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Setting the Table for DevOps Team Structure

Building a DevOps team is about people, organization, even tables, chairs and office space. Implementing a true DevOps structure for a team is dependent on speed, collaboration, empathy and openness. This means you must be comfortable moving away from legacy structures that slow work down – separated teams, one-way delivery cycles, six-month release schedules, change-frozen systems, calcified ITIL processes, etc. – and embrace a culture of ...
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HR Use of Social Media Grows, But Is the Data Reliable?

More hiring managers and HR pros are using social media to make decisions about candidates, but how wise is it? Could the use of social media for hiring be dangerous in its own way? A recent  CareerBuilder study of 2,300 hiring managers and human resources professionals shows that more employers are using social media to make hiring and retention decisions. Drinking, partying and Kim Kardashian-like "break the Internet" posts are clearly un...
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Amazon Positioned to Use Data to Dominate Where It Wishes

If Amazon expands into food delivery, it will obtain a treasure of consumer information that it can use for its next expansion. For those who think Amazon is a mildly successful, online retail sales machine, consider this: Forrester Research has concluded that Amazon's $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods should "raise a red flag for all retailers." In a quick report issued shortly after Amazon's announcement of the Whole Foods deal las...
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Unity Rules As OCI Launches 1.0 Container Spec

After a two-year effort, the Open Container Initiative has its image specification and runtime spec ready for vendors and container users. Container advocates remember why a Unix application can't run on all versions of Unix. They know why a virtual machine can't run with just any hypervisor. Different vendors tweaked the underlying mechanics in the code just enough to distinguish their version from all others, imposing a mind-numbing compl...
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Koehler: IBM Cloud Advances with Integration, New Services

Bryson Koehler, CTO of IBM Watson/Cloud, predicts a more unified face, powerful compute engine for IBM Cloud in coming year. With its acquisition of The Weather Company 16 months ago, IBM has moved from a Rube Goldberg approach to cloud computing toward a simpler, more integrated offering with a clearer path forward, according to IBM CTO for Watson and the IBM Cloud, Bryson Koehler. Koehler, the former CIO of The Weather Company, became par...
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To Deliver Digitization, IT Needs Fusion Teams

Cross-functional "fusion" teams can present benefits to organizations, and can help members in their career development, if those teams are done right. Today’s digital opportunities and risks are cross-cutting and fast changing. They require a range of business and technology skills, experience and resources, so it’s no surprise that 9-in-10 IT employees now participate in flexible “fusion” teams that extend across IT and the business. Agil...
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Not Easy To Get To Digital Transformation Jump-off Point

The Hackett Group has attempted to define how a company gets to the digital transformation stage in its latest statistical report. With an emerging digital economy, IT has the opportunity to provide a secure platform on which both it and other units of the business can innovate, perform analytics and deliver digital services in an accelerated fashion. But that's a different role than the one IT is currently used to. "IT must move beyond its...
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Building a Data-Driven Culture Starts with the Team

Being a data-driven organization is an ongoing process -- you need to invest in the right team, infrastructure, software, and processes that can promote lasting change. More and more companies are describing themselves as “data-driven,” but are they really? When we talk about being data-driven, we mean more than just passively collecting data and reporting on end-of-month financials. Data-driven organizations inform their decision making wi...
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The Top Factors You Must Consider For a Robust IoT Strategy

When executing on an IoT strategy be sure you know who needs what and that you are ready for big changes in the organization. A business’s ability to leverage data across the entire organization is becoming increasingly important to maintaining its competitive advantage.  As your company becomes more data driven, the core to your success will be a robust Internet of Things strategy.  If you want to get the most out of your investment, here ...
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3 Keys to Building a Successful App Ecosystem

Openness, trust, and shared economic opportunity are among the keys to building a successful app ecosystem. It’s been nearly 12 years since Salesforce launched the first app ecosystem for the enterprise. Since then, it seems almost every enterprise technology company has tried to replicate their success. Having led the platform ecosystem teams at eBay, and now Atlassian, I’m often asked for advice on getting ecosystems off the ground and ma...
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Exponential Technologies Offer Early Use Case in Tax

As exponential technologies emerge benefits to end user departments also can grow exponentially, as in corporate tax groups. Corporate income taxpayers are being hit by two waves of change. One is a growing demand from tax authorities, as well as the general public, for transparency in tax liabilities. The other is a group of digital technologies that are improving so exponentially that they have people scrambling to figure out where they f...
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Blockchain Moving Beyond Bitcoin

Experts expect to see the shared database technology securely managing transactions in areas ranging from real estate to digital. Blockchain, the shared database technology that drives cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, has developed a virtually unchallenged reputation as the next big thing in finance. Yet as business and security experts begin to understand blockchain's potential to securely manage and track an almost endless variety of assets...
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Greene: Advanced Services to Fuel Google Cloud Leadership

