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Huawei's Watch 2 costs $550 more with a Porsche Design logo

So what does that extra dose of cash get you? Apart from a snazzy ad with a less-than-enthusiastic looking Lionel Messi (below), you get red accents on the buttons, a hybrid strap with red stripes, and the Porsche Design logo. There's also a different metal bezel with the logo and what looks like a speedometer readout instead of minutes and seconds, because cars, I guess. Suffice to say, buyers of this model are probably looking for the Por...
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Work starts on a massive underground neutrino experiment

Neutrinos are notoriously difficult to understand , but work is underway to know them a little better. Researchers have officially broken ground on the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility, the home to the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment. When it's finished 10 years from now, the South Dakota project will be the largest-ever US experiment built to study the subatomic particle -- teams will remove 870,000 tons of rock to create...
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Recommended Reading: Instagram's influence on restaurants

Recommended Reading: Instagram's influence on restaurants Latest in Gear Recommended Reading: Instagram's influence on restaurants 11m ago View The Morning After: Weekend Edition 4h ago View Strava's new Premium perks will insure your phone while you ride 7h ago View Google Play Music tweak adds a sidebar full of shortcuts 14h ago View Image credit: Getty Images The best long-form writing on technology and more on the web. Getty Images In t...
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Starting August 5th, all MLS games will have video review

After a few years of planning and testing , Major League Soccer is ready to roll out video review in all of its games. For each game, including the playoffs and MLS cup, there will be a fifth referee on the crew with access to all available broadcast replays. That person's job is to alert the head referee to "clear and obvious errors or serious missed incidents" in four specific situations: Goals, penalty kicks, red cards and mistaken ident...
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The best computers for students

What would a back-to-school guide be without a healthy dose of computer recs? Other than a small dorm TV, perhaps, it's the single most expensive investment you're likely to make as you begin college -- and if you're graduating or pursuing an advanced degree, it's possible you've been waiting patiently for a reason to upgrade. As you can imagine, our guide includes a slew of laptops and convertibles (eight, to be exact), along with a detach...
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‘Windjammers’ brings 16-bit frisbee duelling to PS4 and PS Vita

Windjammers is like if Pong was updated for the early 90s into a 1v1 flying disk tournament infused with special attacks and neon-drenched Miami tones. That description probably doesn't ring a bell, as the game barely made it beyond arcade machines to Neo Geo consoles. It only emerged from obscurity in 2010 with a three-year stint on the Japanese Wii Virtual Console, after which its rights holders yanked it from the digital marketplace. But...
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Ashley Madison will pay $11.2 million to data breach victims

According to Reuters, the data breach cost Ruby Corp over a quarter of its revenue. It had to spend a lot of money to boost security and privacy in an effort to win over new users, and now to settle lawsuits the breach caused. In addition to the $11.2 million it has to pay people who were affected by the breach, the company also settled charges from the FTC and 13 states for $1.6 million last year. Those who were affected by the security br...
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Google will nudge SMS two-factor users to try its way instead

It's easier to understand than an SMS, sent over a secured connection and isn't as susceptible to phishing. Also, it avoids the problem of someone taking advantage of phone company customer service to hijack your phone number and intercept SMS verification, which has happened in some cases . On the downside, it requires a data connection. As a result, starting next week, SMS two-step verification users on Google will see an invitation to tr...
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Xbox Live update makes co-op live streams a reality

Previously, Xbox owners had to choose from pre-defined images for their player photo Gamerpics. With the new update, you can upload any digital image from your console, Windows 10 PC, or mobile phone to use as your on-screen avatar or club profile and background image. Nelson urges you to "keep it clean," though, as everyone can see what you upload. Xbox's Mixer (née Beam ) is the platform's game streaming system. With the new update, you c...
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Logitech to snap up console headset-maker Astro for $85 million

Logitech says that purchasing Astro will accelerate its long-term goal of growing its gaming business, and it expects to start feeling the acquisition's effects in fiscal year 2018. Astro will be part of Logitech G, the company's gaming division, once the purchase is complete. Ujesh Desai, the division's VP and General Manager, explained why the purchase is a perfect fit for Logitech in a statement: "ASTRO is the leading player for premium ...
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In astronomy, women of color face the most discrimination

The study, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, surveyed nearly 500 astronomers and planetary scientists between 2011 and 2015. 40 percent of women of color reported feeling unsafe in the workplace due to their gender or sex, while 28 percent of women of color felt unsafe due to their ethnicity. 18 percent of them skipped professional events due to a "hostile climate," with 12 percent of white women reporting the same. The stud...
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Algorithm spots abnormal heart rhythms with doctor-like accuracy

See, an ECG doesn't always show the presence of arrhythmia, so doctors sometimes order patients to wear a wearable ECG device to monitor their heartbeat for two weeks. The researchers took advantage of that practice to create their algorithm. They used the massive dataset provided by heartbeat monitor company iRhythm to train a deep neural network for seven months until it's capable of detecting 14 types of arrhythmia by looking at ECGs. To...
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ESPN's X Games will stream live in VR on Samsung headsets

ESPN's X Games are just the latest event to be broadcast in VR, live or otherwise. The NCAA streamed several rounds of March Madness, while in May, The PGA Tour streamed a single hole of The Players Championship and Fox Sports aired the Championship League final. Not all big events have fully implemented the tech, as this year's Superbowl was screened in a "VR suite" where viewers could watch the 2D broadcast in a 3D virtual lounge. But Sam...
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Russian exoskeleton suit turns soldiers into Stormtroopers

