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iPhone 7 Plus was almost China's top selling phone in 2017 - CNET

Apple has had its ups and downs in the ever-important Chinese market, but on Monday some good news reached the electronics giant. The iPhone 7 Plus was the second-best selling phone in the populous nation last year, accounting for 2.8 percent of all smartphone sales, according to Counterpoint Research . It was bested only by the Oppo R9S , a phone from Chinese manufacturer Oppo that takes design cues from the iPhone , which grabbed 3 percen...
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Technology for Your Grandpa

How many times have you gone to your grandparents’ house to help with a “technology problem” that ended up being an unplugged power cable, a dead remote battery or not being able to switch the source on their TV? I know that for me, this happens quite often. While most of their problems can be solved by simply running to the store for some new AA’s, sometimes they could benefit from a more customized solution. For example, my girlfriend’s g...
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Shell invests in Nashville solar firm, but it’s no less an oil company

On Monday, Royal Dutch Shell announced that it is going to acquire a 43.86-percent stake in a Nashville-based solar plant company called Silicon Ranch Corporation. The deal could cost up to $217 million, according to Reuters . The Netherlands-based oil and gas company is one of the biggest companies in the world, and, by its own account, it recorded revenue of $233.6 billion in 2016 and $4.8 billion in net income. The $217 million it has se...
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Forget the backlash — we need #MeToo now more than ever

My initial reaction to the #MeToo movement , the social media continuation of the sexual misconduct backlash that toppled prominent men like Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein, was surprise. I wasn’t shocked to learn that sexual harassment and assault are so widespread — this has been my daily reality for as long as I can remember — I just didn’t realize that anyone besides the victimized actually cared. Very little in my observations of our...
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BlackWallet Hacked: Warns Stellar Community Not to Log In to Site

On January 13, an unknown hacker(s) hijacked the DNS server for BlackWallet.co , a web-based wallet for the Stellar Lumens cryptocurrency, and redirected it to their own server. Security researcher Kevin Beaumont, who analyzed the code, said , “The DNS hijack of Blackwallet injected code, if you had over 20 Lumens it pushes them to a different wallet.” It is estimated that nearly 700,000 Lumens (XLM) were stolen, with a current value of ove...
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Debian: DSA-4088-1: gdk-pixbuf security update

LinuxSecurity.com: It was discovered that multiple integer overflows in the GIF image loader in the GDK Pixbuf library may result in denial of service and potentially the execution of arbitrary code if a malformed image file is opened. Original link
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How to Extinguish a Battery Fire

Image credit: Matthew Hurst/ Flickr After the explosion of an iPhone inside an Apple Store, resulting in a few minor injuries, you might be wondering “Oh shit, how do I stop my smartphone/laptop/ robot dog from burning my house down ?” Instead of running for dear life, or dousing your device with spring water, here are the steps you should follow to properly extinguish a battery-related fire (and why you should save that Pellegrino as a las...
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Deals: 27" iMac 5K (512GB SSD) for $2,004; 13" MacBook Pros from $1,199 ($100-$450 off); 10.5" iPad Pros for $599

  By Christine McKee Monday, January 15, 2018, 10:11 am PT (01:11 pm ET) Mid-January deals have arrived with instant and coupon savings of up to $450 off iMacs and MacBook Pros. Pick up an upgraded 27" iMac 5K for $2,004 with coupon or snap up a 13" MacBook Pro for $1,199 with free expedited shipping and no tax on orders shipped outside NY and NJ. Apple's 10.5" iPad Pro is also $50 off. 27" iMac 5K with 512GB SSD for $2,004 27" (3.4GHz 8GB ...
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Infographic: 66 Ways To Save Yourself Some Money

Who wants to save some money?  Seriously, I know you do!  This is the best time to get a savings strategy for 2018 and save yourself some money! Every day is a new challenge in my book and I look forward to tackling this with this cool infographic on "66 Ways To Save Money." Luckily you might be able to use some of these great saving money tips.  Not only are some of these tips simple and easy to implement but some can save y...
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AI Beats Humans at Reading Comprehension

96646439 story Posted by msmash from the beat-them-if-you-can dept. In what is being called a landmark moment for natural language processing, Alibaba and Microsoft have developed AIs that can outperform humans on a reading and comprehension test . From a report: Alibaba Group put its deep neural network model through its paces last week, asking the AI to provide exact answers to more than 100,000 questions comprising a quiz that's consider...
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AI Begins to Infiltrate the Enterprise

Enterprise adoption of AI is slow today, but experts expect it to increase very rapidly. So far, tech giants are leading the charge. Despite a flood of publicity and product announcements related to artificial intelligence, it seems that few enterprises have adopted the technology so far. Status Report: AI in the Enterprise Whit Andrews, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner , was able to put some hard numbers to the trend. "W...
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Google's museum app finds your fine art doppelgänger

If you've ever wondered if there's a museum portrait somewhere that looks like you and you're ready to have your ego crushed, there's now an app for that. Google Arts & Culture's latest update now lets you take a selfie, and using image recognit... Original link
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How To Delete All Your Tweets If You Screwed Up On Twitter

Okay so you sent some tweets at Twitter that were kind of off the cuff and you have been doing this for a few weeks now. You kind of got pissed off at something and you just started ranting to relieve that monkey you had on your back. Well there is a way for you to delete all those tweets and start your Twitter account with a clean slate without losing your followers and you can take a load off your chest. There is a web-based tool called T...
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Tech Word of the Day: Downstream

In IT (information technology) one definition could have a few words, it just depends on which one you like the best. Today's tech word is downstream and this basically refers to the transmission of data to an end user or toward an end user from a central server or point of origin. In common tech terms it is the download speed that you get from your ISP (internet service provider) or if you had a home network and were transmitting data betw...
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To understand 2018, you first have to understand the 1990s, Vanity Fair’s David Friend says

It would be easy to say that our self-obsessed culture, rampant cynicism in politics and the decline of traditional dating are all recent trends. But to understand how we get selfies, President Trump and Tinder, you have to look back to the 1990s, Vanity Fair’s David Friend says. Friend joined Recode’s Kara Swisher on the latest episode of Recode Decode to talk about his new book, “The Naughty Nineties: The Triumph of the American Libido.” ...
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