Google Cloud Chief Diane Greene predicts Google's expanding, advance cloud services will soon place it among the Gartner designated leaders. As reported June 22 , Google is close to but not inside the "Leaders" square of the Gartner Magic Quadrant on IaaS. Will Google join Microsoft and Amazon Web Services one day as a cloud leader? "Absolutely," says Diane Greene, 19 months into her role as a senior VP at Google, also known as the Google c...
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Women in Tech Leadership is Good for Business - How to Achieve It

Four steps toward enabling the advance of women into tech leadership roles start with acknowledging today's disparity. It's no secret that gender disparity is an issue in the technology industry. The field has become a gateway to high-paying jobs and an opportunity to make a change in the software-driven future. However, a higher number of men than women are staying on. This gap exists due to many factors: families at home, working hours at...
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5 Keys to Leading in the Age of Analytics

Organizations of all sizes have to consider the use of big data analytics, and understand how analytics fits into the corporate strategy. Data and analytics have redefined the way we compete. Data is a critical corporate asset that organizations are starting to monetize in new ways to get ahead of their competition. The bottom line? Companies that leverage data to drive the performance of their organization’s decisions are winning at a fast...
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Nemertes CIO Burke: Do You Know Your Cloud TCO?

It's not simple: Nemertes CIO John Burke to explain how to evaluate your TCO when using a cloud service and whether real savings are available. As more companies contemplate moving legacy applications into the cloud, they confront a nagging question: do they really know whether it improves their total cost of ownership? Running a virtual server on infrastructure as a service looks like a good deal, but how do you know that it is? John Burke...
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Moving to the Cloud: 3 Ways to Ensure Data Sovereignty

Navigating the maze of data sovereignty laws can be intimidating, organizations should not let this deter them from making the move if companies do their due diligence. In the beginning, the cloud was somewhat of a mystery.  This seemingly magical technology has transformed the way many organizations operate, and companies around the world are taking advantage of all that the cloud has to offer.  Yet despite the implications of its name, th...
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What You Need to Know About Containers

Interop ITX will offer a day-long, Container Crash Course for those who want to learn more about containers' impact on enterprise operations. Containers are changing not only how code is assembled into applications and moved around but also how companies adopting containers conduct their business. Not everyone necessarily understands where containers fit into their software infrastructure or how they affect day to day operations. On the fir...
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IT Won't Recognize Itself by the End of the Year

It's time to rethink the role and structure of IT in the enterprise. How many times a day does your organization rely on connected technology to get business done? IT is at the center of nearly every interaction we have today, every email, phone call, and text, every order placed and filled, every patient cared for, every financial transaction completed. Now more than ever, IT is responsible for keeping the lights on both literally and figu...
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Cultivating the Inclusive Tech Workplace

Tech companies need to work harder to attract and retain more minorities and women, says Interop ITX speaker Coco Brown. Tech companies like to boast that they foster an "inclusive workplace." Yet how many industry leaders actually understand what an inclusive workplace is, much less know how to successfully create and sustain one? Coco Brown , founder and CEO of The Athena Alliance, an organization dedicated to advancing boardroom diversit...
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Why Collaboration is Critical in Technology Acquisition

New technologies and solutions are compelling, so compelling that little thought may go into what will make them successful. Solutions architects can help, but they need help from IT and the business. Thought leaders, including an Interop ITX speaker, share advice. Technology teams and lines of business are often seduced by cool new technologies, products, and services. The business is drawn to promises of better insights, higher productivi...
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The Secret Sauce to Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

Networking company Ciena developed an internal strategy to improve it's customer relationships. A successful business is never complacent. Others will always be gunning for your customers and prospects. As a network strategy and technology company, we are under constant pressure to deliver rewarding customer experiences and business outcomes. In our industry, being caught flat-footed is a recipe for disaster. Technology evolves at a rapid p...
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Twitter Chat: Tips for Embracing DevOps

If you are just getting started with DevOps or you want to take your DevOps initiative to the next level, join InformationWeek and Interop ITX for a Twitter chat on Thursday. While we like to think of technology trends as moving at lightning speed, the growth of such concepts in terms of tech maturity and general adoption can take a decade or more. Consider the example of the cloud, which took its amorphous shapes in the 1990s. Now, everyon...
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Red Hat expert: OpenStack May Not Be As Complex As You Think

Red Hat's principal cloud architect says you can get into OpenStack, one step at a time, accomplishing business objectives along the way. OpenStack is perhaps best known for its complexity. It’s not a single open source project but a framework meant to contain several projects with the different pieces able to work together. Different teams are working, each at their own pace, on each subsystem. There's Cinder for block storage and Swift fo...
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In Appreciation: Howard A. Schmidt

Former cybersecurity coordinator to President Obama, and renowned veteran of the security industry, passed away Thursday. The security industry is mourning the loss of Howard A. Schmidt, 67, who served under both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama as their top cybersecurity advisors after holding top security posts at Microsoft and eBay. Schmidt's post under Obama, from 2009-2012, was the very first White House cybersecurit...
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