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Ashley Homestore

Thailand’s Regulators Allow Bitcoin Futures Trading

Investors in Thailand can now trade bitcoin futures listed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. The country’s financial authorities say that these instruments should be offered in Thailand and one company is already offering them to their customers. Also read:  South Korea Urges 23 Countries, EU, and IMF to Collaborate on Curbing Crypto Trading Bitcoin Futures Trading Available Now Phillip Securities Th...
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Spicy Sausage Rigatoni

My inspiration for this recipe came from a Cajun pasta dish I make with blackened chicken, however substituting Italian sausage instead. I love this dish and it makes a hearty meal that warms you up all over. —Toni Dishman, Mooresville, North Carolina Original link
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Alibaba will consider listing its affiliate companies in Hong Kong

Last year I wrote that Hong Kong is increasingly becoming a destination for tech IPOs , and the country just got a major boost after Alibaba chairman Jack Ma said the company is exploring the possibility of listing one or more of its affiliate businesses on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Chinese e-commerce giant famously snubbed Hong Kong in favor of a record $25 billion listing on the New York Stock Exchange in 2014 . Now that the HKEX ...
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Rumor: Microsoft Introducing New Achievement System To Xbox One

Microsoft is prepping a new achievement system called "Careers" to sit alongside the current system, according to a report by Windows Central. The new system is to compensate for how achievements emphasize playing a wide breadth of games versus players who want to play one game for a long period of time. Careers are designed to give you goals to hit in the game you're playing instead of getting your 1000 points and moving on. Microsoft hasn...
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Euveka’s shape-shifting robotic mannequin could streamline the fashion and wearable industries

You are about to activate our Facebook Messenger news bot. Once subscribed, the bot will send you a digest of trending stories once a day. You can also customize the types of stories it sends you. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Thanks, TC Team Original link
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Google is trying its hardest to keep Alexa from ‘winning’ CES for the second year in a row

Amazon’s Alexa assistant was crowned “winner” of CES the Computer Electronics Show, last year . While Amazon didn’t have a splashy presence at the show — though there was a bizarrely large Echo speaker in one hallway — the fact that so many gadget makers were pledging to bake Alexa into their products became the dominant story of CES. This year, Google, which has a rival assistant product called Google Assistant, is making sure no one leave...
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Vivo phone shows off first in-screen fingerprint scanner - CNET

Using the world's first phone with a fingerprint scanner built into the display was as awesome as I hoped it would be. There's no home button getting in the vast screen space, and no fumbling for a reader on the phone's back. I simply pressed my index finger on the phone screen in the place where the home button would be. The screen registered my digit, then spun up a spiderweb of blue light in a pattern that instantly brings computer circu...
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Mickey Mouse Mug Holder

Some friends of mine are really, really into all things Disney. They were setting up a new coffee station in their house, and they wanted a large, Mickey Mouse mug holder for the wall, so I made one. Watch the video to see how it was made or follow along to see all of the steps! Step 1: BACKGROUND Some of the requirements for this project were as follows: Be over 3' tallButcher block style with different hardwoodsHold a ton of mugsPegs spac...
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Adequate Man I Am Now A Flu Shot Truther And I Hate Myself For It | Splinter Inside a Confederate Ra

Adequate Man  I Am Now A Flu Shot Truther And I Hate Myself For It | Splinter  Inside a Confederate Rally in Memphis, From Morning Cigarettes to Evening Beers | Jezebel  Catherine Deneuve, Catherine Millet, and More French Women Sign Letter Against #MeToo | Earther  Trump Is Kicking Out 200,000 Salvadoran Earthquake… Read more... Original link
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Vote For Your Favorite Episode in ‘Doctor Who’ World Cup

Vote For Your Favorite Episode in 'Doctor Who' World Cup - Geek.com Father of Mine (Gerard Horan), Son of Mine (Harry Lloyd), and Mother of Mine (Rebekah Staton) in one of the best-ever 'Doctor Who' episodes (via BBC) Stay on target Tom Petty was right: The waiting is the hardest part. There is still no word on when the Thirteenth Doctor— last seen plunging through the cosmos —will make her official debut. But while viewers pine over the sh...
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With Linux, You Don't Get One Kernel of Truth... You Get Many

As much as I love to poke at the inner workings of my computer, I'll admit that until recently, I didn't give much thought to which version of the Linux kernel my desktop system was running. For most desktop users, this isn't all that odd. Compatibility of kernel modules is often critical for servers and production systems, but day-to-day desktop usage doesn't change much from update to update. Two things motivated me to scrutinize the kern...
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Techdirt Podcast Episode 149: Barbies v. Bratz

If you've been reading Techdirt for more than five years, you probably remember the conclusion of Mattel v. MGA — and if you've been reading for more than thirteen years, you might even remember when it started . This epic legal battle over intellectual property went through nearly a decade of rulings and reversals, and the resulting story is a fascinating one that ties in a lot of the topics we discuss here at Techdirt. It's also the subje...
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Kodak Gets in on the Blockchain and ICO Picture

Kodak, the iconic photography company first established in in the 1880s, has joined the blockchain and ICO age. Today, January 9, 2018, it announced a new blockchain-based platform with WENN Digital to empower and protect image makers, photographers and artists. The new platform, known as KodakOne , will enable users to register their work and license it with the platform. The image rights management platform will utilize the new KODAKCoin ...
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Iced tea company scraps plans to raise millions for blockchain pivot

Last month we covered the story of the Long Island Iced Tea Company rebranding itself as Long Blockchain as part of a broader shift in corporate strategy. The company's stock price tripled over night. On Friday, we got the first concrete details of the company's new blockchain strategy. Long Blockchain planned to raise up to $8.4 million with a stock offering and then use some of the money to buy 1,000 Antminer S9 bitcoin mining machines . ...
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Vuzix Blade AR glasses are the next-gen Google Glass we’ve all been waiting for

Vuzix, a Rochester, New York-based display provider, has been trying to resurrect the promise of Google Glass for years now , but this year’s iteration finally feels ready. The company’s new product, called the Vuzix Blade , was unveiled at CES this week in Las Vegas. It’s a pair of augmented reality smart glasses that float a screen in the upper right corner of your vision. But unlike previous iterations, in which the technology protruded ...
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