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By the numbers: America’s favorite vehicles mapped

The automotive world is not a homogeneous one. Different regions have distinct opinions when it comes to the vehicles they’ll buy, and what works in Toledo might not make any sense on the streets of Turin or Tokyo. It’s a commonly accepted fact that Americans love big trucks and gas-hungry SUVs, but is that actually true? Turns out, the answer is yes... unless you live in California. EveryCarListed.com has crunched the numbers, looking for ...
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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Is The New Hotness

The smartphone to beat this season is the Galaxy S6 Edge. It’s slim, stylish, and powerful, a mashup between the previous Galaxy S series with the original iPod Touch. It’s well-made and unique, a combination rarely found in cellphones these days and it is as far from the Galaxy S5 as the T-1000 was from the original Terminator. In short, it’s pretty cool and probably the only S6 – the other being the non-curved standard model – I’d buy.  ...
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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies will shamble into theaters early next year

A big-screen adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s bestselling 2009 novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies — a zombie-fueled spin on Jane Austen’s classic romance novel Pride and Prejudice — has been in the works for over five years now, and the project finally appears to be nearing the finish line with the recent announcement of its official release date. Directed by Burr Steers (Igby Goes Down), Pride and Prejudice and Zombies will arrive in ...
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NextVR’s virtual reality tech could be a game-changer for NASCAR and other sports

Virtual reality  isn’t just for video games anymore. Spearheaded by products like the Samsung Gear VR, Galaxy Note 4, and Oculus Rift, the VR movement has gained a lot of momentum in recent years. As the technology continues to improve, virtual immersion into sporting events, concerts, and even military simulations will become more and more commonplace. NextVR, a technology company from Laguna Beach, California, has announced a partnership ...
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Securifi adds smart home automation features to Almond routers

Significantly expanding the capabilities of the Almond+ and Almond 2015 routers,  Securifi has rolled out new functionality today via a firmware update that adds smart home user control to the two Wi-Fi devices. Typically, someone interested in home automation would have to purchase a secondary smart home hub, usually between $50 and $100, and rely on a home’s Wi-Fi network to run automation commands. Conversely, all home automation command...
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Gmail Android App Connects Yahoo, Microsoft Accounts

In its latest update to Gmail, Google is offering additional support for Yahoo and Microsoft accounts by giving users a unified view of their different email addresses. Android, iOS, Windows Phone: What's Best For BYOD? (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) Google rolled out a new application for mobile devices running its Android operating system software that gives users a unified inbox for a number of different email accounts, inc...
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Hisense And Haier Launch $149 Chromebooks

A few weeks ago Google made headlines with the launch of the new Chromebook Pixel , the highest-end Chromebook on the market (and with a price to show for it). Today, the Chrome OS laptop ecosystem is launching two products that are the exact opposite: the Haier Chromebook 11 (now available online at Amazon ) and the Hisense Chromebook (now available at Walmart ). Both of these 11.6-inch Chromebooks will retail for $149, making them the mos...
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Cortex A17 chips allow ARM Chromebooks to limbo down to $149

Enlarge / The Hisense Chromebook is one of the first $149 laptops with Chrome OS. Google Most Chromebooks cost somewhere between $200 and $300, a price range they've occupied since the launch of the first $199 Chromebook in late 2012.  For a long time, they were unchallenged in this price range, but recent efforts by Microsoft and PC OEMs have brought decent Windows laptops down to $200 , too. Today the price war escalates again—Google is a...
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NAS Is Sexy ... Again

Network Attached Storage has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a file-storage tool. Now, a new generation of NAS systems is needed in the cloud to meet enterprise demands. 7 Linux Facts That Will Surprise You (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) The world runs on files. Every bit of digital information eventually ends up in one or more files: From the simplest text file to files that capture the intricacies of a product ...
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Daredevil debuts new trailer, five posters

The hero of Hell’s Kitchen is just about ready to make his presence known to the world at large in Marvel’s Daredevil, a Netflix offering hitting the streaming service on April 10. The series focuses on Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) who was doused with chemicals as a boy. The accident robbed him of his sight, but enhanced all of his other senses to super-human levels. Dedicated to pulling himself up out of his rough neighborhood, Matt worked h...
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Daredevil debuts new trailer, five posters

The hero of Hell’s Kitchen is just about ready to make his presence known to the world at large in Marvel’s Daredevil, a Netflix offering hitting the streaming service on April 10. The series focuses on Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) who was doused with chemicals as a boy. The accident robbed him of his sight, but enhanced all of his other senses to super-human levels. Dedicated to pulling himself up out of his rough neighborhood, Matt worked h...
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Dealmaster: Get up to 95% off Udemy online education courses

Greetings, Arsians! Courtesy of our partners at TechBargains , the Dealmaster is back with a fresh batch of items that cost less than they normally do. The featured deal this week is something a little different: knowledge! We're offering up to 95% off courses from Udemy, an online education platform. It's not college credits or anything, but it's a great place to learn a new skill. Learn photography, or programming, or design—there are cou...
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Microsoft's Surface 3 Promises Windows 10, Kills Windows RT

