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Wise Care 365 is a PC performance en...
We have several days per year where ...
The cryptocurrency space is rarely s...
Step 1: Gathering the PartsAs I alre...
A new trailer was revealed today for...
Disney has released a new trailer fo...

Soaking Dishes Is a Lie

You wake up in the morning, groggily go to brew some coffee, and that’s when the smell hits you. It’s robust, wretched, and it’s coming from your sink—dirty dishes. The night before you filled some crusty bowls and pans with water under the pretense of cleaning them later on, but you forgot and now you’re regretting it. It’s time to stop lying to yourself—it’s time to stop soaking. We take spring cleaning very seriously at Lifehacker. Far b...
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Best Linux Distributions: Find One That's Right for You

The landscape of Linux is vast and varied.  And, if you’re considering migrating to the open source platform or just thinking about trying a new distribution, you’ll find a world of possibilities. Luckily, Jack Wallen has reviewed many different Linux distributions over the years in order to make your life easier. Recently, he has compiled several lists of distributions to consider based on your starting point. If you’re brand-new to Linux,...
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Steve Wozniak Dumps Facebook: 'It's Brought Me More Negatives Than Positives'

Mark Zuckerberg is set to testify before Congress this week as his apology tour rolls on, but the Facebook CEO’s newfound humility has done little stem the flood of criticism hitting his company. The latest high-profile critic to jump into the fray is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. It’s been about three weeks since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke and Facebook users began to truly recognize how reckless Facebook can be with their data...
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Recode Daily: Mark Zuckerberg cleans up nice before testifying on Capitol Hill

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is taking this week’s two-day marathon of testimony on Capitol Hill seriously — he’s even going to wear a suit and tie. Zuckerberg is scheduled to testify tomorrow before a joint Senate Judiciary and Senate Commerce Committee hearing on Facebook users’ social media privacy and the use of their personal data; he is also set to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday. Facebook has hired...
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Information Week

How Southwest Airlines Chooses Big Impact Analytics Projects

Southwest Airlines operates a fleet of 700 aircraft flying 4,000 flights a day. Here's how it uses analytics to manage all the complexity that comes with that. Everyone wants their analytics investment to yield successful business results, but not everyone can show the kind of serious return on investment that captures the attention of C-suite executives. So when Southwest Airlines did a pilot program to look at the potential impact of inve...
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Wise Care 365 Free

Wise Care 365 is a PC performance enhancement* application, which consists of five key elements: PC Checkup, System Cleaner, System Tune-up, Privacy Protector and System Monitoring. The PC Checkup element can check the whole running condition of your PC, grade its health status, and, if necessary, provide you with quick-fix solutions. The System Cleaner element will help you scan and clean invalid registry entries, useless files, junk from ...
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Tech Word

Tech Word of the Day: OWD

We have several days per year where we as humans celebrate some sort of holiday or event . We have Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Memorial Day, and amongst the myriad of celebratory days we also have OneWebDay (OWD) . is an annual event that dates back to 2006. Each year, September 22 is a day set aside for celebrating the Internet and its users around the world. The idea of OneWebDay is attributed to Susan Crawford , a member of the Interne...
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Another Company Blows Off Breach Notification For Months, Lies About Affected Customers When It's Exposed

Another day, another security breach. Another day, another security breach handled badly by the company leaking data. Another day, another security researcher being treated like garbage for attempting to report it. Etc. Etc. The victim perpetrator here is Panera Bread. Researcher Dylan Houlihan informed Panera Bread its online ordering service was leaking data. This notification happened months ago . In August 2017, I reported a vulnerabili...
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Lego's Solo: A Star Wars Story sets fly to shelves Friday - CNET

The latest trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story  landed on Sunday, and these Lego sets based on the film are heading to stores by the end of the week. Lego on Monday revealed several movie sets that it will release on Friday, including the 1,400-piece Kessel Run Millennium Falcon we first saw at the New York Toy Fair in February. Scroll through to see each of the sets. The Lego Kessel Run Millennium Falcon. Mike Sorrentino/CNET The Kessel Ru...
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Bitcoin in Brief Monday: Twitter Wields the Banhammer

The cryptocurrency space is rarely short of drama, but there’s something about Twitter drama in particular that sets tongues wagging and crypto influencers crossing swords. The suspension of the popular @Bitcoin account on Sunday has sparked furious debate. In today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief, there’s all that plus some ludicrous claims from new blockchains. Also read:  Bitcoin in Brief Sunday: Stablecoin v Stablecoin Twitter Bans Bitcoi...
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