cork into the bottle. Place the bottle between two heavy boxes or find a friend to help you hold it. Then pump it as fast as you can. The cork will slowly push the bottle away. Boom! There you go, your homemade DIY water rocket is finished. Original link
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Methane Blaster Torch

These are the things you'll need: 1. Five foot of propane hose with flare fitting at one end. 2. Contact pin. 3. Hollow bolt with two nuts. 4. Steel ruler. 5. Teflon tape. 6. Cotton Thread. 7. ¾ inch joiner socket. 8. Small Pressure control valve. 9. 1 and 1/2 inch to 1-inch reducer coupling. 10. 12 inches of 1-inch thick pipe. 11. 2-inch clip. Original link
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An Electric Musical Instrument 3D Printed Amplifier.

Basics. The amplifier is to hold within itself: two speakers, a PSU, amplifier electronics, cables, an input jack and a volume knob. I started by copying the sketch used to model the speaker, making two copies and then separating them making sure to leave enough space between them for the 10k Pot. I added circles for screws, and added outer circles to represent the screw caps. Superior Sound Quality. I wanted to have free movement of air ar...
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Table Organizer Inspired by Scandinavian Design

I guess I could have just glued all the sheets together and then used a router to make the holes I need, but I didn't. I decided to first glue together the two sheets that will be placed on top of the block. Before gluing the strips I had to make 2 wide holes to the top strip. Those I would use for my phone and a pocket sized notebook. I measured the holes so that my phone would sit there both vertically and horizontally in slight angle jus...
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Play Bongos With Bananas

After you are done with all the connections, you'll see that the LEDs on the Makey Makey turn on. Now to play the bongos you need to open up the Bongos app in their official website. You can go there by clicking here . That's it. You can go ahead and enjoy the bongos. This is also a fun way to learn how circuits work. That's All Folks !! Stay Tuned for More !! Follow me for more cool DIY !! Keep DIY-ing !! I have launched a campaign for an ...
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Making a Metal Melting Furnace

This metal furnace can melt aluminum, copper, gold , silver as well as other metals with a little lower melting point. It will be great if you subscribe to my YouTube channel to make sure you don't miss out any of my DIYs YOUTUBE:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz960raDm01Q-NVe2... FACEBOOK:https://web.facebook.com/diyer.diyer.372 Original link
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Macgyver Hand Crank Flash Light

you find aPopsicle stick and a rusty nail on the ground. you take out a glue stick and lighter from your pocket. melting the glue with your lighter you glue the Popsicle stick to the motor. after finding a nail on the ground you heat it up with the lighter and poke a small hole in the Popsicle stick. you stick a tooth pick through the hole you made. done! at last Original link
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Frisbee Golf & Drone Gates

Materials : Plastic buckets and lids. Sometimes free from a nearby restaurant but cheap enough from stores Garden plant hangers. I got mine on sale but cheap enough at almost any home and garden outlet Cord/rope. Pick you size, color and material Original link
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Discus Launch Glider Build

The thought that one can hand launch a model glider to 100-200ft altitude seems amazing – but is possible with Discus Launch Gliders (DLGs). To launch one holds the glider by a finger grip on a wing tip and then one spins around as throwing a discus. In order to get to 200ft the glider needs to be launched at >80mph, and the g force in the rotation is over 25g. This is a little faster than a discus (~55mph) but the glider is 6 times ligh...
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Quinoa Jalapeno Poppers

1 cup cooked quinoa 5-7 Jalapenos, cleaned and chopped 1 clove garlic, minced 1 tbs sea salt (I used my wife's homemade infusion ) 1 tsp pepper 2 oz cream cheese (soften) 6-8 oz Colby Jack cheese (or use whatever cheeses you like) 4oz Gouda 3oz Asiago 1 egg (for binding ingredients) Cupcake/muffin pan and cups I basically chopped up and threw in whatever cheeses we had. So far haven't had a bad mix, but I usually limit it to 3 cheeses. Crea...
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Build a cat tree very tall, sturdy and cat entertaining

Your browser sent an invalid request. Original link
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Slide to WATER SLIDE!!!!

I grabbed a leftover piece of 1/2" pvc about 3' long, a cap, and a threaded end piece for it, and finally one of the water ballon fillers. I took the tip off the water ballon filler and opened the hole so I could slide it over the end of the threaded piece. I cut down the threaded end to only 2 threads left on so when I attach the hose it won't be in the way. Like I said these are pieces I had in the house. If you purchase the pieces I'm su...
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Omnik Inverter Off It's Cloud and on My MQTT

The code outputs a bit of debugging data, so if something is not working, simply hook up the WeMos to your PC again, start the Arduino IDE and press CTRL+SHFT+M to start a serial console. Make sure the speed is set to 115200. You can either use your own broker, or use a cloud based service. I run my own, Mosquitto installed on my Synology NAS. If you are OK with a cloud service, you can use Adafruit or Amazon AWS or any other one. The messa...
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"Hot-Car Death" Alarm System

Before we start, a few words on what led me to make this instructable. I live in Israel, it's a fairly hot country and June-August are a kind of an endless heatwave. Every year, in Israel alone, approximately 10 babies die of Heatstroke as they are left stranded in the back seat of a car. Israel is a small country, just short of 8 million people. Yen in this case 1 in a million is way too much! 2 years ago i became a father, a responsible o...
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Create FlipCover for Dual Screen Phone/ Uncommon Phone From Other Phone's Flipcover (No Sew)

Dual-screen phones are not exactly common in the market (there are currently less than 5 of them), and the market itself is not big enough, so it's understandable that the choice for accessories are rather limited. I'm always a big fan of flipcovers (all my gadgets are inside their own flipcovers). Other than its ability to protect my phone and my phone screen, leather or faux-leather flipcover are usually waterproof, and sleek in appearanc...
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Stabilize Sensor Readings With Kalman Filter

We are using various kinds of electronic sensors for our projects day to day. IMU, Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, Infrared Sensor, Light Sensor are some of them. Most of the times we have to use a processing unit such as an Arduino board, a microcontroller chip to process the sensor data and get corresponding outputs. If we observe these readings we can identify that those are not very stable and contains noise. If we use these noisy and unsta...
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Unusual Uses of a Drilling Machine

Necessity is the mother of inventions... When the need for something like a tool, spare part or an equipment, which is not readily available with us, becomes very essential we are forced to find ways of getting the work done by what is available with us. Some times the way we manipulate what is available with us In this instructable I have demonstrated how a variable speed Drilling Machine can be used in unusual ways like cutting weeds, dig...
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Easy Bluetooth Subwoofer Speaker (80W)

What do you need? - Amplifier: Ebay This subwoofer amp has a 40W subwoofer output and 20W left and right output. If you got some higher power speakers you can use another subwoofer amplifier like this from Ebay I should not recommend the amp I used because it was diy kit do I needed to solder every component separately. - Bluetooth usb: Ebay Still the best option for easy bluetooth installation, and the aux input can also be used so you hav...
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Image to Low Poly Vector Art

To create the framework, Inkscape uses a plugin that generates a path between objects. Make sure to save before this step! Using the selection tool, drag a selection box over all of the dots (but not your image), then go to the drop down menu "Extensions", "Generate From Path", and "Voronoi Diagram". This will open a menu, where "Delaunay Triangulation" should be selected from "Type of diagram". Upon clicking apply, Inkscape may freeze up f...
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