Microsoft's newest Surface 3 ditches ARM for Intel. It packs a full version of Windows 8.1 and has an upgrade to Windows 10 coming later. The Surface 3 can be a tablet or a laptop. Prices start at less than $500. Windows 10 Vs. Windows 8: 10 Differences (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) Microsoft today announced the Surface 3 , a tablet that splits the difference between the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 3 in terms of features and pr...
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15 remarkable new animal species that will freak you out (pictures)

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MongoDB Counters Couchbase Performance Claims

MongoDB test reports superior durability and throughput compared to Cassandra and Couchbase, but is it another case of biased, vendor-sponsored research? Big Data Certifications: Finding The One That Works For You (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) Last week it was Couchbase. On Tuesday, March 31, MongoDB pointed to third-party research that shows its product delivers superior performance to that of its rivals. Whose research can ...
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Tile Launches Sharing, Allowing Others To Help You Find Your Lost Items

Tile , the lost item tracker that you can attach to purses, keys, luggage, bikes or anything else that tends to go missing at times, is today rolling out a new feature designed to make it easier for people to get help finding their items. In an update to the company’s iOS and Android applications, users will now be able to share their Tiles with others, including friends, family, roommates, or anyone else they choose in order to increase th...
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Comcast mega-merger brings more cable consolidation with new Charter deal

Another cable company merger was announced today, but it won't be completed unless the government allows Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable (TWC). Charter Communications plans to buy Bright House Networks for $10.4 billion, but the deal is contingent on Comcast's big merger. That's because Charter itself has a stake in Comcast/TWC; Charter stands to gain 1.4 million subscribers from Time Warner Cable in exchange for $7.3 billion. Comcast woul...
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Apple now accepts trade-ins of Android, other rival phones

screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET Anyone looking to unload an Android or BlackBerry smartphone can now turn to Apple. The company expanded its trade-in program on Monday to accept certain models of rival phones, including Android , BlackBerry and Windows Phone handsets. Your old phone scores you store credit, which you can then use to purchase a new iPhone 5c, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus , though not an Apple Watch , according to Apple news si...
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Microsoft announces Surface 3 for $499

Microsoft refreshed the Surface Pro 3 nearly a year ago. The Surface 2, however, has been waiting since late 2013 for a hardware update. Now it’s finally gotten one. Today, Microsoft revealed the all-new Surface 3 . It’s not a gimpy cousin of the larger Surface Pro 3, either. It’s more like a little brother now that Microsoft has shifted to an Intel Atom processor under the hood and ditched the crippled Windows RT for full-blown Windows 8.1...
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Golfer and Game of Thrones fan? Build a Five Iron Throne with spare clubs

Pretend to be the King or Queen of the Green while sitting in this Iron Throne made of golf clubs. Direct Golf UK Everyone could use his or her very own Iron Throne from the hit TV series "Game of Thrones." Now golf enthusiasts can build a Westerosi royal seat using 300 metal golf clubs -- instead of the swords of their defeated enemies. Dead Beats Create and Direct Golf UK teamed up to make this sporty tribute to the show that's full of fo...
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Reviewers say Samsung's Galaxy S6 tops Android heap, but S6 Edge is solution in search of problem

By AppleInsider Staff Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 08:14 am PT (11:14 am ET) The early word is out on Samsung's latest flagship smartphones, with many reviewers praising the company's design efforts — even as they acknowledge its Apple-esque form — while questioning the S6 Edge's raison d'être. "After years of building the smartphone equivalents of that Pontiac Aztek, the company has crafted a pair of sleek luxury sedans," Yahoo technology repo...
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Alcatel OneTouch’s Cross-Platform Smartwatch Opens Pre-Orders For $150

The Alcatel OneTouch Watch, which got its debut at CES this year, is officially going on sale today with pre-orders starting at $149.99 directly from the company’s U.S. website . The smartwatch is unique among those from larger OEMs in that it works with both iOS and Android smartphones, packing in support for health monitoring features, phone notifications and music controls on both kinds of devices. Alcatel’s device has a circular face, a...
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Supreme Court mulls lengthy patent deals in spat over Spider-Man toy

US Patent No. 5,072,856. A disagreement over a toy that lets kids pretend they're Spider-Man is the impetus for one of two patent cases the Supreme Court is considering this year. The subject matter in Kimble v. Marvel Enterprises is lighthearted enough that one has to imagine some kind of mild joke will be made from the bench. But while the lawsuit doesn't have the weight of the patent cases that were considered by the high court last year...
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Marvel’s super new clothing line makes you a fashion hero

Five Four Clothing wants to outfit the geek who prefers to wave his geek flag a bit more discreetly. The company, which offers a subscription-based model for buying clothes, has partnered with Marvel to create a series of pieces based on the Marvel heroes as they appear in films like Avengers: Age of Ultron kicking off on April 1 (we’re pretty sure this isn’t an April Fool’s). The company offered the following video to more fully explain th...
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Charlotte DA review: In 40 cases, cops don’t even know if they used stingrays

Further Reading Stingray docs unsealed by North Carolina judge could prompt wave of new appeals. Last fall , a judge in Charlotte, North Carolina, unsealed a multi-case set of 529 court documents that detail the use of a stingray, or cell-site simulator, by local police. After that, the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s office  set out to review the applications and determine which records needed to be shared with defense attorneys. Th...
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