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Intel fixes dumb AMT flaw that let hackers easily bypass PC security

This Intel security problem sounds dumb, but is complicated INTEL HAS ISSUED A FIX for a ten-year-old problem with its Active Management Technology (AMT) business tools that would have allowed an attacker to bypass an admin password field and get their kicks from hacking the guts out of something. Now that Intel has issued its fix , an insecurity firm called Embedi has stepped forward with its hand up to tell us that it discovered...
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Ofcom lays out plans for opening up BT's Openreach to rivals

Openreach will have to make it easier for other companies to connect their services to homes and offices TELECOMS WATCHDOG Ofcom has laid out plans which it hopes will improve access to Openreach's infrastructure, making it cheaper and easier for BT's competitors to connect their own fibre broadband service to homes and businesses. After a long-running battle spurred on by rivals Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone, BT finally agreed to separate its...
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Grindr sued after spurned lover turns one man into an unwanting wang-magnet

"This Matt Herrick better be worth it..." PICTURE THIS, YOU ARE A MAN CALLED Matthew Herrick you work at a desk, an average desk with average days. Occasionally a man will turn up fully expecting to have sex with you, or they might turn up at your house with the same intention. Now, picture Matt Herrick getting a bit sick, not to mention the stick, from of all the activity and wanting to get rid of it quick. He worked out, somehow, that the...
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Google Updates: Google's not got game but does have Easter sale

SUCH IS our dedication to Google News that we're here on a public holiday to bring it to you. And we're not like other publications that might have pre-prepared it. Oh no. We're not that smart. So here's the stuff in brief and then we'll cover off the rest before heading back to the pub. But we've said too much. Google says Burger King food made of "rat's meat" (but not really) Let Google AI turn you into an artistic genius DeepMind AlphaGo...
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Oculus wants new trial against Zenimax over VR intellectual property

Oculus wants new trial against Zenimax over VR intellectual property VIRTUAL REALITY OUTFIT Oculus is looking to replay its trial against Zenimax, owner of Bethesda, by claiming that "the verdict is against the great weight of the evidence, [and] the damages award is excessive". That is according to a report by UploadVR.com  and comes after Facebook itself said that it would not let the decision rest. According to the report, Facebook, Ocul...
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Middle classes aghast as Aga cooker security breaches lead to overcooked veg

"It's because I used agar-agar isn't it" AGA COOKER owners are being targetted by an app that could give a hacker remote access to their oven. Ken Munro, of cyber security company Pen Test Partners, was in the process of upgrading his oven when he found some serious vulnerabilities in the code that allows remote control of the device. The iTotal Control system has been around for five years, but Mr Munro found that the text message system u...
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PC sales slump might be over, unless it isn't

PC sales slump might be over, unless it isn't DON'T LOOK NOW, but the longtime slump in PC sales might be coming to an end. The simple fact is, what we define as a PC has changed and when you look at the figures in that new light, the future is starting to look brighter. Take for example Chromebooks. At present, our usual market share source, Net Applications' doesn't include machines running Chrome OS in its stats. But they're as valid as,...
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Virgin Media blames Facebook server glitch for site access issues

Facebook is down for Virgin Media users across the UK VIRGIN MEDIA has confirmed that its broadband customers are now able to access Facebook after a DNS issue saw access to the social network restricted. "We're aware of an intermittent issue that's affected some of our broadband customers accessing Facebook and Instagram, a Virgin Media spokesperson told INQ in a statement. "We believe this was an issue with Facebook's servers, which we un...
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BlackBerry awarded £652m in patent royalties spat with Qualcomm

BlackBerry awarded £652m in patent royalties dispute with Qualcomm BLACKBERRY HAS BEEN awarded $814.9m (around £652m) in an arbitration settlement with Qualcomm.  That £652m sum, which will increase next month when legal fees and interest are added, was awarded to BlackBerry after an arbitration hearing concluded that Qualcomm had been overcharging the company for patent royalties between 2010 and 2015. This decision came after BlackBerry a...
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MPs make fast and loose 'hacking' claims over Brexit vote

Flagwaving for Project Fear? MPS HAVE been accused of scaremongering following comments made surrounding the online voter registration service which crashed in the run-up to last year's crucial Brexit vote. The service went down on 7 June, just two weeks before the referendum, and the government took the controversial decision to extend the deadline for voter registration. There was criticism at the time, but now MPs have suggested that the...
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Vodafone bins roaming charges in 40 countries

Vodafone bins roaming charges in 40 countries UK MOBILE OPERATOR Vodafone has scrapped roaming charges across 40 countries, just a week after the EU announced that the charges would be officially binned in June .  Vodafone's move, which sets its sights on Three's similar 'Feel at Home' offer, will allow customers to use their smartphone as they would at home across all of Europe, with some non-EU countries thrown in for good measure. The 40...
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Microsoft reduces Patch Tuesday to an incomprehensible mess

Windows plastered in security updates MICROSOFT HAS released its first " cumulative Patch Tuesday" in which all updates, whether important security ones or minor tweaks, are stuffed together into a big ball of update. The reasons for doing this are obvious. Actually, noo, they're not. It's a thoroughly stupid idea that means that users have absolutely no control over what they're downloading and installing, the larger downloads are more lik...
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Google's new AI experiment will turn you into an artistic genius

GOOGLE HAS launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) experiment that will turn you from a doodler to a master sketcher. Google Auto Draw is available online, and at face value looks like a simple art package of the MS Paint variety. But once you start drawing, Auto Draw will use a Google neural network to start making predictions, both of individual shapes, and the entire finished drawing, turning this… thing… into this… Auto Draw also re...
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AMD's Ryzen 5 microprocessors released, and they're benchmarking rather well

