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Weekend Warrior – Nier-ly To The End Of The Week

It's almost Mother's Day, which means that it time to take a break from video games and show your mom that you care by taking her to Applebee's. What do you have planned for the weekend? Share your plans in the comments below. Kyle Hilliard ( @KyleMHilliard ) - I'm hoping to start Nier: Automata, after finishing off Horizon Zero Dawn last weekend. A fancy dinner is in order, too, for Mother's Day. Maybe some mowing. It's all very exciting. ...
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Reader Discussion – What Do You Think Of Prey So Far?

Arkane's latest systems-driven game hit stores this past Friday. As I discussed in my review , I dug the game quite a bit even if it does have a few grating issues. What about you, readers? How are things aboard Talos-1? What fun Gloon Gun stories do you have for us? Are you enjoying the game? What works, what doesn't? Let us know in the comments below. Original link
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Update: Nintendo Shuts Down 2D Zelda Fan Project

Update: Unsurprisingly, the fan-made game that used assets from one of Nintendo's biggest franchises has been shut down by the company, according to the game's creator. Developer WinterDrake tweeted an image of a takedown notice (shown below), but says that development of the project will continue without the use of copyrighted material.   Looks like @NintendoAmerica wasn't a big fan of Breath of the NES! pic.twitter.com/PvMxDrU7oz &#...
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Grab Saints Row 2 For Free, Other Deep Silver Games Cheap On PC For A Limited Time

To celebrate the arrival of the Saints Row IV and its expansion pack, Gat Out Of Hell, on the GOG.com storefront, the storefront and publisher Deep Silver are offering Saints Row 2 for the low price of free until Saturday, April 22 at 10am UTC. Additionally, you can find the game for free on Steam  "for a limited time".  Along with the freebie, you can find the rest of the Deep Silver catalog on GOG.com for 75 percent off. Saints Row IV and...
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Rainbow Six Siege Update Rebalances Several Operators

Today Ubisoft Montreal released a Rainbow Six Siege update that tweaks how some operators play. Outlined in the Ubisoft forums , Patch 2.1.3 focuses its major changes on Glaz, Echo, and Montagne. For Glaz, the Spetnaz marksman's thermal scope introduced in the Velvet Shell Midseason Reinforcements now makes it easier to tell when a shot lands on an enemy by reducing the noise on the enemy outline, tweaking the contrast, and making sure the ...
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Rumor: Former Quantric Dream Writers Reveal Unannounced Projects

A Russian Quantic Dream fansite has found what appears to be the LinkedIn accounts of two former scriptwriters who worked on multiple unannounced Quantic Dream projects. Both of the writers worked with the Heavy Rain developer from 2012 to 2014; one lists in his credits "unannounced Quantic Dream projects" for PS4, while the other lists a single unannounced project from the studio. It's unknown if they worked together on the same project or...
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Documentary Dives Deep Into The Creation, Intricacies Of Spelunky

Spelunky is a fascinating, deep game. Though I've played little of it, I appreciate from afar; I've heard several game designers espouse love for its brilliant mix of simple approaches to complex situations, and over the years I think the conversation on it has subsided, but never really gone away. A new hour-long documentary from Noclip is as extensive a look at the game as we're likely to get. the film talks to the game's core designers, ...
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Oregon Trail Creators Return To Educational Software

As reported by MinnPost, former members of the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium, or MECC, are looking to develop a new piece of educational software. The software is titled Re@l Experiences At Life, and focuses on real-life STEM study areas, including forensics, vehicle traffic flow, and invasive species. The goal of the software is to broaden STEM coverage, to cover a wide variety of careers and subjects. Once completed, the soft...
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The Switch's Puyo Puyo Tetris Demo Is Available Now

Along with many other announcements , Nintendo announced that a demo version of the upcoming Puyo Puyo Tetris would be available on the Switch's eShop today. As promised, the demo is now live and available for download. It let's players try out the Versus and Swap modes, as well as the tutorials, if you're not familiar with the puzzle games. Puyo Puyo Tetris releases April 25, and will also be available on PlayStation 4 Original link
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Scott Pilgrim Director's Next Film Gets Its First Trailer

Baby Driver, the next film by Scott Pilgrim vs. The World director Edgar Wright, debuted this week at SXSW. A trailer for the movie, which gives a rundown of the plot and showcases some nice, energetic car chase sequences, was also released today. You can watch all the fun right here: Baby Driver stars Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Ansel Elgort,and Lily James. It'll be out August 11. Original link
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Reader Discussion – What's Your Favorite Gaming Collectible?

Collectibles can make an otherwise barren world feel alive. They can work as secrets that give games that lived-in feeling, or as ways to incrementally upgrade your character. But sometimes, they can be boring chores that are only there to give you something to do. But what games nail it? I'm playing a lot of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and most of its collectibles are wonderful. The shrines (and there are a lot of shrines) offe...
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Bethesda Reveals Quake Champions Free-To-Play Model

After opening sign-ups for Quake Champions' closed beta , Bethesda has revealed how it plans to monetize Quake Champions, and it's fairly simple. Players will be able to run around fragging each other as Ranger, one of the game's characters, for free. If they feel the need to branch out into other characters, they can buy access to every other character for a single unannounced price. Both kinds of players (those who pay and those who don't...
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Weekend Warrior - Keeping It Real

