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An anonymous reader quotes a report from WIRED:The peop...
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NASA announced this week that it's looking for some cit...
Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa, 8" HD Display, 32 GB, Blac...
Facebook has suspended Cambridge Analytica.Image: PA Im...

The NFL will stream a game worldwide for the first time this season

Nothing will spread the appeal of NFL football like Bills-Jaguars, right? Image: Phelan M. Ebenhack/Associated Press Here's some good news, far-flung NFL fans: The league will stream a game worldwide for the first time ever this coming season. Now here's some bad news: It's Bills vs. Jaguars. The Buffalo-Jacksonville game, set to be held at London's Wembley Stadium on Oct. 25, will be "distributed over a digital platform that will be availa...
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Bloodborne starting guide: Dark Souls, this is not

As the first game in Dark Souls’ lineage that doesn’t actually have “Souls” in its name, you might expect Bloodborne to be a little different — and you’d be right. Dark Souls, this is not. With that in mind, even veteran Souls players are going to need some help starting out in Bloodborne. From Software has altered the very DNA of its punishing and rewarding signature formula, and you’re going to have to adjust the way you approach the deve...
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Reddit Now Lets Other Sites Embed User Comments

After a few months of beta testing, Reddit has officially launched embeddable comments . Like Twitter’s embedded tweets feature, embeddable comments makes it easy for other sites to feature comments from Reddit users. Instead of cutting-and-pasting a comment or linking back to it, writers just have to click on its permalink and select “embed” for its code. The feature is only available for comments on public subreddits, which will come as a...
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Bring On the Boring Robots

Well, "boring" robots might represent the IMMEDIATE future, but highly integrated AI is already the present (search, siri, etc), and highly integrated AGI will follow with high probability, with highly integrated ASI highly likely to follow after that. There is no reason that I can find to think differently, outside of handwaving "it's impossible" arguments, which are immediately disproven by the existence of our own brains and the incredib...
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This Webpage Uses Centuries-Old Physics To Let Anyone Scroll Hands-Free

The Doppler effect is a well-documented phenomenon in physics which causes a change in the frequency of a wave as the source moves closer to the observer. It's the science behind satellites and speed cameras alike. And, in the hands of one computer science student , it can make a little magic happen on your computer. The idea of using the Doppler effect to interact with a computer, using just a microphone and speakers, was first explored by...
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Broadband companies sue over new Net neutrality rules

Pair of lawsuits challenge agency's new Internet traffic rules, calling them a violation of federal law. A pair of lawsuits are challenging the FCC's new Internet traffic rules. CNET US broadband providers filed lawsuits Monday to overturn the Federal Communications Commission's recently approved Net neutrality regulations, the first challenges in what is expected to be a lengthy court fight over the new Internet traffic rules. The USTeleco...
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Magzet aims to reinvent the audio jack with the 'power of magnets'

Tired of having your headphone jack or plug short out and break? Magzet is hoping to change all that with a new accessory that promises safer connections. Magzet launches its Kickstarter campaign on March 24. Magzet Over the years, Apple's proprietary MagSafe power connectors have saved a lot of laptops from falling off desks and tables and other high places. That's because the connector adheres magnetically, rather than being truly plugged...
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Killing Laundry, Inmate Confessions and Rocket Science: Top Quotes at YC Demo Day

Cinder CEO Eric Norman shows off the company’s “smart” grill.
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Twitter’s New “Quality Filter” Starts Rolling Out To Verified iOS Users

Twitter can be a cesspool of bullying, which CEO Dick Costolo admitted in an internal memo has cost the microblogging platform users. Over the past few months, however, the company has taken several major steps to stop trolls. The latest is a new “quality filter” that lets verified users weed out problematic tweets from their notifications. The feature was spotted by tech blogger and entrepreneur Anil Dash earlier today. Well, that’s an int...
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The NFL won’t blackout games this year

Hear the collective applause from football fans across America? That’s because the National Football League (NFL) has confirmed that it will no longer block local TV broadcasts of games if they fail to sell enough tickets in local stadiums, reports Variety . Brian McCarthy, spokesperson for the League, confirmed the good news via a simple Tweet via his @NFLprguy account: no blackouts in ’15 #nflseason . Clubs voted to suspend policy for 1-y...
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