Real-life Legend of Zelda shield could withstand a medieval battle

"Man at Arms: Reforged" tackles Link's Hylian Shield and creates a masterpiece fit for a medieval armory. A shield fit for a real-world Hyrulian warrior. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET Video games generally involve a lot of fighting. With that comes a whole array of weaponry and armor. Though the field is vast, the most famous video game shield of all time may very well be the one wielded by Link, the hero of the Legend of Zelda ser...
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USS Ross guided-missile destroyer looks like it has its own force field

Here's a really cool photo of guided-missile destroyer USS Ross ripping through the Mediterranean while under high wind conditions. To me, it looks like the warship has activated a force field around it and is impenetrable to everything. In reality, however, the destroyer is drenched. SPLOID is delicious brain candy. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.
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Secret Nazi lair possibly discovered in Argentina

Three strange buildings hidden away in an Argentine jungle may have been a secret lair meant to house Nazis who fled from Germany after World War II.  According to the BBC , researchers from the University of Buenos Aires investigated the buildings after hearing local rumors that they had housed an aide of Hitler's. While they reportedly don't believe that specific rumor to be true, they say that they did find German coins and porcelain at ...
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The latest New Yorker is covered in Hillary Clinton emojis

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Apple's largest parts supplier has a new partner for its $15,000 electric car

China's tech companies are suddenly very interested in building a better car. Tencent, the company behind the popular WeChat chat app, announced today that it will be partnering with Foxconn for a forthcoming $15,000 "smart vehicle." Tencent will be providing technology services, although it's still unclear how automated the final product will be. It's not the only mysterious car project to come out of the Chinese tech industry this week: o...
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NFL suspends blackout rule for 2015 season, will stream London game worldwide

NFL owners have voted to suspend the league's unpopular blackout rule, which forbids local TV stations from airing games with lackluster ticket sales, for the entire 2015 season. But ditching the rule isn't yet permanent; owners plan to reevaluate upon the season's conclusion to see if the decision had any unwanted effects. The blackout rule actually didn't prevent any TV viewers from seeing a game in 2014, and  only two games were blacked ...
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Every Meal's a Picnic With Grass Placemats

Has winter's long and drawn-out run this year completely destroyed your soul? Some of us still won't be enjoying spring-like weather for quite a few weeks, so here's a simple way to recreate that feeling indoors. The next time you sit down for a meal, swap in these faux grass placemats that make it feel like you're having a picnic, even while seated at the dining table. Made from polystyrene so the grass will never die and lose its green lu...
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If You Just Turned 70, Check Your Retirement Account to Avoid IRS Fines

If you turned 70-and-a-half-during 2014, and have never withdrawn money from your traditional IRA or 401(k), you're about to get fined by the IRS. The fine will be half of what you should have withdrawn. You have until April 1st to avoid it. The IRS enforces minimum distribution rules that force you to take money out after you reach 70 ½ years of age. This is done in an effort to keep people from never taking money out of a taxable retireme...
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Build a Simple, Sturdy Table that Flattens for Easy Storage

Whether you need a project table for hobbies or you just need something when guests are around, Make shows you how to build a simple little table that assembles in seconds and folds flat for easy storage. The table's super cheap and very easy to build with just a sheet of plywood, some screws, dowels, and a few hinges. It's technically made for children, but you can easily adjust the lengths to make it work for various ages. The nice thing ...
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​The Most Nutritious Food for Your Money at the Salad Bar

Iceberg lettuce or spinach? Tuna or eggs? Trying to balance nutrition and cost makes a salad bar an intriguing puzzle. Fortunately, the folks at Refinery29 have crunched the numbers to rank your salad bar options so you can load up on good nutrition without getting ripped off paying by the pound. For greens, the ever-angelic kale gets the top spot. It's packed with vitamins, and even the $8.99/pound rate (at Whole Foods) is cheaper than buy...
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