While they haven't detailed what the heads-up display would be used for, the combat armor's powered exoskeleton helps the wearer carry heavy loads, bearing some of the brunt to lower the soldiers' fatigue. While its designers have clearly spent a lot of time playing video games, we've already seen that Russia's not alone in its bid to create an army of Master Chiefs . Now, taking that idea one step further, a U.S program called Tactical Lig...
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Net-neutrality supporters cripple the FCC website again

Page loads for GoFCCYourself.com are lethargic, but sections of the FCC website that Oliver's custom URL point to seem to be running normally. It's just the comment page for the net neutrality case that's been struggling under the sudden influx of traffic here. The reason for the redirect in the first place? As Oliver illustrates in the video below, finding the actual page to tell former Verizon lawyer Pai and his compatriots that an open i...
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Amazon's Echo can manage your Google calendar for work

The surprising thing here is that Google Home doesn't yet work with G Suite accounts, nor does it even let you add events to your Google Calendar. That gives the Echo a distinct advantage over Google Home, at least in terms of how it manages your daily info. Home can read out your daily agenda, so it's not a complete bust, but being able to add items to your calendar feels like the kind of that that should have been in there on day one. The...
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Logitech's sub-$100 deck tempts new mechanical keyboard fans

The G413 is a solid piece of kit, with an aluminum plate underneath the keys and a thick braided cord providing USB pass-through so you can plug stuff into it and reduce cable clutter on your desk. Even the feet feel pretty solid and are hard to pull off -- and yes, I tried, as I've had a few go missing in the past. The keys are easy to remove, which makes the deck super simple to clean, as well as allowing you to swap out buttons if you ha...
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Google is fixing a Chrome flaw that makes phishing easy

Thanks to something called Punycode , phishers are able to register bogus domains that look identical to a real website. Take this proof-of-concept from software engineer Xudong Zheng, where apple.com won't take you to a store selling Macs, iPhones and iPads. The real website is actually https://www.xn--80ak6aa92e.com. The xn-- prefix tells browsers like Chrome that the domain uses ASCII compatible encoding. It allows companies and individu...
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US Navy bans e-cigarettes on every ship in the fleet

MT @USFleetForces : #USNavy suspends Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems to protect Sailors, ships, & equipment - https://t.co/weefHTR2gh pic.twitter.com/QJbAT7zBMy — U.S. Navy (@USNavy) April 14, 2017 The devices' lithium-ion batteries exploded in 15 incidents between October 2015 and June 2016 that were reported in a Navy memorandum ; In two of those, the power sources detonated while the e-cigarettes were in sailors' mouths. Some oc...
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ICYMI: The story of Microsoft's Solitaire and volleyball-blocking robots

Meanwhile in Japan, the national volleyball team is using a robot to block its spikes . Called the "blocking machine," three-torsos with arms move back a forth on a rail and "leap" up to block the ball. The system is meant to help the team test out their spike shots against different types of defender formations. Currently the team coaches are looking to add motion sensors for more lifelike and unpredictable training sessions. As always, pl...
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Here are the Nintendo Switch games on deck for 2017

First up are the big announcements for the most heavily-anticipated titles. Nintendo's bizarre new IP, the slinky-punch fighting game ARMS, is slated to come out in June. The studio shared more footage today that expanded the list of boxing glove types and revealed elemental effects would be part of players' toolkits. The studio's cutesy multiplayer shooter Splatoon 2 comes out July 21st, arriving with a new PvE mode and three themed amiibo...
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'The Mummy' in VR was shallow, but the seats were not

VR seat company Positron teamed up with Universal at SXSW this year to showcase a "Zero Gravity VR Experience" tied in with the studio's The Mummy reboot. While it fell (way) short of simulating weightlessness, it was nonetheless a nice way to watch virtual reality. If only the stuff I was watching wasn't quite so shallow. Like the movie it's based on, Universal's setup at SXSW is flashy and expensive. You walk into a nondescript ballroom a...
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Nintendo prez discusses Switch docks and left Joy-Con issues

Nintendo PR followed up with a statement which mentioned: "There are no widespread technical problems, and all issues are being handled promptly, including the reports regarding the left Joy-Con Bluetooth connection." We don't know what this means going forward, but for now, if you're having problems staying connected we'd recommend calling support instead of trying any DIY repairs . The exec also spoke to owner's desire for spare Switch do...
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Retinal implant could add years to your eyesight

Early experiments are promising, although they do reveal some limits. Rats with the implants don't show any improvement over their afflicted peers in low light (since the light-sensitive material isn't kicking in), but their response to brighter light is nearly as good as that of a healthy animal. And since the materials are organic-friendly, the rats kept the implants in place for 6 months with no inflamed tissue. Don't get too excited by ...
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Circle with Disney launches Alexa and rewards apps integration

Circle with Disney , a device that gives you control over your kids' internet activities by connecting to your WiFi network, now has a "smart family" platform. It's called Circle Connection, and it gives you a way to connect the device's accompanying application with various apps you can use to reward your kids. Some of those apps, for instance, give your kids more time to use their gadgets, depending on the chores they finish or the activi...
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