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Apple Says First HomeKit-Enabled Devices Land Next Month

Apple has been relatively quiet on HomeKit , the protocol it announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference last year for connecting its devices to third-party smart home gadgets and accessories. But that changed today. The company provided the following statement to TechCrunch confirming that HomeKit-enabled devices will come to market starting next month, meaning users won’t have to wait much longer to get first-hand experience with App...
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Seoul’s Turning an Old Highway Into a Flowery High Line

Make way for the High Line effect. Ever since the elevated park turned New York’s far West Side into a playground for the moneyed class, other cities have quickly followed suit. Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia have announced plans to build parks in the air. Singapore, already the leading standard in vertical greenery, wants to turn old train tracks into the Green Corridor . As of this week, Seoul is the latest city to get a park on a pede...
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Startup entrepreneur sues Uber, claims CEO stole idea for on-demand taxis

Further Reading Uber staff ordered Gett cars, cancelled them, texted drivers with cash offers. A New York-based entrepreneur has filed a lawsuit against Uber and its founder, Travis Kalanick, and other co-defendants, alleging that they stole the idea for the phone-enabled on-demand car service. The suit, which was filed Thursday in San Francisco Superior Court, alleges that Kevin Halpern founded a startup called Celluride back in 2003, long...
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Bing Follows Google With Its Own “Mobile-Friendly” Ranking Algorithm Change

There’s no “mobilegeddon” taking place on Bing , but Microsoft did announce today that it’s taking steps to improve the search rankings for mobile-friendly websites. The changes follow that of a similar move by Google which last month rolled out a change to its ranking algorithm which penalized sites that aren’t easily usable from mobile devices. The update was significant enough that some began referring to the shift as the “mobilepocalyse...
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NEW Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5308 15.6" DVD+-RW Dual Core 4GB 500GB Win 8.1 HDMI

$329.99 End Date: Saturday Jun-13-2015 11:48:30 PDT Buy It Now for only: $329.99 Buy It Now | Add to watch list
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This Floating Metal Will Make Feather-Light Warships

No, that's not a sponge. It's a piece of metal that's light enough to float. Researchers at New York University, who invented the substance, say it's also strong enough to build boats with. This metal is called a syntactic foam. It's a magnesium alloy riddled with hollow silicon carbide spheres, a bit like metallic Swiss cheese. Though it's slightly lighter than water, it's strong enough to withstand pressures of 25,000 pounds per square in...
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Samsung's Wallet service folds shut on June 30th

Now that Samsung Pay is nearly here, the company is riding its two-year-old Wallet service into the sunset. Samsung is now telling users that Wallet will stop taking purchases on June 30th. Any reservations and tickets you score before then will still be valid, but you'll otherwise be left out of the loop. The move isn't all that surprising given how much more advanced Samsung Pay should be, but it's a blunt reminder of just how quickly the...
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This rigid plastic turns to clay in hot water, is three times stronger than rubber

Ever tried to melt something plastic at home? It takes a fair amount of work. Not this new plastic product, though — it’ll go goopy just from taking a brief bath in hot water. A Japanese plastics company called Polysis is marketing a new product they call Haplafreely. It’s available as rigid sheets or as thin film on a roll, and it’s noteworthy for its ability to become malleable with a minimal amount of heat applied. At 140 degrees Fahrenh...
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Compute in style with a limited edition Asus ZenBook UX305 for $999

There had been murmurs about it for a while, but a special limited edition of the Asus ZenBook UX305 is ready to hit the web , with upgraded specs, and a slick matte white finish. We reviewed the UX305 earlier this year , and commended it for its high-contrast display, slim construction, and affordable price point. The Asus ZenBook UX305 Crystal White Limited Edition isn’t just about the slick new finish. The LE model upgrades the 1080p scr...
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NASA says current lull in major US hurricanes only happens once every 177 years

The US has been largely free of big hurricanes since 2005. Dumb luck? Screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET Even though the United States has certainly seen its share of destructive storms over the past nine years, we haven't gotten slammed by a category three or higher hurricane in nine years -- the longest stretch in which we've been free from such monster storms since 1850. Our last major hurricane -- defined as a major storm with winds in e...
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Spark.io Is Now Particle.io Because There Were Too Many Sparks

Zach Supalla, founder of Spark , has just announced they’ve changed their name to Particle. While this state of matter transfer from plasma to solid is uncommon in physics, this name change was necessitated by the fact that there were already plenty of companies – and tech products – named “spark.” “If you search ‘Spark’ on the USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Search System, you will find 681 live trademarks that include the word Spark. These t...
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Wolfram Alpha image identification identifies Steven Wolfram as 'podium'

WOLFRAM ALPHA has released a new site designed to help you identify any image that you throw at it. The 'fact engine' that curates answers rather than offering search page results seems the logical place to be able to show a picture and ask the question: 'What is this?' Google has long been experimenting with image searching, including the notoriously hit-and-miss-and-even-misser Google Goggles app, but the Wolfram version is ... well it's ...
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Monterey Apple Store evacuated after handling contaminated package

By Roger Fingas Thursday, May 14, 2015, 08:37 am PT (11:37 am ET) The Del Monte Apple Store in Monterey, Calif., was evacuated on Wednesday after a dozen people in the store were nauseated by a chemical-contaminated package delivered by FedEx. Around 12:50 p.m. Pacific, several workers from the Apple Store went to pick up a delivery near a Macy's Furniture Gallery, Monterey Fire Chief Gaundenz Panholzer told the Monterey Herald. The smell f...
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Cable Execs Refuse To Offer Better TV Bundle Options Because Consumers Already Enjoy All The 'Value' They Can Handle

Consumers have been clamoring for better cable TV pricing and more flexible channel options for the better part of the last decade, and for most of that time the broadcast and cable industry has been willfully -- almost gleefully -- ignoring them under the mistaken belief that the cable TV cash cow will live forever. With 2015 giving rise to a number of more flexible Internet video options, the conversation has heated up once again, leading...
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How to Navigate the Home Buying Process When You’re Self-Employed

Buying a home is daunting for anyone, but it’s notoriously hellish if you’re self-employed. People have a harder time getting a mortgage when they work for themselves, because it’s not as easy to prove you’ve got a steady income. It takes a lot of paperwork: tax forms, letters, licenses. The key to making it all easier is to plan ahead. Here’s what you should do. Make Sure You Can Verify Your Income Lenders want to know how much money you e...
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