AMD'S NEW, MID-RANGE Ryzen 5 microprocessors were released to the great unwashed yesterday,  just weeks after the company launched its high-end Ryzen 7 microprocessors to generally positive reviews. And Ryzen 5 looks like it will be even better, compared to its main rivals: mainstream Intel Core i5 microprocessors and some of the low-end Intel Core i7 parts. The Ryzen 5 will weigh in at between $169 and $249, or around £170 to £250 in the U...
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Researchers develop 'master prints' capable of tricking smartphone fingerprint scanners

Boffins develop 'master prints' capable of tricking smartphone fingerprint scanners YOUR SMARTPHONE'S FINGERPRINT SCANNER might not be as secure as you thought, with boffins having developed a "master prints" capable of tricking the sensors. The boffins in question, researchers from New York University and Michigan State University, exposed vulnerabilities with common fingerprint scanners in a paper published on IEEE Transactions on Informa...
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Bixby delay will see Galaxy S8 ship without Samsung's voice assistant

Galaxy S8 will ship without Samsung's voice assistant SAMSUNG HAS ADMITTED that its much-hyped Bixby artificial intelligence (AI) assistant won't be fully ready when the Galaxy S8 starts shipping next week. The company confirmed in a statement to that Bixby Voice, the part of the assistant that will let you control the Galaxy S8 by barking at it, won't be available until later this spring. Bixby Vision, Home and Reminder, however, will be a...
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Toshiba admits its future is in doubt as losses could hit £7bn

TROUBLED Toshiba has warned that its very existence is under threat, after finally publishing its much-delayed financial reporting for April-December 2016, unaudited. The company  said in a statement : "There are material events and conditions that raise substantial doubt about the company's ability to continue as a going concern". The company has been clobbered in recent years by a perfect storm of underperforming in its ambitions for nucl...
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UK government strikes deal with Microsoft to dodge post-Brexit price increases

UK government strikes deal with Microsoft to dodge post-Brexit price increases THE UK GOVERNMENT has struck a deal with Microsoft that will see it avoid a post-Brexit price hike after the firm announced plans to raise the cost of on-premise licences by 13 per cent and cloud by 22 per cent.  Those price increases were at the time attributed to "sustained currency changes" following the Brexit vote and the halving of interest rates by the Ban...
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Brits could be forced to unlock their phones at US immigration

Brits could be forced to unlock their phones at US immigration UK TRAVELLERS could soon be forced to hand over their social media usernames and passwords and their phone contacts under new border controls on the table in the US. The Wall Street Journal reports that such "extreme vetting" could apply even to arrivals from allied countries such as the UK and France. "The vast majority of people will not be questioned that way" said US Homelan...
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Boffins: Hackers can steal your smartphone's PIN by exploiting sensor data

Boffins: Hackers can steal your smartphone's PIN by exploiting sensor data SCIENTISTS HAVE DEMONSTRATED an attack that could allow hackers to potentially crack your smartphone's PIN from the way that you hold your device. Boffins from Newcastle University found that by monitoring a smartphone's sensors they were able to work out a user's PIN code 74 per cent of the time on just the first guess. Given five attempts, they were able to figure ...
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Microsoft unleashes Windows 10 Creators' Update on the world

It's here! It's finally here! COMETH THE DAY, cometh the operating system update. Yes, Windows 10 Creators'Update, aka Redstone 2, aka the second major update to Windows-as-a-Service, aka the Mac attacker, is here. Well, we say here, Microsoft has begun the process of rolling it out, but so far very few machines have it and some sources say it could take up to four months for everyone to get their copy. The update, the first of two schedule...
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Mirai botnet variant turns IoT devices into bitcoin mining slaves

Mirai: New variant of botnet turns IoT devices into bitcoin mining slaves RESEARCHERS HAVE DISCOVERED a new variant of the Mirai botnet, which was first discovered compromising Internet of Things (IoT) devices to carry out DDoS attacks, that can be used to mine bitcoins. IBM X-Force said it had recently uncovered the new variant of the ELF Linux/Mirai malware, delivering a bitcoin-mining module to its infected hosts. According to IBM securi...
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Whole home WiFi: What's it about and who is doing it best?

ONE OF THE buzz-phrases in the industry this year is "whole home WiFi". It doesn't take a genius to work out what it claims to offer, but what actually is it? Well, in most cases, it uses a number of access points that work together in a "mesh" formation, each strengthening the other. It's not the same as having a range extender because all the components of the mesh are seen as one device, meaning there's one network name, one set of contr...
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Another Windows version hits End of Life. Vista, we hardly knew you

Vista really was a pile of old horse sh*t wasn't it? IT WAS CLUNKY, it was bloated, it marked the beginning of the end of Microsoft's domination of operating systems, but despite all this, it's a vital chapter in the history of Microsoft Windows. Yes, today is End of Life (EoL) day for the 0.72 per cent  of Windows users (about 10-11 million) who are still using Windows Vista. What that means in real terms is that from today, Microsoft will...
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Galaxy S8 pre-order demand '5.5 times higher' than the Galaxy S7

Galaxy S8 pre-order demand '5.5 times higher' than the Galaxy S7 GALAXY S8 pre-orders have smashed those seen by last year's S7, according to Korean publication  Hankyung , which claims Samsung flogged 550,000 units in just two days. With more than half a million S8 and S8+ handsets sold in the first two days of pre-orders, Samsung's latest flagship has so far seen 5.5 times the demand seen by the Galaxy S7 before it, which sold 100,000 uni...
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