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Four 'Game of Thrones' episodes leak, good luck avoiding spoilers

Just a day before season five premiered on HBO , copies of the next four episodes of Game of Thrones leaked onto the internet. According to TorrentFreak , the leaks are in standard definition and may originate from a review screener given to the press. The Daily Dot points out that their low resolution has fans pausing more than ever before seeking out links and torrents, but the sheer amount of content included in four episodes being out t...
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HBO Now stares down 'Game of Thrones,' its first trial by combat

HBO will face a mountain of demand for the "Game of Thrones" season premiere Sunday, just five days after launching HBO Now. HBO While millions of "Game of Thrones" fans are glued to their screens Sunday night, HBO will probably be fixated on another drama: Will its new service HBO Now slay or be slain in the first surge of streaming demand? HBO rolled out its direct-to-consumer streaming service on Tuesday. HBO Now lets people watch the pr...
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Digital Trends

Treat yo selfie with one of these 9 apps made to beautify your pics

Love it or hate it, selfies are now a modern fact of life. The iconic self portraiture has been blowing up every newsfeed from here to Helsinki even before Merriam-Webster officially inducted the term into the English dictionary, quickly capitalizing on the rise of social media and the lightning-quick adoption of camera-equipped smartphones. However, although there’s a vast array of selfie styles and types ranging from the iconic to incrimi...
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How to add a Pinterest button to your iOS sharing options

If you're one of Pinterest 's many users, 80% of whom access the service via a mobile device, you might be interested in getting a 'Pin it' button onto your iOS 8 device's built-in sharing options. It's simple to do, but you do have to actively set it up yourself, even if you've already downloaded the Pinterest app. Take a look through our simple walkthrough below for a much smoother mobile Pinterest experience. Activate the Pin it button. ...
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Spoiler Alert: The First Four Episodes Of Game Of Thrones Season 5 Just Leaked

Ouch. If you hate Game Of Thrones spoilers, you might want to keep your head down and your router disconnected for the next…like, month. Don’t worry, though: this post, at least, will be spoiler free. The very night before Game Of Thrones Season 5 was set to premiere, the first four episodes of the season have been leaked simultaneously. Rumors of this leak started circulating on the afternoon of the 11th; by 6 p.m., the files started appea...
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Donald Trump, T-Mobile CEO John Legere in Epic Twitter Smackdown

Two of the bigger personalities on Twitter got into a slugfest Saturday, with T-Mobile CEO John Legere taking on real estate mogul and occasional politician Donald Trump. It appeared to begin with Legere complaining about street musicians playing right outside his room at one of Trump’s hotels in New York City. Trump responded with a tweet criticizing T-Mobile’s service. “T-Mobile service is terrible!” trump said. “Why can’t you do somethin...
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The Verge

John Legere, who is staying in a Trump hotel, is in a Twitter fight with Donald Trump

John Legere. Donald Trump. Two self-styled loudmouths in suits. Who would win in an epic Twitter battle? We're finding out literally as I type this: the titans of industry are throwing shade at each other, apparently after Legere — the firebrand CEO of T-Mobile USA, who is staying at a Trump hotel in New York City — complained about a drummer on the street outside his hotel room. Shortly after, Legere praised Trump's customer service, seemi...
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Information Week

Robot Villains: What They Teach Us

This year's National Robotics Week, April 4-12, occurred as warnings against "killer robots" reached a fever pitch. Robots, however, are but tools - tools that do their masters' bidding, as they have been programmed to do. Here are three examples of the lessons we can learn from fictional robot villains to prevent the apocalyptic future that Neo-Luddites fear. 1 of 9 Beware the killer robots! So goes the warning from figures across academia...
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Apple enables NVM Express protocol for faster SSD performance with OS X 10.10.3

By AppleInsider Staff Saturday, April 11, 2015, 04:45 pm PT (07:45 pm ET) Looking to take full advantage of PCI Express solid state drives found in the latest Mac models, including the new 12-inch MacBook, Apple built support for the NVM Express SSD Interface into its most recent OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite update. Apple's all-new Photos app stole the spotlight when OS X 10.10.3 was released earlier this week , but the update brought a host of ba...
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LG inadvertently reveals its leather-clad G4 phone a little early

Oops. LG is supposed to be unveiling its range-topping G4 smartphone on April 28th, but well-known leaker Evan Blass has discovered an unannounced product site that reveals a ton about the new Android flagship a couple of weeks in advance. A lot of the text is clearly placeholder material, but there are a few noteworthy revelations here. The G4's back will have several color options (including multiple shades of real leather), and that supe...
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