For Game Informer's weekend, there is sure a lot of Horizon and Zelda going around, which is totally understandable because they're both awesome. Those of us not entangled in the latest and greatest will be indulging in some older favorites like Overwatch, Pokemon Go, and Saints Row 4. Whatever you're playing or doing this week, sound off in the comments below, and make sure to let Kyle know that he should under no circumstances see a film ...
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Reader Discussion: What Are You Playing Besides Zelda On Switch?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a pretty compelling reason to get a Switch, but is there anything else you're playing? The console launched with Zelda, 1-2-Switch , Super Bomberman R , Snipperclips, and a few others, and today a handful of new(ish) games became available on the eShop . Zelda is the game to play on the system, but are you playing anything else? I've actually been playing a bit of Just Dance 2017, which is goofy fu...
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Destiny’s Age Of Triumph Details Revealed

After last week’s big news about Destiny 2 , Bungie took today to pull back the curtain on at least some aspects of Destiny’s forthcoming spring content release, entitled Age of Triumph, coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 28. Over the course of an hour-plus live stream , Bungie developers Ryan Paradis and Joe Blackburn joined community manager David “Deej” Dague to discuss some of the specifics of the free online update, coming a...
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Report: The Switch Sets New 48 Hour Sales Record For A Nintendo Console

It appears that Nintendo's new console is off to a strong start. In fact, it might be the strongest start the company has ever had when it's come to launching hardware. The New York Times reporter Nick Wingfield says he recently had an interview with Nintendo Of America president  Reggie Fils-Aimé  and came back with some interesting information, particularly regarding the console's early sales performance: 2. Fri-Sat sales for Ninten...
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Reader Discussion – What Are You Playing In March?

March is here. And oh good grief why are there so many games? How do we play all the games? Is it even technically possible to? Let's do a rundown of the stuff coming out this month (as well as some stuff that came out at the tip of February): Mass Effect: AndromedaThe Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The WildGhost Recon: WildlandsStories UntoldHorizon Zero DawnTorment: Tides of NumeneraSnipperclipsLego WorldsNier: AutomataMario Sports Superstars...
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Red Bull To Host Expanded Proving Grounds Street Fighter V Tournament

Red Bull is no stranger to eSports, sponsoring a number of players and hosting several competitions. It should come as no surprise, then, that it's announced the return of its Street Fighter V Proving Grounds tournament. This year, however, it's doubling down with a more elaborate tournament format. The year's Proving Grounds will consist of two seasons across eleven cities, each with a qualifier tournament to determine who will make it to ...
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Square Calls Prompto’s Photography One Of Its Most Powerful Storytelling Tools

If Final Fantasy XV proved anything, it's that Prompto has a lot of heart. It also showed he has a lot of love for photography. During Final Fantasy XV, one of the highlights was seeing what types of pictures Prompto would snap of your journey. It helped sell the road trip, showcasing bonding moments and tense times between all the party members. This feature in the game was so popular that at the Game Developers Confere...
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PSA: Game Developer's Choice, IGF Awards Ceremonies Are Tonight

In the midst of all the news from this year's Game Developers Conference, the event will be having its two awards shows tonight: The Game Developer's Choice Awards, and the Independent Games Festival Awards. The two events will be hosted on Twitch back-to-back, starting at 8:30pm CST tonight. We'll be covering the awards live and cataloging all the winners, so make sure to follow along. You can watch the stream below. Original link Original...
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Olympic Runner Usain Bolt Stars In Japanese Pokémon Commercial

What if Olympic athlete Usain Bolt was in the world of Pokémon? He'd probably be on Team Skull.  Beyond that basic premise, there's not much to explain when it comes to this Japanese Pokémon commercial – but that doesn't mean it won't put a smile on your face. If you want to watch more Pokémon videos, check out the in-depth discussions on Sun & Moon in our Game Club .  [Source: YouTube via NeoGAF ] Original link Original author: Joe Jub...
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Latest Game Maker's Toolkit Video Discusses The Freedom Of The First Legend Of Zelda

On the eve of the Breath of the Wild's release, Youtuber Mark Brown takes a look at the title that game is trying to recreate: The original Legend of Zelda. In the latest Game Maker's Toolkit video, Brown talks about how the first game in the series offered a large amount of freedom and left players to fend for themselves. Players had little guidance where to go, and most characters offered only cryptic hints about where to go. But, Brown a...
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[Update] Overwatch Teases New Hero In Altered Numbani Map

Update 2/25/17: Evidence of a new character's inclusion has shown up within the game client itself. In the PC-only Public Test Realm, the Numbani map has been altered. Doomfists' gauntlet, which was housed within the payload, seems to have been stolen, with signs of a break-in. Additionally, the airport (which was the attacking team's starting area) shows the same signs of struggle the previous photos did. All of this seems to point to Doom...
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Overwatch Takes Top Honors At 20th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards

Naughty Dog had an exceptional night at the 20th annual D.I.C.E. Awards, taking home four trophies for Uncharted 4. But top honors went to Blizzard's phenomenal multiplayer shooter, Overwatch, which won three other trophies as well. Playdead's haunting platformer also took home three awards. The nights biggest accolades, however, went to Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard, who was also inducted into the AIAS hall of fame. You can read our i...
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Reader Discussion: What's The Best Reason To Buy A New Console On Launch Day?

Console launches are exciting, but they are also risky. The first batch of a new technology is rarely the best batch, the games are usually underwhelming, and it's expensive, but many are still eager to adopt on day one. Why do we do that? I am excited for Switch because I want to play a new Zelda on a new console and I also have the luxury of yelling, "It's for work!" at the people questioning my financial irresponsibility. I can't deny, t...
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